Eap Ohio LLC

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Eap Ohio LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateOH
Production DatesJan 2019 - Sep 2023
Total Oil Production37,258,276 BBLs
Total Gas Production1,572,365,255 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.36,331 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.1,024,892 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.31,545 BBLs
Producing Wells968

Eap Ohio LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Eap Ohio LLC
from Jan 2019 to Sep 2023

Wells Operated by Eap Ohio LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
34-067-21724 Addy 9-12-6 10H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21725 Addy 9-12-6 210H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21722 Addy 9-12-6 6H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21723 Addy 9-12-6 8H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-019-22789 BAUER 14-14-6 1H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22792 BAUER 14-14-6 201H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22793 BAUER 14-14-6 205H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22791 BAUER 14-14-6 5H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22839 Bowling 23-16-6 1H Well DrilledCarroll County, OH
34-019-22842 Bowling 23-16-6 205H DrillingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22840 Bowling 23-16-6 3H DrillingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22841 Bowling 23-16-6 5H DrillingCarroll County, OH
34-067-21647 DAVIS TRUST 19-11-5 10H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21711 DAWSON 8-11-4 10H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21709 DAWSON 8-11-4 6H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21680 DULKOSKI 24-10-4 10H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-019-22827 Edison Ruby CR ORG 1H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22828 Edison Ruby CR ORG 3H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22829 Edison Ruby CR ORG 5H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-067-21719 HN STO-26 HN NTG 1H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21720 HN STO-26 HN NTG 3H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21721 HN STO-26 HN NTG 5H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-019-22832 Kovach 3-15-6 2H Well DrilledCarroll County, OH
34-019-22833 Kovach 3-15-6 4H Well DrilledCarroll County, OH
34-019-22834 Kovach 3-15-6 5H Well DrilledCarroll County, OH
34-019-22818 Krantz CR MON 1H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22821 Krantz CR MON 7H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-067-21732 McBride 20-11-4 1H Well DrilledHarrison County, OH
34-067-21734 McBride 20-11-4 7H Well DrilledHarrison County, OH
34-019-22831 MITCHELL 34-13-5 1H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22825 Mitchell 34-13-5 3H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22826 Mitchell 34-13-5 5H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-029-21941 MOUNTZ CL HAN 1 ProducingColumbiana County, OH
34-029-21956 MOUNTZ CL HAN 205H ProducingColumbiana County, OH
34-029-21988 Sanor Farms 23-17-5 10H Well DrilledColumbiana County, OH
34-029-21989 Sanor Farms 23-17-5 210H Well DrilledColumbiana County, OH
34-029-21986 Sanor Farms 23-17-5 6H DrillingColumbiana County, OH
34-029-21987 Sanor Farms 23-17-5 8H DrillingColumbiana County, OH
34-067-21715 Stocker HN MON 1H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21718 Stocker HN MON 205H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21716 Stocker HN MON 3H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-067-21717 Stocker HN MON 5H ProducingHarrison County, OH
34-019-22794 WIANDT 12-13-6 1H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22797 WIANDT 12-13-6 205H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22795 WIANDT 12-13-6 3H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22806 Williams CR MON 1H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22809 Williams CR MON 205H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22807 Williams CR MON 3H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22808 Williams CR MON 5H ProducingCarroll County, OH
34-019-22778 WINDY RIDGE PLATFORM CR ORG 210H ProducingCarroll County, OH

Properties Operated by Eap Ohio LLC

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