South Mountain

Oil & Gas Property in Ventura County, CA

Property Summary

Key data points for South Mountain

CountyVentura County, CA
Production DatesJan 2018 - Aug 2021
Total Oil Production53,802 BBLs
Total Gas Production223,689 MCF
Recent Oil Production429 BBLs in Jul 2021
Recent Gas Production1,792 MCF in Jul 2021
Wells on Property51

Our Valuation Estimates for South Mountain


$864,302 *


$46,451 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

South Mountain Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for South Mountain
from Jan 2018 to Aug 2021

Wells on South Mountain

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
04-111-03184South Mountain and Ojai 1SM&O LLCActiveVentura County, CA34.333630-119.026260
04-111-03185South Mountain and Ojai 2SM&O LLCActiveVentura County, CA34.333603-119.026184
04-111-03186South Mountain and Ojai 3Los Feliz Co.PluggedVentura County, CA34.333710-119.026314
04-111-03344South Mountain and Ojai 1California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.335033-119.023712
04-111-03345South Mountain and Ojai 3California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.335091-119.023621
04-111-03346South Mountain and Ojai 4California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.335087-119.023537
04-111-03347South Mountain and Ojai 5California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.334793-119.019363
04-111-03348South Mountain and Ojai 6California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.334759-119.019417
04-111-03349South Mountain and Ojai 7California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.334717-119.019485
04-111-03350South Mountain and Ojai 8California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.334679-119.019554
04-111-03351South Mountain and Ojai 2California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.335091-119.023781
04-111-03352South Mountain and Ojai 9California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.334015-119.024765
04-111-03353South Mountain and Ojai 10California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.332253-119.025566
04-111-03354South Mountain and Ojai 11California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.332325-119.025551
04-111-03355South Mountain and Ojai 12California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.333313-119.014694
04-111-03356South Mountain and Ojai 13California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.333309-119.014778
04-111-03357South Mountain and Ojai 14California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.333260-119.015060
04-111-03358South Mountain and Ojai 15California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.333248-119.015160
04-111-03359South Mountain and Ojai 16California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.333286-119.014877
04-111-03360South Mountain and Ojai 17California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.333271-119.014969
04-111-03361South Mountain and Ojai 18California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.334694-119.012611
04-111-03362South Mountain and Ojai 19California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.334606-119.012619
04-111-03363South Mountain and Ojai 20California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.334496-119.012642
04-111-03364South Mountain and Ojai 21California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.334508-119.016946
04-111-03365South Mountain and Ojai 22California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.335079-119.023422
04-111-03366South Mountain and Ojai 23California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.332409-119.025520
04-111-03367South Mountain and Ojai 24California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.332493-119.025475
04-111-03368South Mountain and Ojai 25California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.335041-119.023895
04-111-03369South Mountain and Ojai 26California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.334976-119.023338
04-111-03370South Mountain and Ojai 28California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.334423-119.012657
04-111-03371South Mountain and Ojai 29California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.332638-119.025406
04-111-03372South Mountain and Ojai 30California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.332565-119.025429
04-111-03484South Mountain 1California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.339924-119.032410
04-111-03485South Mountain 2California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.341595-119.025887
04-111-03486South Mountain 3California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.338913-119.027679
04-111-03487South Mountain 4California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.341541-119.026878
04-111-03488South Mountain 5California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.341587-119.028206
04-111-03489South Mountain 6California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.341679-119.029579
04-111-03490South Mountain 7California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.340187-119.027412
04-111-03491South Mountain 8California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.341743-119.030899
04-111-03492South Mountain 9California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.341434-119.032654
04-111-03493South Mountain 12California Resources Production CorporationPluggedVentura County, CA34.338905-119.029137
04-111-03494South Mountain 13California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.340244-119.029022
04-111-03495South Mountain 14California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.339722-119.027054
04-111-03496South Mountain 15California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.339596-119.026993
04-111-03497South Mountain 16California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.340347-119.030724
04-111-03498South Mountain 17California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.339451-119.030113
04-111-03499South Mountain 18California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.340412-119.030701
04-111-03500South Mountain 19California Resources Production CorporationActiveVentura County, CA34.339325-119.032104
04-111-20366South Mountain and Ojai 31California Resources Production CorporationIdleVentura County, CA34.334518-119.016724
04-111-22395South Mountain 58California Resources Production CorporationNewVentura County, CA34.322325-119.022007

Operators Associated With South Mountain

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Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Calco-SchieferleVentura County, CA26 BBLs476 MCFAug 2021
CaspersonVentura County, CA140 BBLs1,550 MCFAug 2021
CraneVentura County, CA110 BBLs796 MCFAug 2021
CulbertVentura County, CA981 BBLs42 MCFAug 2021
Grayback 1Ventura County, CA1,268 BBLs125 MCFAug 2021
HarveyVentura County, CA162 BBLs350 MCFAug 2021
L. And BVentura County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2020
LookoutVentura County, CA380 BBLs0 MCFAug 2021
Mark RichardsonVentura County, CA715 BBLs738 MCFAug 2021
Norman RichardsonVentura County, CA7,209 BBLs15,490 MCFAug 2021
PriceVentura County, CA126 BBLs1,075 MCFAug 2021
PtasynskiVentura County, CA384 BBLs177 MCFAug 2021
RichardsonVentura County, CA354 BBLs71 MCFAug 2021
Santa PaulaVentura County, CA672 BBLs4,156 MCFAug 2021
SchieferleVentura County, CA35 BBLs69 MCFAug 2021
SnyderVentura County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2020
StewartVentura County, CA4,023 BBLs5,692 MCFAug 2021
T-U RichardsonVentura County, CA295 BBLs0 MCFAug 2021
WillardVentura County, CA262 BBLs2,827 MCFAug 2021
Yale RichardsonVentura County, CA131 BBLs267 MCFSep 2021