Gas Property in Yuma County, CO

Property Summary

Key data points for Tuelland

CountyYuma County, CO
Production DatesJan 1999 - May 2021
Total Oil Production0 BBLs
Total Gas Production4,775,946 MCF
Recent Oil Production0 BBLs in Mar 2021
Recent Gas Production11,786 MCF in Mar 2021
Wells on Property40

Our Valuation Estimates for Tuelland


$61,524 *


$38,519 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Tuelland Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Tuelland
from Jan 1999 to May 2021

Wells on Tuelland

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
05-125-02365TUELLAND 1-34ProducingYuma County, CO40.273644-102.502290
05-125-06280TUELLAND 1J-W OPERATING COMPANYAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.270456-102.492899
05-125-06533TUELLAND 1-35ProducingYuma County, CO40.269640-102.475910
05-125-07080TUELLAND 2-26ProducingYuma County, CO40.281930-102.486580
05-125-07197TUELLAND 2-35ProducingYuma County, CO40.266870-102.474610
05-125-07208TUELLAND 1-1ProducingYuma County, CO40.263070-102.469410
05-125-07291TUELLAND 3-32ProducingYuma County, CO40.269450-102.534710
05-125-07316TUELLAND 5-2J-W OPERATING COMPANYAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.263207-102.474478
05-125-07318TUELLAND 6-32ProducingYuma County, CO40.277150-102.535440
05-125-07377TUELLAND 7-26ProducingYuma County, CO40.284110-102.484210
05-125-07425TUELLAND 8-32ProducingYuma County, CO40.274320-102.531620
05-125-07618TUELLAND 9-32J-W OPERATING COMPANYDry And AbandonedYuma County, CO40.266406-102.530660
05-125-07702TUELLAND 11-32ProducingYuma County, CO40.266200-102.535270
05-125-07856TUELLAND 12-34J-W OPERATING COMPANYDry And AbandonedYuma County, CO40.266666-102.493199
05-125-08042TUELLAND 14-27J-W OPERATING COMPANYAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.284856-102.492429
05-125-08602TUELLAND 1-4ProducingYuma County, CO40.263149-102.521535
05-125-08605TUELLAND 2-4ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCDry And AbandonedYuma County, CO40.259076-102.521450
05-125-08606TUELLAND 346 1-2ProducingYuma County, CO40.255588-102.488130
05-125-08619TUELLAND 1-14ProducingYuma County, CO40.231089-102.476022
05-125-08620TUELLAND 2-14ProducingYuma County, CO40.230314-102.484719
05-125-08633TUELLAND 3-11ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.244807-102.478658
05-125-08687TUELLAND 2-11ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.237757-102.476058
05-125-08693TUELLAND 346 2-2ProducingYuma County, CO40.252338-102.487797
05-125-08781TUELLAND 2-4 RProducingYuma County, CO40.259223-102.521449
05-125-08829TUELLAND 6-11ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.244797-102.484968
05-125-09016TUELLAND 1-3ProducingYuma County, CO40.255367-102.497687
05-125-09972TUELLAND 31-35 4N46WProducingYuma County, CO40.276891-102.478813
05-125-09978TUELLAND 13-26 4N46WProducingYuma County, CO40.283929-102.487168
05-125-10111TUELLAND 42-30 4N46WProducingYuma County, CO40.288240-102.549467
05-125-10112TUELLAND 31-30 4N46WProducingYuma County, CO40.290970-102.553540
05-125-10245TUELLAND 32-35 4N46WProducingYuma County, CO40.273600-102.478872
05-125-10314TUELLAND 33-35 4N46WProducingYuma County, CO40.270530-102.479301
05-125-11284TUELLAND 22-11ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.244960-102.484720
05-125-11285TUELLAND 31-14ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.234660-102.479640
05-125-11480TUELLAND 32-14ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.231590-102.479730
05-125-11483TUELLAND 32-04ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.258500-102.517820
05-125-11546TUELLAND 21-34ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.276650-102.502260
05-125-11570TUELLAND 44-11ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.237840-102.474560
05-125-11571TUELLAND 41-11ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.247440-102.476320
05-125-11575TUELLAND 31-04ROSEWOOD RESOURCES INCAbandoned LocationYuma County, CO40.263250-102.516890

Operators Associated With Tuelland

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Tuelland property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
BrophyYuma County, CO0 BBLs17,038 MCFMay 2021
ConradYuma County, CO0 BBLs22,004 MCFMay 2021
Conrad FederalYuma County, CO0 BBLs5,887 MCFMay 2021
Conrad StateYuma County, CO0 BBLs2,509 MCFMay 2021
D. MekelburgYuma County, CO0 BBLs3,200 MCFMay 2021
Don BrophyYuma County, CO0 BBLs968 MCFMay 2021
EckleyYuma County, CO0 BBLs2,673 MCFMay 2021
FederalYuma County, CO0 BBLs603 MCFMay 2021
HSR-TuellYuma County, CO0 BBLs615 MCFMay 2021
J BrophyYuma County, CO0 BBLs4,283 MCFMay 2021
Joe BrophyYuma County, CO0 BBLs7,473 MCFMay 2021
LebsockYuma County, CO0 BBLs2,428 MCFMay 2021
M BrophyYuma County, CO0 BBLs2,101 MCFMay 2021
P. BrophyYuma County, CO0 BBLs1,846 MCFMay 2021
P.BrophyYuma County, CO0 BBLs4,974 MCFMay 2021
ProbascoYuma County, CO0 BBLs2,490 MCFMay 2021
SchaferYuma County, CO0 BBLs1,056 MCFMay 2021
StateYuma County, CO0 BBLs1,558 MCFApr 2021
TuellYuma County, CO0 BBLs1,366 MCFMay 2021
YenterYuma County, CO0 BBLs862 MCFMay 2021