Miss-Lou Operating, LLC

Oil & Gas Operator

Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Miss-Lou Operating, LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StatesLA, MS
Production DatesDec 1976 - Mar 2024
Total Oil Production2,622,786 BBLs
Total Gas Production2,644,754 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.1 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.0 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.0 BBLs
Producing Wells1

Miss-Lou Operating, LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Miss-Lou Operating, LLC
from Dec 1976 to Mar 2024

Wells Operated by Miss-Lou Operating, LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
17-097-21052 A J LANCLOS ETUX 001 ACTIVE - PRODUCINGSt. Landry Parish, LA30.484515-92.020729
17-001-20769 ANGELLA R LEGER 001 SHUT-IN DRY HOLE -FUTURE UTILITAcadia Parish, LA30.161508-92.352839
17-001-22296 ANGELLA R LEGER 002 SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -NO FUTURE UAcadia Parish, LA30.161164-92.351345
17-019-22279 BEARD DREW ESTATE 001 SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -NO FUTURE UCalcasieu Parish, LA30.321933-93.142376
23-037-21524 Brookhaven Bank and Trust 31-6 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.532460-90.748020
23-037-21495 CALCOTE PROSPECT 1 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.541210-90.732990
17-097-20664 CASWICK LLC ETUX 001 PLUGGED AND ABANDONEDSt. Landry Parish, LA30.478699-92.011295
17-097-21089 CASWICK LLC ETUX 002-ALT SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -FUTURE UTILSt. Landry Parish, LA30.479001-92.011266
23-037-21528 Central Lumber 31-6 Plugged and AbandonedFranklin County, MS31.547080-90.966480
23-037-21491 CENTRAL LUMBER CO. 1-16 1 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.511760-90.755870
23-037-21503 CENTRAL LUMBER CO. 12 2 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.501790-90.758560
23-037-21492 CENTRAL LUMBER CO. 12-1 1 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.505120-90.755770
23-037-21480 CENTRAL LUMBER CO. 6 1 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.513560-90.749790
23-037-21505 Central Lumber Mineral Company 6-13 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.510100-90.751830
23-037-21509 Central Lumber Mineral Company 7-4 Stand ByFranklin County, MS31.506940-90.751340
17-007-20532 CJ ACOSTA ET AL 001 PERMITTEDAssumption Parish, LA29.890838-91.078798
17-001-22197 CLEVELAND GUILLOT 001 ACTIVE - PRODUCINGAcadia Parish, LA30.144739-92.347475
23-157-00132 CROSBY-YOUNG Closed InWilkinson County, MS31.292220-91.217510
23-157-00133 CROSBY-YOUNG A-5 Closed InWilkinson County, MS31.296180-91.217610
23-005-20852 Dorothy McLain 39-5 ProducingAmite County, MS31.184750-91.023480
23-157-21626 EDWARD S ROLLINS 42-5 ProducingWilkinson County, MS31.020940-91.142240
17-097-21087 EDWARD STELLEY 001 ACTIVE - PRODUCINGSt. Landry Parish, LA30.478721-92.009105
17-001-22177 FINCH B 001-ALT ACTIVE - PRODUCINGAcadia Parish, LA30.154184-92.355811
17-001-22153 FLORENCE HEBERT ETAL 001 SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -FUTURE UTILAcadia Parish, LA30.164982-92.347029
17-007-20530 G A CLEMENT 001-ALT ACTIVE - PRODUCINGAssumption Parish, LA29.889854-91.077583
17-019-22124 GARNETT JANE BARHAM ETAL 001 PLUGGED AND ABANDONEDCalcasieu Parish, LA30.348751-93.138368
23-085-20136 GUS & HUGH LAIRD 1-A Closed InLincoln County, MS31.518110-90.569810
23-085-20121 GUS & HUGH LAIRD SWD Plugged and AbandonedLincoln County, MS31.518110-90.570540
17-029-20651 J DALE SWD 023 ACTIVE- INJECTIONConcordia Parish, LA31.544075-91.690130
17-097-00619 JOEL LANCLOS SWD 001 PERMIT EXPIREDSt. Landry Parish, LA30.482067-92.021395
17-001-22182 LEGER A 002 ACTIVE - PRODUCINGAcadia Parish, LA30.154600-92.354265
17-001-20959 M LEGER 006 ACTIVE - PRODUCINGAcadia Parish, LA30.156394-92.353729
23-147-20224 McLaughlin 3-5 1 Plugged and AbandonedWalthall County, MS31.256760-90.088750
17-003-20328 MYRTLE SONNIER ETAL 001 PLUGGED AND ABANDONEDAllen Parish, LA30.656566-92.720330
23-037-21493 SAJO CORP. 6-6 1 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.518400-90.749280
23-037-20104 SEALE-NEWMAN Closed InFranklin County, MS31.556550-90.959660
23-037-20077 SEALE-NEWMAN Closed InFranklin County, MS31.553630-90.958990
23-037-20096 SEALE-NEWMAN Closed InFranklin County, MS31.557430-90.962170
23-037-20100 SEALE-NEWMAN Closed InFranklin County, MS31.556430-90.955840
23-037-20088 SEALE-NEWMAN Closed InFranklin County, MS31.556460-90.959000
23-037-20108 SEALE-NEWMAN Closed InFranklin County, MS31.554550-90.957910
23-037-20252 SEALE-NEWMAN 12 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.552680-90.960090
23-037-20109 SEALE-NEWMAN 8 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.560250-90.962150
23-037-20116 SEALE-NEWMAN 9 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.562230-90.962240
17-029-23174 STUTSON 001 SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -FUTURE UTILConcordia Parish, LA31.537171-91.679481
17-029-23199 STUTSON 002 SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -FUTURE UTILConcordia Parish, LA31.537524-91.674532
17-029-00455 STUTSON 003 SHUT-IN DRY HOLE -FUTURE UTILITConcordia Parish, LA31.539977-91.679328
23-037-00836 T J LANDERS ESTATE 1 Closed InFranklin County, MS31.561410-91.024740
17-019-22104 TEXAS INDEP EXPL 001 SHUT-IN PRODUCTIVE -FUTURE UTILCalcasieu Parish, LA30.289518-93.148041
23-157-21775 U.S.A. 1-32 Closed InWilkinson County, MS31.282820-91.200020

Leases Operated by Miss-Lou Operating, LLC

Lease #Lease NameCounty
052161-2 10350 RB SUA; Assumption Parish, LA
617613-2 CASWICK LLC ETUX St. Landry Parish, LA
617619-2 EDWARD STELLEY St. Landry Parish, LA
051076-1 STUTSON Concordia Parish, LA
052111-2 VUB; Calcasieu Parish, LA

Properties Operated by Miss-Lou Operating, LLC

Property NameCountyPeriodProduction RangeActive Wells
BROOKHAVEN BFranklin County, MSApr 2013 - Aug 20231
CENTRAL LUMBER COFranklin County, MSJun 2009 - Sep 20224
CLEVELAND GUILLOTAcadia Parish, LAMay 1984 - Dec 20221
FINCHAcadia Parish, LAJan 1977 - Nov 20232
LEGERAcadia Parish, LAFeb 1980 - Jan 20081
M LEGERAcadia Parish, LAMay 1978 - Mar 20233
SEALE-NEWMANFranklin County, MSDec 1976 - Apr 202213

Recent Permits Filed by Miss-Lou Operating, LLC

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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