Layline Petroleum I, LLC

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Layline Petroleum I, LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StatesLA, ND, TX
Production DatesSep 2007 - May 2013
Total Oil Production2,708,845 BBLs
Total Gas Production5,376,624 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells1

Layline Petroleum I, LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Layline Petroleum I, LLC
from Sep 2007 to May 2013

Wells Operated by Layline Petroleum I, LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-429-36701 ACKERS, W. L. 1 Dry HoleStephens County, TX32.787016-98.947998
42-429-36698 ACKERS, W. L. 3 Dry HoleStephens County, TX32.790597-98.936881
42-429-36660 ATKINS A. A. -A- 41 Permitted LocationStephens County, TX32.890455-98.811249
42-429-36661 ATKINS, A. A. -A- 32 Permitted LocationStephens County, TX32.888533-98.800952
42-429-36663 ATKINS, A. A. -A- 34 Permitted LocationStephens County, TX32.893804-98.811949
42-429-36659 ATKINS, A. A. -A- 37 Permitted LocationStephens County, TX32.894953-98.806772
42-429-36706 BLACK CADDO UNIT 44BB Dry HoleStephens County, TX32.881882-98.798639
42-429-36665 DICKIE UNIT 2H Horizontal DrainholeStephens County, TX32.772724-98.889789
17-001-00664 E COMEAUX 001 PLUGGED AND ABANDONEDAcadia Parish, LA30.319504-92.144030
17-001-00661 E COMEAUX 004 PLUGGED AND ABANDONEDAcadia Parish, LA30.316904-92.149331
42-315-00331 GOODROE, REBA 1 Plugged Oil WellMarion County, TX32.757810-94.300496
17-097-21059 K P LAVERGNE 001 DRY AND PLUGGEDSt. Landry Parish, LA30.310918-92.137045
42-473-31206 MARTIN 40 Sidetrack Well Surface LocationWaller County, TX29.758144-96.024838
42-081-31928 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 1007 Dry HoleCoke County, TX32.026311-100.511441
42-081-31945 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 1309 Plugged Oil WellCoke County, TX32.014952-100.512591
42-081-31927 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 1402 Plugged Oil WellCoke County, TX32.017308-100.516368
42-081-31992 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 1902 Permitted LocationCoke County, TX32.012058-100.544275
42-081-31989 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 2219 Dry HoleCoke County, TX32.003465-100.552001
42-081-31991 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 2220 Permitted LocationCoke County, TX31.998560-100.556632
42-081-31939 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 2404 Plugged Oil WellCoke County, TX32.011451-100.527401
42-081-31934 N. E. I. A. B. UNIT 903 Permitted LocationCoke County, TX32.024806-100.518637
42-081-31916 N.E.I.A.B. UNIT 1306 Oil WellCoke County, TX32.009158-100.517196
42-081-31973 N.E.I.A.B. UNIT 2102 Permitted LocationCoke County, TX32.012214-100.565163
42-081-31957 N.E.I.A.B. UNIT 2215 Permitted LocationCoke County, TX32.006751-100.559863
42-081-31943 NEIAB UNIT 2210 Plugged Oil WellCoke County, TX32.007809-100.557899
42-473-31207 NIKMARD 12 Dry HoleWaller County, TX29.776648-96.005737
42-315-00328 REED & BITNER -G- 1 Plugged Oil WellMarion County, TX32.750564-94.303672
42-473-31167 SWEENEY 6 Permitted LocationWaller County, TX29.754730-96.018868
42-473-31168 SWEENEY 7 Permitted LocationWaller County, TX29.756083-96.016168
42-473-31169 SWEENEY 8 Permitted LocationWaller County, TX29.755611-96.018788

Leases Operated by Layline Petroleum I, LLC

Lease #Lease NameCounty
03-24356 BOSTICK, DON EST. Waller County, TX
06-01977 GOODROE, REBA Marion County, TX
03-202770 HALL, JOHN M. ET UX 2 Austin County, TX
03-190618 RABB-JOSEY 2 Waller County, TX
06-01953 REED & BITNER -G- Marion County, TX
03-25232 SANTA MERCEDES PARTNERS,LTD."A" Waller County, TX
051126-2 SCHEXNAYDER St. James Parish, LA
051127-2 SCHEXNAYDER St. James Parish, LA
051083-1 SCHEXNAYDER ETAL St. James Parish, LA
03-24118 WILPITZ, ERNEST A. Waller County, TX

Properties Operated by Layline Petroleum I, LLC

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
ACKERSStephens County, TXSep 20222,304 BBLs180 MCFJan 1993 - Oct 202222
ATKINSStephens County, TXSep 20226,438 BBLs251 MCFJan 1993 - Oct 202256
BLACK CADDO UNITStephens County, TXSep 20221,507 BBLs123 MCFJan 1993 - Sep 202253
DICKIEStephens County, TXSep 2022694 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Oct 202212
MARTINWaller County, TXSep 2022389 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Oct 202221
N.E.I.A.B. UNITCoke County, TXSep 20221,497 BBLs1,714 MCFJan 1993 - Sep 202241
NIKMARDWaller County, TXSep 2022228 BBLs0 MCFApr 2002 - Oct 20225
SWEENEYWaller County, TXSep 2022131 BBLs0 MCFNov 2000 - Oct 20224

Recent Permits Filed by Layline Petroleum I, LLC

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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Company Contact Information

These are the contact records we have for Layline Petroleum I, LLC. They are obtained from the state and county goverment agency where we obtain our data.

AddressPhone #
820 GESSNER RD STE 1145 HOUSTON, TX 77024(713) 465-4100