Interstate Energy Inc

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Interstate Energy Inc. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateWV
Production DatesJan 1988 - Dec 2002
Total Oil Production75,578 BBLs
Total Gas Production6,628,622 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells0

Interstate Energy Inc Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Interstate Energy Inc
from Jan 1988 to Dec 2002

Wells Operated by Interstate Energy Inc

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
47-033-03191 BARNES, RANDALL & ELIZ. BARNES 2 Never DrilledHarrison County, WV39.381593-80.244386
47-085-03648 BEALL, J. S. 1 PluggedRitchie County, WV39.022645-80.989283
47-021-02274 BENNETT, ABILENE - HEIRS 1 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.983594-80.792266
47-041-02739 BLAKE, PAULINE McCLAIN MERTZ LAND 1 PluggedLewis County, WV39.042641-80.614401
47-041-02116 BLAND, U. 1-477 PluggedLewis County, WV39.029475-80.591314
47-021-02263 BUSH, ASA SIMMONS 2 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.991671-80.797059
47-041-02172 BUTCHER, H. D. 1-B-1299 Never DrilledLewis County, WV38.954985-80.553648
47-041-03900 CATHER, PHILIP & ALMEDA E CATHER 4 Never DrilledLewis County, WV38.912597-80.521463
47-041-02111 CUMMINGS, P. E. 1-478 PluggedLewis County, WV39.033458-80.586310
47-041-02112 CUMMINGS, P. E. 1-479 PluggedLewis County, WV39.037293-80.584518
47-033-03313 DEEM, RICHARD V., ETUX DEEM 1 Never DrilledHarrison County, WV39.406826-80.291688
47-021-02264 GERSTNER, J. M. SIMMONS 3 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.987021-80.797092
47-041-01890 GROVES, C. W., ETUX GROVES 1 PluggedLewis County, WV39.045523-80.614878
47-041-01956 GROVES, C. W., ETUX GROVES 2 PluggedLewis County, WV39.040597-80.612541
47-033-03284 HARROLD, PAUL & VIRGINIA SOUTHERN 1A PluggedHarrison County, WV39.377857-80.243111
47-017-03771 HARVEY, THOMAS, ETAL REED 1 Never DrilledDoddridge County, WV39.108501-80.764602
47-005-01088 J. M. HOPKINS HEIRS 3 Never DrilledBoone County, WV37.046222-81.000000
47-021-02279 LOCKHARD, CARL SIMMONS WEST 1 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.984457-80.808375
47-041-02485 LONG, ORVAL D., ETUX BONNETT 1 PluggedLewis County, WV39.060651-80.349542
47-041-02488 LONG, ORVILLE 1 Never DrilledLewis County, WV38.954985-80.553648
47-041-02868 LONG, SELBY V., ETUX LONG 4 PluggedLewis County, WV39.052222-80.508557
47-041-02952 MACE, ROY H., ET AL 1 Never DrilledLewis County, WV39.015492-80.406246
47-041-03901 MARSH, DAVID & CAROL W. D. MARSH 3 Never DrilledLewis County, WV38.906609-80.402317
47-041-04387 MARSH,DAVID & FLESHMAN,M D MARSH 5 Never DrilledLewis County, WV38.900327-80.409312
47-041-03583 MARTIN, R. M. MARTIN 2 (82) Never DrilledLewis County, WV38.892176-80.487502
47-021-02989 MATHENY, L. K. 1 Never DrilledGilmer County, WV39.070650-80.770284
47-083-00167 McMULLAN, HARRY JR. A-507 PluggedRandolph County, WV38.880196-80.029692
47-083-00173 McMULLAN, HARRY JR. A-514 PluggedRandolph County, WV38.835047-80.035941
47-041-04577 MERTZ, MICHAEL F. JR. MERTZ 3A Never DrilledLewis County, WV39.052241-80.604117
47-041-04578 MERTZ, MICHAEL F. JR. MERTZ 4A Never DrilledLewis County, WV39.053843-80.606821
47-041-04579 MERTZ, MICHAEL F. JR. MERTZ 5A Never DrilledLewis County, WV39.056597-80.608954
47-017-04596 NESLER, CLINT & VICKIE POLAN 2 Never DrilledDoddridge County, WV39.263447-80.685614
47-007-01710 REESE, ELEANOR 1 PluggedBraxton County, WV38.840854-80.673000
47-021-02277 ROBERTS, CLIFFORD O. D. HECKERT 1 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.976322-80.801918
47-033-03784 ROCKWELL, TAGERA ROCKWELL 1 Never DrilledHarrison County, WV39.416071-80.283239
47-017-04688 ROSS, JAMES & CONNIE ROSS 1 Never DrilledDoddridge County, WV39.258842-80.683603
47-021-02354 SIMMONS, GUY 1-A PluggedGilmer County, WV38.988694-80.802874
47-021-02272 SIMMONS, W. H. 4 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.984160-80.801470
47-021-02275 SIMMONS, WILLIAM K. BENNETT 2 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.981141-80.784728
47-021-02265 SIMMONS, WILLIAM K. SIMMONS 1 PluggedGilmer County, WV38.988956-80.802106
47-021-04532 SUN LUMBER CO. PETERS 2-B Never DrilledGilmer County, WV38.935404-80.640589
47-041-03783 SUN LUMBER CO. PETERS 3-B Never DrilledLewis County, WV38.938971-80.639164
47-041-02257 SUTTON, FRANKLIN L. POST 1 PluggedLewis County, WV39.084165-80.348396
47-041-04372 TAYLOR, CLARICEY TAYLOR 3 Never DrilledLewis County, WV39.041642-80.344559
47-041-04373 TAYLOR, CLARICEY TAYLOR 4 Never DrilledLewis County, WV39.039535-80.332879
47-041-04374 TAYLOR, CLARICEY TAYLOR 5 Never DrilledLewis County, WV39.039295-80.327375
47-033-03785 TEN-A-COAL CO. TEN-A-COAL 2 Never DrilledHarrison County, WV39.406881-80.284961
47-033-04218 TEN-A-COAL TEN-A-COAL 6 Never DrilledHarrison County, WV39.407576-80.295462
47-033-04220 TEN-A-COAL TEN-A-COAL 8 Never DrilledHarrison County, WV39.411522-80.300733
47-041-02968 WHELAN, JAMES EDWARD 1 PluggedLewis County, WV38.886295-80.535084

Properties Operated by Interstate Energy Inc

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
BEALLRitchie County, WVDec 20170 BBLs55 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20173
MARTIN, RLewis County, WVDec 20170 BBLs64 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20172
MATHENYGilmer County, WVDec 201720 BBLs235 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 201710
MCMULLAN, HARRYRandolph County, WV0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1988 - Oct 201711
MERTZ,MICHAELLewis County, WVDec 20170 BBLs1,557 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20175
SIMMONSGilmer County, WVDec 20170 BBLs362 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20177
SUN LUMBER COGilmer County, WVDec 20170 BBLs532 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20174
TAYLOR, CLARICEY TAYLORLewis County, WVDec 20170 BBLs273 MCFOct 1998 - Dec 20172
TEN-A-COAL COHarrison County, WVDec 20170 BBLs212 MCFApr 1989 - Dec 20173
TEN-A-COAL TEN-A-COALHarrison County, WVDec 20170 BBLs1,033 MCFJan 2000 - Dec 20175
VARNER, JAMES AHarrison County, WVDec 20170 BBLs215,167 MCFMay 1990 - Dec 20177
WOOFTERLewis County, WVDec 20170 BBLs313 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20177

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