A C McLaughlin

Oil & Gas Property in Rio Blanco County, CO

Property Summary

Key data points for A C McLaughlin

CountyRio Blanco County, CO
Production DatesJan 1999 - Mar 2019
Total Oil Production7,962,317 BBLs
Total Gas Production18,239,030 MCF
Recent Oil Production14,541 BBLs in Feb 2019
Recent Gas Production19,255 MCF in Feb 2019
Wells on Property55

Our Valuation Estimates for A C McLaughlin


$1,912,996 *


$2,314,149 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

A C McLaughlin Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for A C McLaughlin
from Jan 1999 to Mar 2019

Wells on A C McLaughlin

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
05-103-01048A C MCLAUGHLIN 36CHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.148545-108.935367
05-103-01058A. C. MCLAUGHLIN 14CHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.148486-108.921278
05-103-05254A C MCLAUGHLIN JR 33Temporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.105486-108.844025
05-103-05467A C MCLAUGHLIN SR 61Shut InRio Blanco County, CO40.093020-108.842130
05-103-05577A C MCLAUGHLIN JR 11Shut InRio Blanco County, CO40.104660-108.850070
05-103-05693A.C. MCLAUGHLIN (RE-ENTRY 11 )CHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.123000-108.925610
05-103-05712A C MCLAUGHLIN 5CHEVRON USA INCTemporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.126820-108.925980
05-103-05733A C MCLAUGHLIN 2CHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.130670-108.925980
05-103-05819A. C. MCLAUGHLIN 29CHEVRON USA INCShut InRio Blanco County, CO40.148490-108.907160
05-103-06092A C MCLAUGHLIN A 1CHEVRON USA INCTemporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.090279-108.860130
05-103-06105A C MCLAUGHLIN B-2CHEVRON USA INCPlugged And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.137615-108.836485
05-103-06110A C MCLAUGHLIN B 1Plugged And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.137345-108.841205
05-103-06318A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 25CHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.151970-108.916610
05-103-06319A. C. MCLAUGHLIN 45CHEVRON USA INCInjectingRio Blanco County, CO40.148536-108.930639
05-103-06321A C MCLAUGHLIN 50XCHEVRON USA INCTemporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.142720-108.918920
05-103-06322A C MCLAUGHLIN 38CHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.141200-108.925650
05-103-06333A C MCLAUGHLIN 37CHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.141320-108.935370
05-103-06418A C MCLAUGHLIN 51XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.143100-108.909140
05-103-07010A C MCLAUGHLIN 57-XCHEVRON USA INCTemporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.143500-108.923620
05-103-07577A C MCLAUGHLIN NON-UNIT 1CHEVRON USA INCPlugged And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.155562-108.929999
05-103-07690A C MCLAUGHLIN 61XCHEVRON USA INCTemporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.139200-108.904780
05-103-07691A C MCLAUGHLIN 59XCHEVRON USA INCPlugged And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.139675-108.923298
05-103-07715A C MCLAUGHLIN 62XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.139230-108.913590
05-103-07718A C MCLAUGHLIN 65XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.132220-108.932990
05-103-07769A C MCLAUGHLIN JR 1Abandoned LocationRio Blanco County, CO40.105216-108.846745
05-103-07770A C MCLAUGHLIN SR 2Abandoned LocationRio Blanco County, CO40.101038-108.853481
05-103-08297A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 71XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.136410-108.900080
05-103-08319A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 73XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.130990-108.904590
05-103-08630A. C. MCLAUGHLIN A-3XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.088193-108.857753
05-103-09152A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 77XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.143540-108.933170
05-103-09288A C MCLAUGHLIN 59AXCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.140150-108.922960
05-103-09300A C MCLAUGHLIN 79XCHEVRON USA INCTemporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.147550-108.923540
05-103-09301A C MCLAUGHLIN 80XCHEVRON USA INCTemporarily AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.147670-108.932880
05-103-10493A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 39ACHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.152056-108.911766
05-103-10530A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 81XCHEVRON USA INCPlugged And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.143310-108.900420
05-103-10546A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 82XCHEVRON USA INCShut InRio Blanco County, CO40.146890-108.904720
05-103-10569A. C. MCLAUGHLIN 87YCHEVRON USA INCAbandoned LocationRio Blanco County, CO40.134940-108.926880
05-103-10583A. C. MCLAUGHLIN 85YCHEVRON USA INCAbandoned LocationRio Blanco County, CO40.139803-108.915128
05-103-10584A. C. MCLAUGHLIN 86YCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.142130-108.917709
05-103-10595A. C. MCLAUGHLIN 83XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.146790-108.909260
05-103-10645A.C.MCLAUGHLIN 81XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.143294-108.900411
05-103-10699A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 90XCHEVRON USA INCShut InRio Blanco County, CO40.150527-108.929799
05-103-10700A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 88XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.150390-108.923496
05-103-10708A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 92XCHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.150141-108.933434
05-103-10725A.C.MCLAUGHLIN 94XCHEVRON USA INCInjectingRio Blanco County, CO40.150180-108.900640
05-103-10726A.C.MCLAUGHLIN 91XCHEVRON USA INCShut InRio Blanco County, CO40.150460-108.918780
05-103-10961A.C.MCLAUGHLIN 44ACHEVRON USA INCProducingRio Blanco County, CO40.152429-108.926356
05-103-11041A.C. MCLAUGHLIN C 2CHEVRON USA INCShut InRio Blanco County, CO40.142404-108.861632
05-103-11408A.C. MCLAUGHLIN 95XCHEVRON USA INCShut InRio Blanco County, CO40.152161-108.935353
05-103-40180A C MCLAUGHLIN 80Abandoned LocationRio Blanco County, CO40.090916-108.872586
05-103-40256A C MCLAUGHLIN 94Dry And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.086196-108.878136
05-103-40257A C MCLAUGHLIN 93Dry And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.087166-108.878916
05-103-40258A C MCLAUGHLIN 92Dry And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.086306-108.878746
05-103-40259A C MCLAUGHLIN 91Dry And AbandonedRio Blanco County, CO40.086216-108.877776
05-103-40391A C McLAUGHLIN JR 28Abandoned LocationRio Blanco County, CO40.114415-108.857165

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Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
A. C . McLughlin 84yRio Blanco County, CO815 BBLs46 MCFMar 2019
Ac McLaughlinRio Blanco County, CO1,771 BBLs229 MCFMar 2019
AssociatedRio Blanco County, CO4,085 BBLs103,161 MCFMar 2019
ChevronRio Blanco County, CO10,520 BBLs1,660 MCFMar 2019
Fee 3Rio Blanco County, CO3,702 BBLs97,996 MCFMar 2019
GrayRio Blanco County, CO5,973 BBLs263,024 MCFMar 2019
Gray Fed D-032703a A-19XRio Blanco County, CO862 BBLs77 MCFMar 2019
GuibersonRio Blanco County, CO0 BBLs9,660 MCFMar 2019
H W GrayRio Blanco County, CO1,546 BBLs329 MCFMar 2019
HagoodRio Blanco County, CO3,147 BBLs281,576 MCFMar 2019
L N Hagood A-1Rio Blanco County, CO873 BBLs294 MCFMar 2019
LacyRio Blanco County, CO0 BBLs57,690 MCFMar 2019
M B LarsonRio Blanco County, CO3,378 BBLs340 MCFMar 2019
McLaughlinRio Blanco County, CO10,430 BBLs1,247,311 MCFMar 2019
NealRio Blanco County, CO662 BBLs7,774 MCFMar 2019
Neal Fed D-033720 6XRio Blanco County, CO493 BBLs58 MCFMar 2019
RigbyRio Blanco County, CO2,179 BBLs97,875 MCFMar 2019
S B LacyRio Blanco County, CO1,025 BBLs109 MCFMar 2019
StofferRio Blanco County, CO720 BBLs33,008 MCFMar 2019
U P 14-20Rio Blanco County, CO1,356 BBLs187 MCFMar 2019