Caerus Northern Rockies LLC

Oil & Gas Operator

Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Caerus Northern Rockies LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateWY
Production DatesJan 1982 - Dec 2019
Total Oil Production357,943 BBLs
Total Gas Production80,959,777 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.24 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.5,372 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.112 BBLs
Producing Wells59

Caerus Northern Rockies LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Caerus Northern Rockies LLC
from Jan 1982 to Dec 2019

Wells Operated by Caerus Northern Rockies LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
49-037-22177 25-111 LITTLE MON 20-26 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.121010-110.000110
49-037-22178 25-111 LITTLE MON 20-28 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.122710-110.038060
49-037-24078 LITTLE MONUMENT 60-27 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.125560-110.023890
49-037-24077 LITTLE MONUMENT II U 43-27 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.117790-110.014360
49-037-23878 LITTLE MONUMENT II U 43-28 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.116890-110.036700
49-037-23908 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 12-21 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.133940-110.049130
49-037-25094 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 14-21 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.126530-110.049420
49-037-25007 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 14-22 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.126100-110.033520
49-037-23372 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 15-27 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.114410-110.021910
49-037-25039 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 22-26 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.121190-110.008680
49-037-25014 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 23-21 Sweetwater County, WY42.133110-110.043480
49-037-25038 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 32-22 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.133910-110.021190
49-037-25009 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 32-27 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.121700-110.023290
49-037-25008 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 44-22 Sweetwater County, WY42.125660-110.014660
49-037-23411 LITTLE MONUMENT UNIT 5-27-25-111 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.120530-110.029280
49-037-23423 LITTLE MOUNTAIN UNIT 5-28 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.120850-110.048840
49-037-25468 LMU 14-23 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.125330-110.010120
49-037-25467 LMU 14-23B Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.128910-110.014710
49-037-25006 LMU 24-21 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.126340-110.043530
49-037-26335 LMU 24-27 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.112520-110.027750
49-037-25040 LMU 33-26 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.117240-110.003530
49-037-26334 LMU 44-27 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.112680-110.017410
49-037-25552 LMU 44-28 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.113280-110.035230
49-037-22220 LMU II W-51666 20-22 Producing Gas WellSweetwater County, WY42.136990-110.019610
49-035-24684 LOVATT DRAW 36-12-2 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.697160-109.785920
49-035-24685 LOVATT DRAW 36-12-3 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.696820-109.786500
49-035-25443 LOVATT DRAW 36-12-4 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.696840-109.786430
49-035-25444 LOVATT DRAW 36-13-2 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.695670-109.787140
49-035-23452 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-11 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.698450-109.783210
49-035-22714 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-12 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.698690-109.788160
49-035-23773 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-12-5 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.697740-109.789150
49-035-23772 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-13-5 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.694070-109.789360
49-035-23290 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-14 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.695110-109.783440
49-035-23954 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-14-5 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.694190-109.785030
49-035-23312 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-4 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.705950-109.788120
49-035-23270 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-5 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.701090-109.788860
49-035-24095 LOVATT DRAW STATE 36-5-5 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.701090-109.789090
49-035-22492 PARADISE DITCH 36-13 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.695160-109.788070
49-035-24331 PETROGULF STATE 36-1.5D Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.616920-109.773950
49-035-23587 PETROGULF STATE 36-10 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.609980-109.786470
49-035-23551 PETROGULF STATE 36-16 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.607370-109.773740
49-035-24537 PETROGULF STATE 36-2.5D Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.616510-109.774490
49-035-23678 PETROGULF STATE 36-2D Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.616210-109.778840
49-035-23555 PETROGULF STATE 36-7 Shut - InSublette County, WY42.615060-109.778580
49-035-24406 PETROGULF STATE 36-8.5D Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.616060-109.773290
49-035-23535 PETROGULF STATE 36-9 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.611650-109.774360
49-035-25013 RIVERSIDE 36-1-2 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.617030-109.774220
49-035-25014 RIVERSIDE 36-1-3 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.616460-109.774390
49-035-25015 RIVERSIDE 36-8-2 Producing Gas WellSublette County, WY42.615130-109.772880
49-037-22237 W-2096 30-11 Shut - InSweetwater County, WY42.158490-110.009500

Properties Operated by Caerus Northern Rockies LLC

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
LINCOLN RSweetwater County, WYAug 2019291 BBLs104,421 MCFJan 1978 - Sep 201986
LITTLE MONUMENTSweetwater County, WYAug 201939 BBLs39,960 MCFDec 1982 - Sep 201926
LMU 44-2Sweetwater County, WYAug 201923 BBLs10,014 MCFJun 2005 - Sep 20192
LMU ISweetwater County, WYAug 20192 BBLs2,119 MCFOct 1983 - Sep 20194
LOVATT DRAWSublette County, WYAug 2019191 BBLs50,009 MCFAug 2003 - Sep 201914
PETROGULF STATE 36Sublette County, WYAug 2019334 BBLs26,622 MCFOct 2001 - Sep 201910
RIVERSIDESublette County, WYAug 201934,425 BBLs6,514,448 MCFOct 2001 - Sep 2019544
UNITSweetwater County, WYAug 201997 BBLs5,289 MCFJun 1984 - Aug 20192

Recent Permits Filed by Caerus Northern Rockies LLC

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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