Oil & Gas Activity in Glenn County, CA

Oil Production
0 BBLs
Total County Oil Production for Dec 2017
Gas Production
268.1k MCF
Total County Gas Production for Dec 2017
Total BOE (16:1)
11.6k BBLs
Total County BOE Production for Dec 2017
Glenn County, CA is Ranked
Nationally In Overall Production
Glenn County, CA is Ranked
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Glenn County, CA Oil & Gas Production

California Rank
in Total Oil Production
California Rank
in Total Gas Production
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Active Wells
Permits on File
Glenn County, CA Accounts for
Of Oil Production in California
Glenn County, CA Accounts for
Of Gas Production in California

California Counties Ranked by Oil Production

RankCountyProduction PeriodOil Production
#6Fresno County, CADec 2017515.8k BBLs
#7Santa Barbara County, CADec 2017294.2k BBLs
#8San Luis Obispo County, CADec 201754.7k BBLs
#9Kings County, CADec 20176.8k BBLs
#10Sacramento County, CADec 2017871 BBLs
#11San Benito County, CADec 20171.4k BBLs
#12Santa Clara County, CADec 20171.5k BBLs
#13Tulare County, CADec 20172.1k BBLs
#14Alameda County, CADec 2017684 BBLs
#18Solano County, CADec 2017209 BBLs
#21Contra Costa County, CADec 20173 BBLs
#26San Bernardino County, CADec 2017935 BBLs

California Counties Ranked by Gas Production

RankCountyProduction PeriodGas Production
#6Los Angeles County, CADec 20175.2M MCF
#7Sutter County, CADec 2017322.8k MCF
#8Madera County, CADec 2017956.4k MCF
#9Santa Barbara County, CADec 20171.3M MCF
#10Contra Costa County, CADec 2017256.2k MCF
#11Sacramento County, CADec 2017286.6k MCF
#12Glenn County, CADec 2017268.1k MCF
#13Ventura County, CADec 2017377k MCF
#14Orange County, CADec 2017102.9k MCF
#15Tehama County, CADec 201764.9k MCF
#16Monterey County, CADec 201778.8k MCF
#17San Luis Obispo County, CADec 201745.8k MCF

Largest Properties in Glenn County, CA

Property NameCountyMost Current PeriodOil ProductionGas ProductionActive Wells
CARRIEREGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs5.9k MCF4
DOHENYGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs8.7k MCF6
DOHENY-NG-MOBIL UNIT 1Glenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs255 MCF3
E-T MALTON UNITGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs13.2k MCF33
HILL-ELVIDGEGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.3k MCF5
JONES-MINER 34Glenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.0k MCF3
KNIGHTGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs4.7k MCF9
LEONARDOGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs2.0k MCF1
MARIN-MASONGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.5k MCF7
MINER-JONESGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs9.8k MCF17
MJ/SL LINE WELLGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs7.0k MCF6
NYBERG GAS UNITGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs1.2k MCF2
OGLESBYGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs2.1k MCF2
PINHEIROGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs2.9k MCF4
RANCHO CAPAY UNITGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.2k MCF3
SECTIONGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs131.6k MCF144
SPRAGUE LEWISGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs16.6k MCF15
TRANSAMERICAGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.4k MCF4
WHYLERGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs908 MCF5
WILLOWSGlenn County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.0k MCF11
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Largest Producing Companies in Glenn County, CA

Property NameLocationMost Current PeriodOil ProductionGas ProductionActive Wells
CRAIN ORCHARDS, INC.Los Molinos, CADec 20170 BBLs0 MCF0
GLENN GAS INC.Sacramento, CADec 20170 BBLs0 MCF0
PEOCO, LLCLincoln, CADec 20170 BBLs14.1k MCF1
THE TERMO COMPANYLong Beach, CADec 20170 BBLs12.3k MCF10
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Counties Surrounding Glenn County, CA

National RankState RankCountyMost Current PeriodOil ProductionGas ProductionWellsOperators
#835#20Alameda County, CADec 2017684 BBLs41 MCF931
#164#4Butte County, CADec 20170 BBLs8.6M MCF2541
#239#8Colusa County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.1M MCF1.2k8
#571#15Contra Costa County, CADec 20173 BBLs256.2k MCF6633
#946#24Humboldt County, CADec 20170 BBLs34.4k MCF1962
#582#16Sacramento County, CADec 2017871 BBLs286.6k MCF8643
#101#2San Joaquin County, CADec 20170 BBLs16.1M MCF1.2k5
#321#11Solano County, CADec 2017209 BBLs1.4M MCF1.7k7
#495#12Sutter County, CADec 20170 BBLs322.8k MCF1.1k8
#848#23Tehama County, CADec 20170 BBLs64.9k MCF5743
#959#26Yolo County, CADec 20170 BBLs3.3k MCF1.5k2
#957#27Yuba County, CADec 20170 BBLs36 MCF141