Bass Energy Co Inc

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Bass Energy Co Inc. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateOH
Production DatesJan 1985 - Dec 2019
Total Oil Production665,570 BBLs
Total Gas Production26,784,162 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.61 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.1,626 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.23 BBLs
Producing Wells140

Bass Energy Co Inc Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Bass Energy Co Inc
from Jan 1985 to Dec 2019

Wells Operated by Bass Energy Co Inc

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
34-153-23145 ABINGTON PROPERTIES 1 ProducingSummit County, OH41.033367-81.558049
34-035-21948 ALEXANDER UNIT 2-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.512946-81.402160
34-035-22081 ALISON REALTY UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.541695-81.455507
34-035-22113 ALPHA PARK 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.546859-81.452904
34-035-21817 AVENI FAMILY TRUST 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.537824-81.397598
34-153-23142 BRAZIE 1 ProducingSummit County, OH41.209858-81.632397
34-005-23635 C. A. KNOWLTON # 1A ProducingAshland County, OH40.986542-82.367933
34-035-21886 CARON BROADCASTING 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.307239-81.687663
34-153-23146 CCWD UNIT 1 ProducingSummit County, OH41.107966-81.492115
34-035-21825 CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD UNIT 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.501617-81.511310
34-035-21810 CITY OF INDEPENDENCE 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.377334-81.651156
34-035-21610 CITY OF LYNDHURST UNIT # 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.523482-81.489049
34-035-21632 CITY OF LYNDHURST UNIT # 2 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.509711-81.479239
34-035-21707 CITY OF LYNDHURST UNIT # 5-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.509837-81.478258
34-035-21941 CLEVELAND HIGHLAND 9-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.464175-81.531869
34-035-21924 COCCIA UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.309715-81.681459
34-035-21862 CONCORDIA LUTHERAN CHURCH 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.380029-81.637019
34-167-25824 DAVIS 1 ProducingWashington County, OH39.464082-81.145508
34-035-21912 DOODY A & T 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.498918-81.394473
34-035-22205 ELMWOOD UNIT 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.379769-81.638560
34-035-21939 GEORGIAN MEDICAL ARTS II LLC UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.542806-81.440369
34-035-22020 GOLDEN GATE SHOPPING CENTER LTD 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.516826-81.450700
34-035-22037 HAMILTON HOUSE UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.528012-81.432843
34-153-23157 HARDY 1 ProducingSummit County, OH41.104337-81.478388
34-035-21979 HAYES UNIT 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.527811-81.417050
34-035-21961 HEFFERN UNIT 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.530918-81.419117
34-035-22173 HIGHLAND ELEMENTARY 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.302647-81.636141
34-035-22038 HOLIDAY INN UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.539843-81.446459
34-153-23105 HWA UNIT 1 ProducingSummit County, OH41.115388-81.488663
34-035-22141 IACOBACCI UNIT 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.553224-81.413799
34-035-21816 INDEPENDENCE RESEARCH CENTER 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.378081-81.635350
34-035-21833 INDEPENDENCE RESEARCH UNIT 2-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.377364-81.638602
34-005-23897 JAMES & REBECCA BEATTIE # 1 ProducingAshland County, OH40.994293-82.377558
34-035-22134 KEREK UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.545478-81.456561
34-153-23131 KOPTIS UNIT 1 ProducingSummit County, OH41.206158-81.649818
34-085-21228 LITTLE MOUNTAIN HOLDINGS LLC 3 ProducingLake County, OH41.643659-81.245798
34-085-21276 LITTLE MOUNTAIN HOLDINGS LLC UNIT 5 ProducingLake County, OH41.642514-81.251864
34-035-21706 MASONIC-VILT UNIT # 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.518785-81.480832
34-035-21624 MAYFIELD COUNTRY CLUB 2 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.510990-81.509616
34-035-22106 MCCABE UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.314427-81.636787
34-055-21909 NUSRALA 1 ProducingGeauga County, OH41.553960-81.387223
34-035-22131 PETERSON UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.547711-81.424522
34-035-22010 PREFORMED LINE UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.546311-81.447013
34-035-21892 RANKIN C R UNIT 1-D ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.500926-81.418462
34-035-22080 SCHARTON UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.381843-81.639181
34-035-21982 ST SAVA SERBIAN EAST ORTHODOX CHURCH 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.336923-81.694139
34-035-21981 ST SAVA SERBIAN EAST ORTHODOX CHURCH 2 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.334695-81.697516
34-035-22162 ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.533646-81.480948
34-035-21983 ST. SAVA SERBIAN EAST ORTH. CHURCH UNIT 3 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.338836-81.696897
34-035-22083 STERLING LAKES UNIT 1 ProducingCuyahoga County, OH41.464576-81.485779

Properties Operated by Bass Energy Co Inc

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
ACACIA COUNTRY CLUBCuyahoga County, OH20190 BBLs4,940 MCFJan 1998 - Dec 20195
CAHOONMedina County, OH0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20141
CANAL PLACESummit County, OH0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1984 - Dec 20173
CITY OF LYNDHURSTCuyahoga County, OH201944 BBLs24,276 MCFJan 1996 - Dec 20194
CLEVELAND HIGHLANDCuyahoga County, OH201990 BBLs27,121 MCFJan 2005 - Dec 20199
CLEVELAND/SENECA GOLF COURSECuyahoga County, OH2019124 BBLs9,258 MCFJan 2006 - Dec 20194
DAVISPleasants County, WV2019916 BBLs1,880 MCFJan 1985 - Dec 20196
HINKLEMedina County, OH0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1984 - Dec 20002
KNOLLWOOD CEMETERYCuyahoga County, OH2019120 BBLs11,992 MCFJan 2005 - Dec 20194
KREIDERMedina County, OH20190 BBLs433 MCFJan 1984 - Dec 20193
L & W ASSOCMedina County, OH201925 BBLs385 MCFJan 1984 - Dec 20195
LANDISMedina County, OH20190 BBLs1,090 MCFJan 1986 - Dec 20192
LITTLE MOUNTAIN HOLDINGS LLCGeauga County, OH201973 BBLs16,790 MCFJan 2007 - Dec 20194
MASTRANGELOGeauga County, OH20190 BBLs605 MCFJan 1991 - Dec 20194
MAYFIELD COUNTRY CLUBCuyahoga County, OH20190 BBLs14,815 MCFJan 2003 - Dec 20192
RINGLERAshland County, OH201946 BBLs30 MCFJan 1991 - Dec 20191
STRAUBWayne County, OH2019233 BBLs1,078 MCFJan 1984 - Dec 20195

Recent Permits Filed by Bass Energy Co Inc

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