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Here are a few key data points for Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateTX
Production DatesDec 2014 - Apr 2021
Total Oil Production2,780,114 BBLs
Total Gas Production1,990,704 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.2,784 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.1,415 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.10,070 BBLs
Producing Wells30

Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC
from Dec 2014 to Apr 2021

Wells Operated by Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-013-35447 A RANCH UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.784346-98.629210
42-013-35774 BELLA UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.783519-98.638893
42-013-35775 BELLA UNIT 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.783501-98.638969
42-013-35486 CATFISH UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.818444-98.673194
42-013-35487 CHESTER UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.818460-98.673135
42-013-35748 DAVENPORT UNIT 1H Horizontal DrainholeAtascosa County, TX28.777871-98.676445
42-013-35749 DAVENPORT UNIT 2H Horizontal DrainholeAtascosa County, TX28.777891-98.676370
42-013-35245 DP UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.759091-98.661403
42-013-35246 DP UNIT 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.759076-98.661463
42-013-35395 EC NORTH UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.759073-98.672036
42-013-35581 EC SOUTH UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.758540-98.671279
42-013-35582 EC SOUTH UNIT 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.758487-98.671263
42-013-35620 HAIRSTON C UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.844726-98.610622
42-013-35488 HUGHES UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.834085-98.652513
42-013-35489 HUGHES UNIT 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.834085-98.652450
42-013-35446 JUNE BUG UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.784332-98.629271
42-013-35575 KHS UNIT 1H Horizontal DrainholeAtascosa County, TX28.834410-98.646360
42-013-35576 KHS UNIT 2H Horizontal DrainholeAtascosa County, TX28.834410-98.646421
42-013-34454 LEWIS UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.828219-98.601068
42-013-35456 LSR UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.811306-98.685617
42-013-35457 LSR UNIT 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.811358-98.685633
42-013-34892 LSWT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.799470-98.664072
42-013-35776 MINNIE PEARL UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.783553-98.638742
42-013-35777 MINNIE PEARL UNIT 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.783536-98.638817
42-013-35189 PEELER 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.726163-98.600298
42-013-35192 PEELER NE UNIT A 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.747156-98.574086
42-013-35194 PEELER NE UNIT B 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.747379-98.574153
42-013-34645 PEELER SW 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.744950-98.600681
42-013-35394 RDG UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.759058-98.672098
42-013-34453 RYCHLIK UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.837808-98.583608
42-013-35570 SKYE UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.784008-98.629483
42-013-35571 SKYE UNIT 2H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.783956-98.629467
42-013-34498 WHITE TAIL UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.785504-98.671806
42-013-35306 WILSON BROTHERS UNIT 1H PRODUCINGAtascosa County, TX28.789968-98.651108

Leases Operated by Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC

Lease #Lease NameCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
Lease #Lease NameCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
01-19110 A RANCH UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-20216 BELLA UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19263 CATFISH UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19265 CHESTER UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-18387 DP UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-18962 EC NORTH UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19531 EC SOUTH UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19807 HAIRSTON C UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19461 HUGHES UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19096 JUNE BUG UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-16102 LEWIS UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19248 LSR UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-17897 LSWT Atascosa County, TX
01-20217 MINNIE PEARL UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-18304 PEELER Atascosa County, TX
01-18327 PEELER NE UNIT A Atascosa County, TX
01-18332 PEELER NE UNIT B Atascosa County, TX
01-17177 PEELER SW Atascosa County, TX
01-18951 RDG UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-16070 RYCHLIK UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-19525 SKYE UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-16074 WHITE TAIL UNIT Atascosa County, TX
01-18553 WILSON BROTHERS UNIT Atascosa County, TX

Properties Operated by Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
A RANCH UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20202,397 BBLs1,225 MCFJul 2017 - Jan 20211
BELLA UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 202026,284 BBLs12,008 MCFSep 2020 - Jan 20212
CATFISH UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,148 BBLs593 MCFNov 2017 - Jan 20211
CHESTER UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,088 BBLs979 MCFNov 2017 - Jan 20211
DP UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,881 BBLs1,611 MCFJun 2015 - Jan 20212
EC NORTH UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,549 BBLs1,667 MCFJan 2017 - Jan 20211
EC SOUTH UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20203,939 BBLs3,667 MCFOct 2018 - Jan 20212
HAIRSTON C UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20202,034 BBLs1,007 MCFMay 2019 - Jan 20211
HUGHES UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20203,363 BBLs1,738 MCFNov 2018 - Jan 20212
JUNE BUG UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,709 BBLs847 MCFJul 2017 - Jan 20211
LEWIS UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 2020332 BBLs0 MCFJun 2012 - Jan 20211
LSR UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20202,386 BBLs1,576 MCFNov 2017 - Jan 20212
MINNIE PEARL UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 202025,889 BBLs9,101 MCFSep 2020 - Jan 20212
PEELERAtascosa County, TXDec 2020595 BBLs0 MCFApr 2013 - Jan 20212
PEELER NE UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,102 BBLs1,015 MCFFeb 2015 - Jan 20212
RDG UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,111 BBLs1,415 MCFJan 2017 - Jan 20211
RYCHLIK UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 2020356 BBLs271 MCFJun 2012 - Jan 20211
SKYE UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20204,429 BBLs1,145 MCFNov 2018 - Jan 20212
WHITE TAIL UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 2020779 BBLs561 MCFJul 2012 - Jan 20211
WILSON BROTHERS UNITAtascosa County, TXDec 20201,041 BBLs718 MCFJun 2015 - Jan 20211

Recent Permits Filed by Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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