Ard Drilling Company Inc

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Ard Drilling Company Inc. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateTX
Production DatesJan 1993 - Jun 2000
Total Oil Production1,410,516 BBLs
Total Gas Production2,230,375 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells11

Ard Drilling Company Inc Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Ard Drilling Company Inc
from Jan 1993 to Jun 2000

Wells Operated by Ard Drilling Company Inc

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-165-33157 BRAND, E. C. "A" 1 Plugged Oil WellGaines County, TX32.957800-102.865760
42-165-33185 BRAND, E. C. "B" 1 Plugged Oil WellGaines County, TX32.953556-102.865284
42-115-10070 BROYLES-LAMESA FARMS INC. 1 Plugged Oil WellDawson County, TX32.756044-102.130310
42-501-32730 CLAWATER, E. W. 1 Plugged Oil WellYoakum County, TX33.038061-102.949247
42-501-31098 COX OPEL 1 Plugged Oil WellYoakum County, TX33.155478-103.044905
42-501-31160 COX OPEL 2 Plugged Oil WellYoakum County, TX33.162991-103.044809
42-079-10002 DEAN C. S. 1 Plugged Gas WellCochran County, TX33.539017-102.779178
42-079-31199 DEAN, C. S. 1R Plugged Oil/Gas WellCochran County, TX33.540385-102.778769
42-115-00035 DUBOSE, J. W. 1 Plugged Oil WellDawson County, TX32.739333-102.107509
42-115-31806 DUBOSE, J. W. 2 Dry HoleDawson County, TX32.742678-102.109609
42-115-30078 ED DUBOSE UNIT #2 2 Plugged Oil WellDawson County, TX32.715957-102.103443
42-115-32314 ED DUBOSE UNIT 4 Plugged Oil WellDawson County, TX32.720369-102.104371
42-501-32770 ELLIOT, J. E. 1 Plugged Oil WellYoakum County, TX32.994959-102.889754
42-115-10441 GIN UNIT 901 Plugged Oil WellDawson County, TX32.689271-102.036229
42-115-30456 GIN UNIT 902 PRODUCINGDawson County, TX32.685666-102.035037
42-269-10042 JOHNSON J. H. 1 Plugged Gas WellKing County, TX33.810655-100.066911
42-115-32761 LOVE, W.E. 2 SHUT INDawson County, TX32.681677-101.732774
42-079-30211 MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNIT 301 SHUT INCochran County, TX33.559528-102.859642
42-079-30274 MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNIT 403 SHUT INCochran County, TX33.547462-102.873921
42-269-31767 MASTERSON 1014 Dry HoleKing County, TX33.778247-100.214425
42-269-31766 MASTERSON 1162 Dry HoleKing County, TX33.785749-100.191954
42-269-00024 MASTERSON R. B. -A- 1 Plugged Gas WellKing County, TX33.799849-100.058152
42-269-00059 MASTERSON R. B. 14 Plugged Oil WellKing County, TX33.748501-100.222963
42-269-30006 MASTERSON R. B. 27 Plugged Oil WellKing County, TX33.749503-100.226763
42-269-30402 MASTERSON, BEN & TOM 8 Plugged Oil/Gas WellKing County, TX33.756787-100.218534
42-269-30909 MASTERSON, R. B. 28 Dry HoleKing County, TX33.762964-100.209936
42-003-84784 MITCHELL 3 Plugged Oil WellAndrews County, TX32.294567-102.536151
42-003-00376 PICKENS W. L. 1 Plugged Oil WellAndrews County, TX32.310027-102.549460
42-501-32728 RALSTON, B. K. 1 Canceled LocationYoakum County, TX33.021505-102.992267
42-501-32391 ROBERTS, DORA 2 Plugged Oil WellYoakum County, TX33.023774-102.940770
42-501-32517 ROBERTS, DORA 3 Canceled LocationYoakum County, TX33.029200-102.940727
42-003-00178 UNDERWOOD J. L. 1T Plugged Oil WellAndrews County, TX32.311665-102.559801
42-003-00175 UNDERWOOD J. L. 2 Plugged Oil WellAndrews County, TX32.312233-102.556391
42-501-32776 WATERS, ELOISE 3 Plugged Oil WellYoakum County, TX33.036247-102.949251
42-501-32729 WILSON, ROSCOE 1 Dry HoleYoakum County, TX33.005686-102.975178
42-079-00147 WRIGHT D. S. E 8 Plugged Oil WellCochran County, TX33.558786-102.703391
42-079-30533 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 1 INJECTIONCochran County, TX33.571292-102.705100
42-079-00148 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 10 SHUT INCochran County, TX33.558650-102.707079
42-079-30481 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 14 SHUT INCochran County, TX33.571340-102.722579
42-079-30932 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 16 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.563779-102.717284
42-079-30931 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 17 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.558986-102.722684
42-079-30454 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 19 Plugged Oil/Gas WellCochran County, TX33.571443-102.731845
42-079-10004 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 2 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.568808-102.699105
42-079-00134 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 31 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.563281-102.735370
42-079-10003 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 35 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.556157-102.735491
42-079-30536 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 42 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.571586-102.757589
42-079-00129 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 48 Oil/Gas WellCochran County, TX33.563566-102.769393
42-079-30850 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 49 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.566849-102.775058
42-079-10006 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 58 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.548954-102.757258
42-079-00137 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 7 PRODUCINGCochran County, TX33.562029-102.699390

Leases Operated by Ard Drilling Company Inc

Lease #Lease NameCounty
Lease #Lease NameCounty
8A-17443 BROYLES-LAMESA FARMS, INC. Dawson County, TX
8A-61623 COX, OPEL Yoakum County, TX
8A-040442 DEAN C. S. 1 Cochran County, TX
8A-091530 DEAN, C. S. 1R Cochran County, TX
8A-102227 DELOACHE JAMES IRA A2 Cochran County, TX
8A-60899 DUBOSE, ED UNIT Dawson County, TX
8A-64943 DUBOSE, J. W. Dawson County, TX
8A-15095 DUBOSE, J. W. Dawson County, TX
7C-11856 DUGGAN, T. B. Upton County, TX
8A-65005 EDENS, J. N. Yoakum County, TX
8A-037752 JOHNSON J. H. 1 King County, TX
7C-053237 KEENEY W. E. 24 2 Upton County, TX
8A-18644 KINSEY, R. W. "A" Dawson County, TX
8A-15660 LOVE, W. E. Dawson County, TX
8A-67136 LOVE, W.E. Dawson County, TX
8A-056501 MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNIT 301 Cochran County, TX
8A-056769 MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNIT 401 Cochran County, TX
8A-058484 MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNIT 403 Cochran County, TX
8A-020137 MASTERSON R. B. -A- 1 King County, TX
8A-65887 MASTERSON, BEN & TOM King County, TX
8A-071625 MASTERSON, BEN & TOM 8 King County, TX
8A-06841 MASTERSON, R. B. King County, TX
08-26355 MITCHELL Andrews County, TX
08-11063 PICKENS, W. L. Andrews County, TX
8A-66843 ROULAIN, R.S. Cochran County, TX
08-08798 UNDERWOOD, J. L. Andrews County, TX
8A-60032 WEAVER-MCDONALD Dawson County, TX
8A-073753 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 1 Cochran County, TX
8A-069848 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 14 Cochran County, TX
8A-069847 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 19 Cochran County, TX
8A-074084 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 20 Cochran County, TX
8A-069850 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 26 Cochran County, TX
8A-069849 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 27 Cochran County, TX
8A-074655 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 28 Cochran County, TX
8A-079326 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 30 Cochran County, TX
8A-070645 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 36 Cochran County, TX
8A-071916 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 42 Cochran County, TX
8A-072188 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 44 Cochran County, TX
8A-020497 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 48 Cochran County, TX
8A-076688 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 49 Cochran County, TX
8A-072331 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 53 Cochran County, TX
8A-020498 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 54 Cochran County, TX
8A-074112 WRIGHT J.M. UNIT 6 Cochran County, TX
8A-03530 WRIGHT, D. S. "A" Cochran County, TX
8A-03534 WRIGHT, D. S. "B" Cochran County, TX
8A-03531 WRIGHT, D. S. "C" Cochran County, TX
8A-65709 WRIGHT, D. S. "D" Cochran County, TX
8A-03532 WRIGHT, D. S. "E" Cochran County, TX
8A-073844 WRIGHT, D. S. "E" 12 Cochran County, TX
8A-074586 WRIGHT, D. S. "E" 7 Cochran County, TX

Properties Operated by Ard Drilling Company Inc

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
DEANCochran County, TXMay 201910,604 BBLs10,703 MCFJan 1993 - Jun 2019182
GIN UNITDawson County, TXMay 2019799 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - May 20194
LOVEDawson County, TXMay 20191,048 BBLs436 MCFJan 1993 - Jun 201910
MAGNUM LEVELLAND UNITCochran County, TXMay 2019201 BBLs347 MCFJan 1993 - Jun 20194
MASTERSONKing County, TXMay 20190 BBLs4,200 MCFJan 1993 - Jun 201917
ROBERTSYoakum County, TXMay 201961,400 BBLs19,981 MCFJan 1993 - Jun 2019250
WRIGHTCochran County, TXMay 20198,499 BBLs1,829 MCFJan 1993 - Jun 201990
WRIGHT DCochran County, TXMay 20191,769 BBLs780 MCFJan 1993 - Jun 201945

Recent Permits Filed by Ard Drilling Company Inc

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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