KRF Production Company LLC

Oil & Gas Operator

Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for KRF Production Company LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateTX
Production DatesAug 2018 - Dec 2023
Total Oil Production61,641 BBLs
Total Gas Production11,265 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.7 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.0 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.419 BBLs
Producing Wells15

KRF Production Company LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for KRF Production Company LLC
from Aug 2018 to Dec 2023

Wells Operated by KRF Production Company LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-475-35896 BLODGETT 1 PRODUCINGWard County, TX31.351584-102.871695
42-475-35897 BLODGETT 2 PRODUCINGWard County, TX31.350493-102.868608
42-475-35893 BRONQUIST 3 PRODUCINGWard County, TX31.355409-102.878393
42-475-02618 EMERY 10W Plugged Oil WellWard County, TX31.362015-102.871076
42-475-30822 EMERY 11 Oil WellWard County, TX31.359700-102.869985
42-475-30867 EMERY 12 INJECTIONWard County, TX31.361965-102.873435
42-475-35635 EMERY 14 Oil WellWard County, TX31.356895-102.871567
42-475-35737 EMERY 15 Oil WellWard County, TX31.358068-102.868232
42-475-35738 EMERY 16 Oil WellWard County, TX31.360434-102.871440
42-475-35740 EMERY 17 Oil WellWard County, TX31.357531-102.877260
42-475-35751 EMERY 18 Oil WellWard County, TX31.357362-102.873801
42-475-35752 EMERY 19 Oil WellWard County, TX31.353720-102.875360
42-475-00405 EMERY 3 Plugged Oil/Gas WellWard County, TX31.357607-102.872144
42-475-00407 EMERY 5 Oil WellWard County, TX31.359015-102.870778
42-475-80277 EMERY 6 Oil WellWard County, TX31.359629-102.872151
42-475-00409 EMERY 7 Plugged Oil WellWard County, TX31.357366-102.868677
42-475-02621 EMERY 9W Dry HoleWard County, TX31.358899-102.867536
42-329-00544 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT 1001 Plugged Oil WellMidland County, TX31.997265-101.858554
42-329-00546 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT 1003 Plugged Oil WellMidland County, TX31.993748-101.857496
42-329-01251 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT 1004 Plugged Oil WellMidland County, TX31.995195-101.851336
42-329-01472 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT 1103 Plugged Oil WellMidland County, TX32.001259-101.850967
42-329-01475 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT 1104 Plugged Oil WellMidland County, TX32.004633-101.851855
42-329-01481 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT 1106 Plugged Oil WellMidland County, TX32.003221-101.847485
42-329-00510 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT 1202 Plugged Oil WellMidland County, TX31.996377-101.846998
42-495-00301 HALLEY S. M. 1 PRODUCINGWinkler County, TX31.730999-103.061999
42-495-00304 HALLEY S. M. 2B PRODUCINGWinkler County, TX31.726407-103.064913
42-495-30047 HALLEY S. M. 3 PRODUCINGWinkler County, TX31.730478-103.064289
42-495-30361 HALLEY S. M. 5 PRODUCINGWinkler County, TX31.724902-103.066334
42-495-10456 HALLEY S. M. 5W INJECTIONWinkler County, TX31.726191-103.062456
42-495-30377 HALLEY S. M. 6 PRODUCINGWinkler County, TX31.729066-103.068270
42-495-30376 HALLEY S. M. 7WI INJECTIONWinkler County, TX31.728064-103.066326
42-495-31928 HALLEY S. M. 8 PRODUCINGWinkler County, TX31.728674-103.061075
42-495-10457 HALLEY, S. M. 6W Dry HoleWinkler County, TX31.724814-103.067447
42-495-05361 SUN-HALLEY 1 Plugged Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.725923-103.060579
42-495-05380 SUN-HALLEY 11W Plugged Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.718950-103.064124
42-495-05382 SUN-HALLEY 12 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.722477-103.065440
42-495-05384 SUN-HALLEY 13 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.727153-103.076211
42-495-10393 SUN-HALLEY 14 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.724034-103.061214
42-495-10394 SUN-HALLEY 15 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.725875-103.072128
42-495-10395 SUN-HALLEY 16 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.722100-103.060448
42-495-30056 SUN-HALLEY 18 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.721360-103.058212
42-495-30057 SUN-HALLEY 19 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.725274-103.063030
42-495-30344 SUN-HALLEY 20 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.720488-103.064878
42-495-30380 SUN-HALLEY 25 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.723101-103.068387
42-495-30381 SUN-HALLEY 26 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.725386-103.070257
42-495-05363 SUN-HALLEY 2CW Plugged Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.719003-103.057595
42-495-05365 SUN-HALLEY 3 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.717875-103.061640
42-495-05368 SUN-HALLEY 5 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.719939-103.060151
42-495-05370 SUN-HALLEY 6 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.721199-103.062757
42-495-05374 SUN-HALLEY 8 Oil WellWinkler County, TX31.727108-103.069506

Leases Operated by KRF Production Company LLC

Lease #Lease NameCountyMonthly Oil Prod.
08-43953 BLODGETT Ward County, TX
08-43251 BRONQUIST Ward County, TX
08-07208 EMERY Ward County, TX
08-25017 GERMANIA (GRAYBURG) UNIT Midland County, TX
08-02428 HALLEY, S. M. Winkler County, TX
08-02437 SUN-HALLEY Winkler County, TX

Properties Operated by KRF Production Company LLC

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
BLODGETTWard County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Aug 20232
EMERYWard County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Sep 202310
GERMANIA GRAYBURG UNITMidland County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Mar 202312
HALLEYWinkler County, TXOct 20235,458 BBLs79,453 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 2023162
SUN-HALLEYWinkler County, TXOct 2023207 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202315

Recent Permits Filed by KRF Production Company LLC

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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Company Contact Information

These are the contact records we have for KRF Production Company LLC. They are obtained from the state and county goverment agency where we obtain our data.

AddressPhone #
3267 BEE CAVES RD STE 107 308, AUSTIN, TX 78746-6773