Northeast Blanco Unit

Oil & Gas Property in Rio Arriba County, NM

Property Summary

Key data points for Northeast Blanco Unit

CountiesRio Arriba County, NM
San Juan County, NM
Production DatesJan 1993 - Apr 2020
Total Oil Production15,977 BBLs
Total Gas Production182,573,688 MCF
Recent Oil Production8 BBLs in Apr 2020
Recent Gas Production281,467 MCF in Apr 2020
Wells on Property95

Our Valuation Estimates for Northeast Blanco Unit


$1,760,131 *


$724,163 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Northeast Blanco Unit Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Northeast Blanco Unit
from Jan 1993 to Apr 2020

Wells on Northeast Blanco Unit

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
30-039-07947NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 011SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.873592-107.516037
30-039-18243NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 062SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.867394-107.509071
30-039-21409NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 022ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.851349-107.520081
30-039-22084NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 014ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.839329-107.534744
30-039-23560NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 302SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.868450-107.499390
30-039-24399NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 483SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.858547-107.520332
30-039-24400NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 481SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.851608-107.525085
30-039-24620NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 493SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.873795-107.516052
30-039-24621NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 495SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.867909-107.510071
30-039-24625NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 497SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.871460-107.499229
30-039-24659NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 491SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.868172-107.518272
30-039-26424NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 222BURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPCancelled ApdRio Arriba County, NM36.850877-107.521090
30-039-27051NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 302ESIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.872459-107.500450
30-039-27416NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 011ABP AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANYActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.866043-107.515717
30-039-27444NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 497ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.868530-107.499764
30-039-27445NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 499ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.883011-107.482063
30-039-27446NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 304ESIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.872143-107.510284
30-039-27447NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 303ESIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.882767-107.482239
30-039-27448NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 068ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.847321-107.532829
30-039-27475NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 486ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.872444-107.500107
30-039-27500NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 327MSIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.879566-107.482887
30-039-27701NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 495ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.872265-107.510689
30-039-27715NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 483ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.850979-107.520165
30-039-27751NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 468ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.847279-107.533005
30-039-27786NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 219SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.872253-107.500427
30-039-27787NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 222SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.866261-107.515633
30-039-27808NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 335SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.873608-107.515801
30-039-29584NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 227SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.872391-107.511002
30-039-29597NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 219MSIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.869453-107.498161
30-039-29828NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 339MBP AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANYCancelled ApdRio Arriba County, NM36.868321-107.518021
30-039-29856NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 238SIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.866154-107.515991
30-039-29861NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 219RDEVON ENERGY PRODUCTION COMPANY, LPCancelled ApdRio Arriba County, NM36.871338-107.501719
30-039-29933NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 493ASIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.873344-107.516296
30-039-30149NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 344MSIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.868225-107.518417
30-039-30504NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 022MSIMCOE LLCActiveRio Arriba County, NM36.850662-107.519516
30-045-10572NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 061SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887718-107.501396
30-045-10589NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 059SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.889164-107.516716
30-045-10810NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 058SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.904305-107.516708
30-045-10867NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 033SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.909550-107.525589
30-045-24891NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 071SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.890163-107.533966
30-045-26900NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 400SIMCOE LLCApproved Temporary AbandonmentSan Juan County, NM36.909573-107.509934
30-045-27475NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 458SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.903729-107.517174
30-045-27476NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 456SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.874149-107.535088
30-045-27510NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 436SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.888161-107.501755
30-045-27659NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 438SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.903545-107.499535
30-045-27687NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 500SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.891064-107.493813
30-045-27709NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 496SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.896008-107.509911
30-045-28984NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 307SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887451-107.528572
30-045-30283NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 058MSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.895451-107.519058
30-045-31022NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 322SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.897228-107.508865
30-045-31023NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 323SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887474-107.508629
30-045-31088NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 060ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.909393-107.499626
30-045-31089NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 319SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.910236-107.507546
30-045-31163NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 321SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.894653-107.503723
30-045-31261NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 311MSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.895416-107.528969
30-045-31271NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 318MSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.909618-107.517189
30-045-31272NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 061ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.886871-107.495537
30-045-31273NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 307MSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.879829-107.528954
30-045-31288NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 321MSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.903828-107.502289
30-045-31291NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 327SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.891316-107.490974
30-045-31364NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 496ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.904057-107.507683
30-045-31365NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 322MSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.904057-107.507340
30-045-31366NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 323MSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.882919-107.511078
30-045-32144NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 307NSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887642-107.528915
30-045-32246NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 333SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887474-107.501877
30-045-32248NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 329SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.889202-107.517128
30-045-32264NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 220SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.879814-107.528832
30-045-32279NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 460ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.909432-107.499863
30-045-32280NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 438ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.894596-107.503967
30-045-32281NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 458ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.895203-107.518700
30-045-32298NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 500ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.886929-107.495247
30-045-32320NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 221JSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.895374-107.528709
30-045-32321NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 436ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887550-107.508926
30-045-32333NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 426ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.923706-107.499580
30-045-32413NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 498ABP AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANYActiveSan Juan County, NM36.903851-107.528610
30-045-32414NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 490ABP AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANYActiveSan Juan County, NM36.894474-107.533516
30-045-32787NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 223SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.897064-107.508881
30-045-32801NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 071ESIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.889973-107.534088
30-045-33001NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 224SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887138-107.506699
30-045-33099NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 492ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.909672-107.517304
30-045-33192NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 230JSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.895531-107.519074
30-045-33213NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 239SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.910317-107.507851
30-045-33214NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 225SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.882660-107.511025
30-045-33265NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 236SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.879540-107.529144
30-045-33495NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 240SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.903671-107.508827
30-045-33649NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 226SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887394-107.495079
30-045-33664NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 241SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.896275-107.498245
30-045-33665NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 321NSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.896179-107.497932
30-045-34138NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 488ASIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.887287-107.528626
30-045-34148NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 248BP AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANYPlugged, Site ReleasedSan Juan County, NM36.890389-107.495064
30-045-34319NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 247SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.889511-107.495171
30-045-34325NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 344SIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.874165-107.534897
30-045-34611NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 252HSIMCOE LLCActiveSan Juan County, NM36.906891-107.503494
30-045-35127NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 261HBP AMERICA PRODUCTION COMPANYCancelled ApdSan Juan County, NM36.921154-107.498032
30-045-35850NORTHEAST BLANCO UNIT 606 COM 001HSIMCOE LLCNewSan Juan County, NM36.885779-107.516892

Leases included in Northeast Blanco Unit

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCounty

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 16 properties to the Northeast Blanco Unit property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Allison UnitSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs1,068,010 MCFMay 2020
Burnt MesaSan Juan County, NM6 BBLs31,493 MCFMay 2020
EpngSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs37,190 MCFMay 2020
FederalSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs3,837 MCFApr 2020
Francis Creek State ComRio Arriba County, NM0 BBLs10,105 MCFMay 2020
Grassy CanyonSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs44,258 MCFMay 2020
Middle MesaSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs8,618 MCFApr 2020
Northeast Blanco UnitRio Arriba County, NM160 BBLs1,897,333 MCFApr 2020
Rosa UnitRio Arriba County, NM0 BBLs237,775 MCFMay 2020
San Juan 30 6 Unit ComRio Arriba County, NM5 BBLs10,075 MCFMay 2020
San Juan 32San Juan County, NM6 BBLs677,398 MCFMay 2020
San Juan 32San Juan County, NM0 BBLs108,312 MCFMay 2020
San Juan 32 5 UnitRio Arriba County, NM0 BBLs107,678 MCFMay 2020
StateSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs1,960 MCFApr 2020
YagerSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs2,985 MCFApr 2020
YagerSan Juan County, NM0 BBLs2,922 MCFApr 2020