Adena J Sand Unit

Oil & Gas Property in Morgan County, CO

Property Summary

Key data points for Adena J Sand Unit

CountyMorgan County, CO
Production DatesApr 2001 - Apr 2022
Total Oil Production9,063 BBLs
Total Gas Production2,834 MCF
Recent Oil ProductionNo Recent Prod.
Recent Gas ProductionNo Recent Prod.
Wells on Property56

Our Valuation Estimates for Adena J Sand Unit


$6 *


$39,939 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Adena J Sand Unit Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Adena J Sand Unit
from Apr 2001 to Apr 2022

Wells on Adena J Sand Unit

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
05-087-05027ADENA J SAND UNIT W-47Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.093243-103.786708
05-087-05072Adena J Sand Unit W-35Shut InMorgan County, CO40.102656-103.774944
05-087-05148ADENA J SAND UNIT W-39Shut InMorgan County, CO40.027214-103.812388
05-087-05150ADENA J SAND UNIT W-30Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.027262-103.807686
05-087-05174ADENA J SAND UNIT W-37Shut InMorgan County, CO40.030783-103.807711
05-087-05188ADENA J SAND UNIT W-48Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.034442-103.817153
05-087-05193ADENA J SAND UNIT W-36Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.034503-103.807668
05-087-05208ADENA J SAND UNIT W-26Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.038004-103.798366
05-087-05214ADENA J SAND UNIT W-41Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.037900-103.807770
05-087-05231ADENA J SAND UNIT W-42Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.041508-103.807682
05-087-05250ADENA J SAND UNIT W-24Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.043397-103.795955
05-087-05264ADENA J SAND UNIT W-43Shut InMorgan County, CO40.045194-103.807719
05-087-05283ADENA J SAND UNIT W-44Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.048743-103.807809
05-087-05335ADENA J SAND UNIT W-49Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.059443-103.817139
05-087-05439ADENA J SAND UNIT W-8Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.079533-103.781958
05-087-05476ADENA J SAND UNIT W-4Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.086543-103.772558
05-087-05529ADENA J SAND UNIT W-1Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.093620-103.772521
05-087-05541ADENA J SAND UNIT W-51Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.095343-103.789078
05-087-05542ADENA J SAND UNIT W-53Shut InMorgan County, CO40.095499-103.798571
05-087-05544ADENA J SAND UNIT W-33Shut InMorgan County, CO40.095399-103.775325
05-087-05546ADENA J SAND UNIT W-46Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.095383-103.784333
05-087-05553ADENA J SAND UNIT W-31Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.097239-103.772550
05-087-05561ADENA J SAND UNIT W-45Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.098983-103.779618
05-087-05562ADENA J SAND UNIT W-52Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.099079-103.784818
05-087-05568ADENA J SAND UNIT W-34Shut InMorgan County, CO40.099275-103.775804
05-087-05576ADENA J SAND UNIT W-32Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.100792-103.772577
05-087-05586ADENA J SAND UNIT W-54Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.102603-103.798539
05-087-05608ADENA J SAND UNIT W-56Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.106305-103.779666
05-087-05611ADENA J SAND UNIT W-55Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.106225-103.789061
05-087-08100ADENA J SAND UNIT 13-59ProducingMorgan County, CO40.044539-103.820441
05-087-08102ADENA J SAND UNIT 31-78Shut InMorgan County, CO40.088236-103.795992
05-087-08112ADENA J SAND UNIT 6-71Shut InMorgan County, CO40.086483-103.796006
05-087-60001ADENA J SAND UNIT W-5InjectingMorgan County, CO40.084715-103.774902
05-087-60002ADENA J SAND UNIT W-6Shut InMorgan County, CO40.082998-103.777234
05-087-60003ADENA J SAND UNIT W-7Shut InMorgan County, CO40.081281-103.779569
05-087-60004ADENA J SAND UNIT W-9Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.077233-103.783588
05-087-60005ADENA J SAND UNIT W-17Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.059323-103.792918
05-087-60006ADENA J SAND UNIT W-16Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.061563-103.792148
05-087-60007ADENA J SAND UNIT W-18Shut InMorgan County, CO40.057219-103.793698
05-087-60008ADENA J SAND UNIT W-21Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.050306-103.794826
05-087-60009ADENA J SAND UNIT W-23Shut InMorgan County, CO40.045697-103.795579
05-087-60010ADENA J SAND UNIT W-25Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.040593-103.797168
05-087-60011ADENA J SAND UNIT W-29Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.029841-103.805009
05-087-60012ADENA J SAND UNIT W-3Shut InMorgan County, CO40.088831-103.772564
05-087-60013ADENA J SAND UNIT W-2Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.091183-103.772568
05-087-60016ADENA J SAND UNIT W-10Shut InMorgan County, CO40.074906-103.784134
05-087-60017ADENA J SAND UNIT W-11Shut InMorgan County, CO40.072646-103.785288
05-087-60018ADENA J SAND UNIT W-12Shut InMorgan County, CO40.070367-103.786397
05-087-60019ADENA J SAND UNIT W-13Shut InMorgan County, CO40.068095-103.787530
05-087-60020ADENA J SAND UNIT W-14Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.065821-103.788670
05-087-60021ADENA J SAND UNIT W-15Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.063453-103.789778
05-087-60022ADENA J SAND UNIT W-19Plugged And AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.054908-103.794084
05-087-60023ADENA J SAND UNIT W-20Shut InMorgan County, CO40.052607-103.794459
05-087-60024ADENA J SAND UNIT W-22Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.048007-103.795201
05-087-60025ADENA J SAND UNIT W-27Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.035183-103.799511
05-087-60026ADENA J SAND UNIT W-28Temporarily AbandonedMorgan County, CO40.032534-103.802240

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