Wild Goose Gas Unit

Gas Property in Butte County, CA

Property Summary

Key data points for Wild Goose Gas Unit

CountyButte County, CA
Production DatesJan 1977 - Jan 2018
Total Oil Production0 BBLs
Total Gas Production368,066,825 MCF
Recent Oil Production0 BBLs in Dec 2017
Recent Gas Production8,642,847 MCF in Dec 2017
Wells on Property35

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Wild Goose Gas Unit Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Wild Goose Gas Unit
from Jan 1977 to Jan 2018

Wells on Wild Goose Gas Unit

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
04-007-00002Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 9Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.327041-121.884475
04-007-00003Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 10Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.326494-121.883247
04-007-00004Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 6Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.323596-121.887276
04-007-00013Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 1Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.325150-121.884067
04-007-00054Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 8Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.328016-121.884118
04-007-00055Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 7ExxonMobil CorporationPluggedButte County, CA39.325088-121.880545
04-007-00056Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 5ExxonMobil CorporationPluggedButte County, CA39.318338-121.883182
04-007-00057Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 4Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.324760-121.882723
04-007-00058Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 3Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.325494-121.882734
04-007-00059Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 2ExxonMobil CorporationPluggedButte County, CA39.323913-121.895201
04-007-20003Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 11ExxonMobil CorporationPluggedButte County, CA39.324237-121.895163
04-007-20020Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 Wd1Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.327068-121.884432
04-007-20071Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 12Entex Oil Co.PluggedButte County, CA39.327908-121.888405
04-007-20072Wild Goose Gas Unit 1 13Northern Michigan Exploration CompanyPluggedButte County, CA39.334908-121.898225
04-007-20082Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 15Wild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324214-121.882996
04-007-20083Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 14Wild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324214-121.882891
04-007-20084Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 17Wild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324214-121.883050
04-007-20085Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 16Wild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324217-121.882946
04-007-20092Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 18VWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324091-121.883002
04-007-20096Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 21VWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324532-121.882897
04-007-20097Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 22HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324530-121.882955
04-007-20098Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 23HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324530-121.883005
04-007-20099Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 24HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324529-121.883065
04-007-20100Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 19HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324187-121.883147
04-007-20101Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 20HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324190-121.883204
04-007-20103Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 26HWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324529-121.883225
04-007-20104Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 25VWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324531-121.883171
04-007-20105Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG28HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324183-121.883333
04-007-20106Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG29HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324183-121.883386
04-007-20107Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG30HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324183-121.883439
04-007-20108Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG27HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324183-121.883280
04-007-20109Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG31HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324521-121.883307
04-007-20110Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG32HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324521-121.883360
04-007-20111Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG33HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324521-121.883466
04-007-20112Wild Goose Gas Unit 2 WG34HZWild Goose Storage LLCActiveButte County, CA39.324521-121.883519

Nearby Properties

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Delta FarmsColusa County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFMay 2011

Companies in the Area

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Company Name
Armstrong Petroleum Corporation
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