Oil & Gas Property in Cattaraugus County, NY

Property Summary

Key data points for Chipchop

CountyCattaraugus County, NY
Production DatesJan 2000 - Dec 2022
Total Oil Production28,060 BBLs
Total Gas Production23,482 MCF
Recent Oil Production1,060 BBLs in 2022
Recent Gas Production1,305 MCF in 2022
Wells on Property72

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Chipchop Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Chipchop
from Jan 2000 to Dec 2022

Wells on Chipchop

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
31-009-12221Chipchop No 033McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006280-78.598040
31-009-12304Chipchop No W-7McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006370-78.604740
31-009-12409Chipchop No 041McCracken, Carl A. IIIPlugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.006910-78.596380
31-009-12410Chipchop No W-5McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.005800-78.606330
31-009-12441Chipchop No 08McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.005400-78.604930
31-009-12442Chipchop No 02McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.005610-78.608970
31-009-12556Chipchop No 017McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.005550-78.601040
31-009-12557Chipchop No 025McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.005910-78.599490
31-009-12558Chipchop No 034Synergy Oil & Gas, Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.005430-78.597080
31-009-12559Chipchop No 042Synergy Oil & Gas, Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.005946-78.595747
31-009-12560Chipchop No 045Synergy Oil & Gas, Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.007570-78.594800
31-009-12632Chipchop No W-27McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006690-78.599110
31-009-12633Chipchop No 032McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007520-78.598860
31-009-12661Chipchop No 023McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008100-78.601070
31-009-12664Chipchop No 05McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.005920-78.607360
31-009-12688Chipchop No W-41Synergy Oil & Gas, Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.006880-78.595240
31-009-12689Chipchop No W-40McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008040-78.595920
31-009-12690Chipchop No 04McCracken, Carl A. IIIPlugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.007100-78.607840
31-009-12691Chipchop No W-26McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007820-78.599740
31-009-12751Chipchop No W-43Synergy Oil & Gas, Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.008230-78.594620
31-009-12752Chipchop No 03McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008460-78.608760
31-009-12754Chipchop No W-33Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.009580-78.598780
31-009-12790Chipchop No W-16Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.009730-78.603250
31-009-12791Chipchop No W-3 AMcCracken Oil & Gas, LLCApp To Drill/Plug/ConvertCattaraugus County, NY42.008100-78.607630
31-009-12791Chipchop No W-3McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008100-78.607630
31-009-12792Chipchop No W-36Synergy Oil & Gas, Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.006273-78.596972
31-009-12793Chipchop No 040McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008180-78.597050
31-009-12820Chipchop No 01McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCPlugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.006470-78.609320
31-009-12821Chipchop No 015McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007600-78.602430
31-009-12822Chipchop No W-1McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007540-78.609340
31-009-12823Chipchop No W-15Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.010820-78.603280
31-009-12824Chipchop No W-35McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007450-78.597360
31-009-12885Chipchop W-2McCracken, Carl A. IIIPlugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.006250-78.608060
31-009-12886Chipchop No W-19McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006180-78.600890
31-009-12887Chipchop No W-28Synergy Oil & Gas, Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.005719-78.598255
31-009-12907Chipchop No W-4McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCPlugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.006800-78.606660
31-009-12908Chipchop No W-34Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008420-78.598370
31-009-12911Chipchop No W-18McCracken, Carl A. IIIPlugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.007300-78.601320
31-009-12954Chipchop No W-10McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007910-78.603820
31-009-12956Chipchop No 011McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006080-78.603670
31-009-13001Chipchop No 06McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007770-78.606640
31-009-13002Chipchop No 024McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006990-78.600450
31-009-13003Chipchop No W-11McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006810-78.603190
31-009-13005Chipchop No 016McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006510-78.602010
31-009-13006Chipchop No W-12McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.005690-78.602470
31-009-13007Chipchop No W-6McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.007410-78.605470
31-009-13008Chipchop No 07McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006500-78.605600
31-009-13009Chipchop No 09McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008180-78.604710
31-009-13010Chipchop No 010McCracken Oil & Gas, LLCActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.006940-78.604080
31-009-13060Chipchop No 014Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.008920-78.603140
31-009-13061Chipchop No 022Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.009330-78.601580
31-009-13062Chipchop No 031Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.008730-78.599300
31-009-13101Chipchop No 013Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.009980-78.604160
31-009-13102Chipchop No 021Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.010600-78.602240
31-009-13103Chipchop No 030Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.009880-78.600030
31-009-13105Chipchop No W-9Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.009170-78.604420
31-009-13106Chipchop No W-17Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.008450-78.602060
31-009-13108Chipchop No W-24Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.010240-78.601140
31-009-13109Chipchop No W-25Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.009100-78.600540
31-009-13124Chipchop No 012Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.011070-78.604680
31-009-13125Chipchop No 018Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.013620-78.604490
31-009-13126Chipchop No 019Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.012630-78.603950
31-009-13127Chipchop No 020Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.011490-78.603130
31-009-13128Chipchop No 026Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.014400-78.603130
31-009-13129Chipchop No 027Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.013070-78.602240
31-009-13130Chipchop No 028Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.012030-78.601510
31-009-13131Chipchop No 037Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.012520-78.599960
31-009-13132Chipchop No 044Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.013100-78.598590
31-009-13139Chipchop No 036Case Brothers Inc.Plugged And AbandonedCattaraugus County, NY42.013540-78.600480
31-009-13154Chipchop No 029Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.010850-78.600860
31-009-13155Chipchop No 038Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.011480-78.599260
31-009-13235Chipchop No 039Case Brothers Inc.ActiveCattaraugus County, NY42.010490-78.598480

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Chipchop property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
BeardsleyCattaraugus County, NY653 BBLs2,485 MCFDec 2022
Belser HaleCattaraugus County, NY0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
BovairdCattaraugus County, NY4,432 BBLs405 MCFDec 2022
BucherCattaraugus County, NY440 BBLs187 MCFDec 2022
Chip ChopMcKean County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2022
DegitzCattaraugus County, NY520 BBLs108 MCFDec 2022
DutkaCattaraugus County, NY821 BBLs3,612 MCFDec 2022
EakinCattaraugus County, NY124 BBLs1,056 MCFDec 2022
Ertz-CareyCattaraugus County, NY321 BBLs930 MCFDec 2022
EvansCattaraugus County, NY205 BBLs80 MCFDec 2022
GoodmanCattaraugus County, NY629 BBLs1,729 MCFDec 2022
Hale & ShultzCattaraugus County, NY185 BBLs3 MCFDec 2022
LippertCattaraugus County, NY372 BBLs100 MCFDec 2022
McCrayMcKean County, PA2,874 BBLs5,797 MCFDec 2022
MoyerCattaraugus County, NY699 BBLs390 MCFDec 2022
Roeske-EakinCattaraugus County, NY908 BBLs3,679 MCFDec 2022
SpaffordCattaraugus County, NY590 BBLs351 MCFDec 2022
Sue 0Cattaraugus County, NY450 BBLs990 MCFDec 2022
TempletonCattaraugus County, NY185 BBLs210 MCFDec 2022
WoodsCattaraugus County, NY862 BBLs504 MCFDec 2022