Oil & Gas Property in Washington County, CO

Property Summary

Key data points for Christianson

CountyWashington County, CO
Production DatesJan 1999 - Jun 2022
Total Oil Production1,013,979 BBLs
Total Gas Production396,387 MCF
Recent Oil Production561 BBLs in May 2022
Recent Gas Production1,488 MCF in May 2022
Wells on Property32

Our Valuation Estimates for Christianson


$84,087 *


$118,804 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Christianson Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Christianson
from Jan 1999 to Jun 2022

Wells on Christianson

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
05-121-05019CHRISTIANSON 2Dry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.777000-102.966330
05-121-05351CHRISTIANSON 1Dry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.758971-102.965250
05-121-05437CHRISTIANSON 1-WDCHEVRON USA INCPlugged And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.769831-102.960590
05-121-05453CHRISTIANSON 1CORAL PRODUCTION CORPPlugged And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.769970-102.969950
05-121-05485CHRISTIANSON 1Plugged And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.773550-102.969960
05-121-07551CHRISTIANSON 22A - 12Plugged And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.809789-102.927161
05-121-07554CHRISTIANSON 1Dry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.777130-102.965270
05-121-07555CHRISTIANSON 1-BPlugged And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.777260-102.961100
05-121-07714CHRISTIANSON B 2Dry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.766261-102.965260
05-121-08005CHRISTIANSON 2-BDry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.777280-102.963840
05-121-08023CHRISTIANSON 1Dry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.773440-102.956410
05-121-08752CHRISTIANSON 1Dry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.803190-102.928669
05-121-08754CHRISTIANSON-REDMOND 1Dry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.791420-102.936969
05-121-09200CHRISTIANSON B 3CORAL PRODUCTION CORPProducingWashington County, CO39.769960-102.965280
05-121-09411CHRISTIANSON B 4-WDCORAL PRODUCTION CORPInjectingWashington County, CO39.766510-102.969910
05-121-10633CHRISTIANSON 1-13DAVIS, LLC* EDWARD MIKEPlugged And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.795030-102.927759
05-121-10634CHRISTIANSON 32-12InjectingWashington County, CO39.809616-102.922843
05-121-10643CHRISTIANSON 41-12DAVIS, LLC* EDWARD MIKEDry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.813250-102.917609
05-121-10644CHRISTIANSON 31-12DAVIS, LLC* EDWARD MIKEDry And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.813120-102.921889
05-121-10654CHRISTIANSON 21-12ProducingWashington County, CO39.812850-102.924900
05-121-10658CHRISTIANSON-NIOBRARA 31-12SMITH ENERGY LLCProducingWashington County, CO39.812828-102.921942
05-121-10671CHRISTIANSON-NIOBRARA 42-12SMITH ENERGY LLCProducingWashington County, CO39.809608-102.919254
05-121-10674CHRISTIANSON 31A-12ProducingWashington County, CO39.813396-102.923108
05-121-10680CHRISTIANSON 21A - 12ProducingWashington County, CO39.814130-102.926315
05-121-10681CHRISTIANSON 21B-12ProducingWashington County, CO39.812506-102.926948
05-121-10684CHRISTIANSON 21D 21D-12Shut InWashington County, CO39.811842-102.928951
05-121-10687CHRISTIANSON 22-12ProducingWashington County, CO39.811042-102.925992
05-121-10688CHRISTIANSON 21C-12ProducingWashington County, CO39.813761-102.928414
05-121-10690CHRISTIANSON-SWD 12-12InjectingWashington County, CO39.810767-102.930527
05-121-10691CHRISTIANSON 11-12DAVIS, LLC* EDWARD MIKEAbandoned LocationWashington County, CO39.813000-102.930409
05-121-10692CHRISTIANSON 43-11DAVIS, LLC* EDWARD MIKEPlugged And AbandonedWashington County, CO39.805460-102.935599
05-121-10694CHRISTIANSON-NIOBRARA 21-12SMITH ENERGY LLCProducingWashington County, CO39.813266-102.928695

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 18 properties to the Christianson property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
AllenWashington County, CO0 BBLs3,274 MCFMay 2022
AxsomWashington County, CO0 BBLs7,108 MCFMay 2022
ChurchWashington County, CO34 BBLs2,656 MCFJun 2022
DaisyWashington County, CO0 BBLs0 MCFAug 2020
HickertWashington County, CO0 BBLs2,107 MCFMay 2022
LongknifeWashington County, CO0 BBLs5,375 MCFMay 2022
MathiesWashington County, CO0 BBLs2,450 MCFMay 2022
McCreathWashington County, CO0 BBLs1,625 MCFMay 2022
MillerWashington County, CO132 BBLs0 MCFJun 2022
PriceWashington County, CO0 BBLs12,789 MCFMay 2022
SmallWashington County, CO0 BBLs1,464 MCFMay 2022
StateWashington County, CO611 BBLs0 MCFJun 2022
StateWashington County, CO92 BBLs0 MCFMay 2022
StateWashington County, CO0 BBLs3,529 MCFMay 2022
ThimWashington County, CO0 BBLs6,333 MCFMay 2022
YakutatWashington County, CO0 BBLs0 MCFAug 2020
YoungWashington County, CO75 BBLs0 MCFMay 2022
YoungWashington County, CO0 BBLs1,221 MCFMay 2022