Anderson Energy Inc

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Here are a few key data points for Anderson Energy Inc. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StatesKS, OH
Production DatesJan 1980 - Feb 2019
Total Oil Production3,569,795 BBLs
Total Gas Production1,218,038 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.140 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.20 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.0 BBLs
Producing Wells1

Anderson Energy Inc Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Anderson Energy Inc
from Jan 1980 to Feb 2019

Wells Operated by Anderson Energy Inc

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
15-163-00945 A. A. PAGE 2 OIL-P&ARooks County, KS39.166151-99.520142
15-193-20559 ALBERS 'A' 2 OILThomas County, KS39.217720-100.838420
15-051-30167 ANTON PFANNENSTIEL 1-A OIL-P&AEllis County, KS38.777483-99.384514
15-051-20031 ANTON PFANNENSTIEL 3 EOR-P&AEllis County, KS38.779300-99.384730
15-063-20133 Beesley 1 D&AGove County, KS38.842748-100.475097
15-063-20531 Beesley 2 LOCGove County, KS38.707917-100.441044
15-063-21292 BEOUGHER 1-TWIN D&AGove County, KS38.994527-100.645554
15-193-20478 BERTRAND 1 OIL-P&AThomas County, KS39.251874-100.871171
15-193-20316 Boeger 1 LOCThomas County, KS39.331726-100.896900
15-193-20684 Bremenkamp 3 D&AThomas County, KS39.355213-100.986078
15-193-20671 Bremenkamp Farms 'B' 1 OIL-P&AThomas County, KS39.342658-100.938823
15-193-20670 Bremenkamp Farms A 1 OIL-P&AThomas County, KS39.351664-100.968453
15-007-22638 Colborn 1-26H GAS-P&ABarber County, KS37.146980-98.598602
15-063-21317 Curtis 1 D&AGove County, KS38.702769-100.269940
15-163-23973 Desmarteau - Dauphin 1 D&ARooks County, KS39.280296-99.603043
15-007-01418 DONOVAN B 1 GAS-P&ABarber County, KS37.110618-98.656648
15-063-21116 DOTY ESTATE 1 OILGove County, KS38.701864-100.547283
15-063-21099 Dowell 'A' 1 D&AGove County, KS38.710959-100.555215
15-173-21057 DUGAN FAMILY 1-11 D&ASedgwick County, KS37.537627-97.400563
15-173-21029 Dugan Family Partnership 1 D&ASedgwick County, KS37.519569-97.391252
15-193-20527 DUMLER 1 D&AThomas County, KS39.180153-100.989430
15-113-20057 DYCK 1 OIL-P&AMcPherson County, KS38.222837-97.487403
34-167-22654 EICHORN CL& GRACE E 1 ProducingWashington County, OH39.403973-81.642385
15-165-21516 Fletcher 1 D&ARush County, KS38.641207-99.579149
15-015-01490 GEER 2 OIL-P&AButler County, KS37.835899-97.006254
15-145-20404 GINGRICH 1 GAS-P&APawnee County, KS38.030904-99.075607
15-051-26298 Grabbe 1 D&AEllis County, KS38.734485-99.373839
15-051-26597 Grabbe 2 OILEllis County, KS38.734602-99.371764
15-147-20322 GUSTAV IMM 1 OIL-P&APhillips County, KS39.881560-99.397147
15-185-22502 Hahn 1 D&AStafford County, KS38.098542-98.775903
15-193-20606 Halfrod Cattle Co. 1 D&AThomas County, KS39.331313-100.921564
15-083-20069 Hall 'K' 1 OIL-P&AHodgeman County, KS38.002166-99.672302
15-083-20141 Hall 'K' 2 OIL-P&AHodgeman County, KS38.004847-99.666599
15-173-21024 Hay 1 OILSedgwick County, KS37.528612-97.395691
15-151-00312 HENDERSON 1 SWD-P&APratt County, KS37.807185-98.850175
15-151-20176 HENDERSON 2 EOR-P&APratt County, KS37.808998-98.850179
15-171-20436 HERMES 1 D&AScott County, KS38.539946-100.735920
15-193-20525 HOWARD 1 OIL-P&AThomas County, KS39.240199-100.868136
15-173-21011 Huddleston 1 OILSedgwick County, KS37.526102-97.393837
15-173-21034 Huddleston 2 SWDSedgwick County, KS37.524380-97.392636
15-151-21358 Humble Estate 1 OIL-P&APratt County, KS37.535388-98.703216
15-051-03643 J. L. RUMSEY 1-SWD SWD-P&AEllis County, KS39.087191-99.179485
15-051-05888 J. L. RUMSEY 14 OILEllis County, KS39.086487-99.177005
15-051-05864 J. L. RUMSEY 19 OIL-P&AEllis County, KS39.088143-99.172523
15-051-19366 J. L. RUMSEY 2 SWD-P&AEllis County, KS39.083552-99.181504
15-051-05866 J. L. RUMSEY 21 OIL-P&AEllis County, KS39.082705-99.172522
15-051-05872 J. L. RUMSEY 31 OIL-P&AEllis County, KS39.086588-99.170075
15-051-05883 J. L. RUMSEY 7 OILEllis County, KS39.084456-99.181819
15-007-01087 J. V. Cook 'B' 1 GAS-P&ABarber County, KS37.098891-98.680251
15-051-24428 JENSEN 1 OIL-P&AEllis County, KS38.964293-99.303412

Leases Operated by Anderson Energy Inc

Lease #Lease NameCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
Lease #Lease NameCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
1001140048 BERTRAND 1 Thomas County, KS
1024491115 COLBORN 1-26 H Barber County, KS
1025759602 COLBURN 1-26 H Barber County, KS
1001143406 COOK V L Barber County, KS
1001117567 DECHANT Ellis County, KS
1001143407 DONOVAN 2 Barber County, KS
1001143408 DONOVAN 3 Barber County, KS
1001138879 DOTY ESTATE Gove County, KS
1044794555 Grabbe 2 Ellis County, KS
1001118881 HALL 'K' Hodgeman County, KS
1044565747 Hay Sedgwick County, KS
1043937131 HOWARD #1 Thomas County, KS
1001140715 HOWARD TRUST Thomas County, KS
1044173628 Huddleston Sedgwick County, KS
1001138546 JENSEN Ellis County, KS
1020035158 KEMPE, MABLE B Ellis County, KS
1044598810 Leis Sedgwick County, KS
1044210728 MacDonald-Bondy Ellis County, KS
1001140801 MARVIN ALBERS Thomas County, KS
1001133810 MARY RUSH 9-15 Graham County, KS
1001175838 MERLE E WRIGHT Barber County, KS
1001125596 MUNSCH Ellis County, KS
1001134816 MWM L Rooks County, KS
1043936889 MWM L (6) Rooks County, KS
1044198919 North Trust Trego County, KS
1001119775 PAGE Rooks County, KS
1001113812 PARKER UNIT Russell County, KS
1001117568 PFANNESTIEL Ellis County, KS
1044089590 Prairie Farms-Harris Ness County, KS
1001126170 RUDER Ellis County, KS
1001117299 RUMSEY J.L. Ellis County, KS
1001139598 RUSH TRUST #1 Graham County, KS
1001137813 RUSH UNIT Graham County, KS
1001141074 RYAN Thomas County, KS
1001142100 Saddler 'A' 1 Thomas County, KS
1001135417 SCHREIBER Barton County, KS
1001130475 STUMPS 'B' Rice County, KS
1001121594 SUTOR (A) Rooks County, KS
1001130022 SUTOR (B) Rooks County, KS
1042952650 Werth 1 Ellis County, KS
1001140484 Weyand 1 Thomas County, KS
1001115914 WILLIAMS Stafford County, KS
1006828215 WINSINGER McPherson County, KS
1001113839 WINSINGER UNIT McPherson County, KS

Properties Operated by Anderson Energy Inc

No Properties Associated with Anderson Energy Inc

Recent Permits Filed by Anderson Energy Inc

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