Cimarron Engineering Corp

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Cimarron Engineering Corp. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateTX
Production DatesJan 1993 - May 2015
Total Oil Production512,570 BBLs
Total Gas Production6,619,721 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells0

Cimarron Engineering Corp Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Cimarron Engineering Corp
from Jan 1993 to May 2015

Wells Operated by Cimarron Engineering Corp

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-131-37308 ALBERT 1 Dry HoleDuval County, TX27.717652-98.237269
42-047-00523 ALEXANDER 160 ACRE A 10 Plugged Gas WellBrooks County, TX27.236810-98.421322
42-199-33024 ASHWORTH 1 Sidetrack Well Surface LocationHardin County, TX30.118686-94.449183
42-311-33789 ATKINSON 1 Plugged Oil WellMcMullen County, TX28.107103-98.492464
42-123-33301 BITTERLY 1 Plugged Oil WellDeWitt County, TX28.964483-97.253006
42-089-32666 BRASHER 1 Dry HoleColorado County, TX29.671197-96.412626
42-239-33268 BUDD 1 Plugged Gas WellJackson County, TX29.149711-96.625942
42-131-39243 CANALES 2 Dry HoleDuval County, TX27.709567-98.345574
42-297-34662 CARTWRIGHT 1 Plugged Oil WellLive Oak County, TX28.192846-97.968617
42-297-34708 CARTWRIGHT 3 A Dry HoleLive Oak County, TX28.199534-97.962299
42-355-34099 DODSON HEIRS 1 Dry HoleNueces County, TX27.867813-97.747427
42-355-34103 DODSON HEIRS 2 Dry HoleNueces County, TX27.866780-97.746336
42-175-34213 G.K.L. 1 Dry HoleGoliad County, TX28.871675-97.398743
42-297-35485 GRANT 1 Dry HoleLive Oak County, TX28.321857-97.936263
42-291-32693 GREAK ESTATE 1 Plugged Gas WellLiberty County, TX29.952513-94.497803
42-291-32708 GREAK ESTATE 1 Sidetrack Well Surface LocationLiberty County, TX29.952513-94.497802
42-311-33043 HARRIS 1 Dry HoleMcMullen County, TX28.548873-98.502126
42-249-30538 HOFFMAN, N. A. "J" 1 Plugged Gas WellJim Wells County, TX27.614760-98.143909
42-493-32475 KOTARA ET AL 3 Dry HoleWilson County, TX29.088663-97.951899
42-493-32430 KOTARA, EMIL J. ET AL 1 Plugged Oil/Gas WellWilson County, TX29.091884-97.944355
42-493-32436 KOTARA, EMIL J. ET AL 2 Plugged Oil/Gas WellWilson County, TX29.091408-97.945839
42-409-32911 LA ROSA 1 Sidetrack Well Surface LocationSan Patricio County, TX27.882268-97.458767
42-291-32651 LADNER 1 Plugged Gas WellLiberty County, TX30.009835-94.577262
42-355-33911 LEHMAN A 10 Plugged Oil WellNueces County, TX27.645836-97.517356
42-427-33845 LMB-STATE 1 Plugged Gas WellStarr County, TX26.490869-98.572411
42-427-33846 LMB-STATE 2 Plugged Oil WellStarr County, TX26.494119-98.571818
42-025-32749 MCKINNEY ET AL 1 Dry HoleBee County, TX28.596842-97.742856
42-123-32070 MEANS 1 Plugged Gas WellDeWitt County, TX29.124718-97.115281
42-123-33810 MEANS 1 Plugged Gas WellDeWitt County, TX29.132269-97.112738
42-131-39049 MONTEMAYOR 1A Plugged Oil WellDuval County, TX27.544600-98.326781
42-025-33442 MOORE 1 Dry HoleBee County, TX28.408014-97.847553
42-249-32593 MOSSER SHANKS 1 Dry HoleJim Wells County, TX27.884246-97.955292
42-025-30128 ONEILL, BRENDON J. 1 Plugged Gas WellBee County, TX28.332729-97.690093
42-489-31150 PARHAM 1A Plugged Gas WellWillacy County, TX26.475612-97.609901
42-489-31189 PARHAM 2A Plugged Oil WellWillacy County, TX26.474827-97.613856
42-273-32218 PLOUG 1B Dry HoleKleberg County, TX27.450838-97.829652
42-481-34691 PUTNAM "D" 1 Plugged Oil/Gas WellWharton County, TX29.252441-96.398519
42-493-32419 RED CREST TRUST 1 Dry HoleWilson County, TX29.087983-97.958099
42-131-38213 SALINAS 1 Dry HoleDuval County, TX27.835138-98.425639
42-131-39433 SHEERIN 1 Dry HoleDuval County, TX27.834521-98.509990
42-131-38003 SOUTHWEST TEXAS CORP. 1 Dry HoleDuval County, TX27.462912-98.436453
42-481-34672 STOVALL 1 Dry HoleWharton County, TX29.264358-96.510585
42-123-32912 THAMM TRUST 1 Plugged Oil WellDeWitt County, TX28.939290-97.310501
42-123-32063 WENDEL 1 Plugged Oil WellDeWitt County, TX29.115619-97.119787
42-131-37896 WRIGHT 1 Dry HoleDuval County, TX27.422246-98.569618
42-025-33924 YARBROUGH-LOWE UNIT 1 Dry HoleBee County, TX28.197569-97.571959

Leases Operated by Cimarron Engineering Corp

Lease #Lease NameCounty
Lease #Lease NameCounty
04-11568 ALEXANDER Brooks County, TX
04-11348 ALEXANDER (160 AC.) Brooks County, TX
04-012416 ALEXANDER 160 ACRE A 10 Brooks County, TX
04-128359 ALEXANDER 400 AC. 13 Brooks County, TX
04-141290 ARNOLD 1 Duval County, TX
02-205814 BUDD 1 Jackson County, TX
04-096741 DE PENA V. L. 1 Starr County, TX
04-222972 EMBLETON, R. V. "B" 7 Jim Wells County, TX
04-140014 HOLMES GAS UNIT 1 Jim Wells County, TX
04-152889 HOLMES, M.S. 1A Jim Wells County, TX
04-155456 HOLMES, M.S. 2A Jim Wells County, TX
01-14014 KOTARA, EMIL J. ET AL Wilson County, TX
04-254826 LA ROSA 1 San Patricio County, TX
04-13387 LMB-STATE Starr County, TX
04-221444 LMB-STATE 1 Starr County, TX
04-13480 MONTEMAYOR Duval County, TX
04-13857 MOSSER SHANKS Jim Wells County, TX
02-056364 ONEILL, BRENDON J. 1 Bee County, TX
03-25102 PUTNAM "D" Wharton County, TX
02-09149 WENDEL DeWitt County, TX
02-229829 WENDEL 1 DeWitt County, TX

Properties Operated by Cimarron Engineering Corp

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
ALEXANDERBrooks County, TXDec 2020158 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Jan 20217
ATKINSONMcMullen County, TXDec 2020380 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Dec 20201
CARTWRIGHTLive Oak County, TXDec 20202,278 BBLs141,687 MCFJan 1993 - Jan 20219
HOFFMANJim Wells County, TXDec 20201 BBLs767 MCFJan 1993 - Jan 20216
LEHMANNueces County, TXDec 2020160 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Jan 20213
MCKINNEYBee County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Oct 20142
PUTNAMWharton County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Jul 20171
SALINASDuval County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJan 2005 - Jan 20211
SOUTHWESTDuval County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFMar 1993 - Feb 20151

Recent Permits Filed by Cimarron Engineering Corp

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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