Oil & Gas Companies in Erie County, NY

Company NameCompany LocationCompany TypeMost Recent Production
120 Bliss Street, Inc.Gas OperatorDec 2005
221 Pavement Of Wny LLCLancaster, NY 14086Gas OperatorDec 2017
34927 Bramblewood Trail, LLCCanandaigua, NY 14424Gas OperatorDec 2017
4A2k LLCLancaster, NY 14086Gas OperatorDec 2017
5Akron Central School DistrictAkron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
6Alden Aurora Gas Co., Inc.Alden, NY 14004Gas OperatorDec 2017
7Alden Central School DistrictAlden, NY 14004Gas OperatorDec 2017
8Anderson, Kyle KConcord, NY 14055Gas OperatorDec 2017
9Ardent Resources, Inc.Pittsburgh, PA 15241Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2016
10Belden & Blake CorporationNorth Canton, OH 44720-0500Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2016
11Bottling Group, LLCDallas, TX 75266Gas OperatorDec 2002
12Bottling Group, LLC D/B/A The Pepsi Bottling GroupBuffalo, NY 14225Gas OperatorDec 2017
13Broderick, Stanton M. And Linda A.Irving, NY 14081Gas OperatorDec 2017
14Chautauqua Energy Drilling, Inc.Westfield, NY 14787Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
15Cheektowaga-Maryvale Union Free School DistrictCheektowaga, NY 14225Gas OperatorDec 2017
16Christ The King SeminaryEast Aurora, NY 14052Gas OperatorDec 2017
17Christian Airmen, Inc.Akron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
18Clover Oil & Gas Co.Gas OperatorDec 2000
19Cotton Well Drilling Co IncSheridan, NY 14135Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
20County Line Stone Co., Inc.Akron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
21Czarniak, Dennis G. And DonnaHolland, NY 14080Gas OperatorDec 2017
22Depew Union Free School DistrictDepew, NY 14043Gas OperatorDec 2017
23East Aurora Union Free School DistrictEast Aurora, NY 14052Gas OperatorDec 2017
24Eden Central School DistrictEden, NY 14057Gas OperatorDec 2017
25Elf Atochem North America, Inc.Atlanta, GA 30363Gas OperatorDec 1997
26Empire Energy E & P LLCWichita, KS 67203Oil & Gas OperatorFeb 2019
27Envirogas IncHamburg, NY 14075Oil & Gas OperatorDec 1998
28Evans-Brant (Lake Shore) Central School DistrictAngola, NY 14006Gas OperatorDec 2017
29Fault Line Oil CorporationGas OperatorDec 2004
30Field Service, Inc.West Seneca, NY 14206Gas OperatorDec 2017
31Ford Gum & Machine Co., Inc.Akron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
32Frey Well Drilling, Inc.Alden, NY 14004Gas OperatorDec 2016
33Frontier Central SchoolHamburg, NY 14075Gas OperatorDec 2017
34GFS Energy, Inc.Shinglehouse, PA 16748Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
35Graycliff Conservancy IncDerby, NY 14047Gas OperatorDec 2017
36Great Lakes Energy PartnersGas OperatorDec 2007
37Greenridge Oil Company LLCWooster, OH 44691Gas OperatorDec 2016
38Henley, Peter And MichaelAkron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
39I Squared Energy IIAkron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
40I Squared R Element Co.Akron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
41Iroquois Central School DistrictElma, NY 14059Gas OperatorDec 2017
42JFS Energy Enterprises, LLCDerby, NY 14047Gas OperatorDec 2017
43Jim Murphy Buick GMC, Inc.Depew, NY 14043Gas OperatorDec 2017
44Lackawanna City School DistrictLackawanna, NY 14218Gas OperatorDec 2017
45Lenape Resources, Inc.Alexander, NY 14005Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
46Leone, Thomas E.Elma, NY 14059Gas OperatorDec 2017
47Masoodi Mini Ventures, Inc.Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
48Matrix Energy Development, Inc.South Wales, NY 14139Gas OperatorDec 2017
49Moog, Inc.East Aurora, NY 14052Gas OperatorDec 2017
50National Fuel Gas Supply Corp.Williamsville, NY 14221Gas OperatorDec 2010
51New York Gas & Oil Co, Inc.Alden, NY 14004Gas OperatorDec 2014
52Nobbs, Gary H. And Bosinski, KathyEden, NY 14057Gas OperatorDec 2017
53Open Flow Gas Supply CorpDubois, PA 15801Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2018
54Operating Engineers Local 17 Training Fund, Inc.Lakeview, NY 14085Gas OperatorDec 2017
55P&H Gas, LLCFredonia, NY 14063Gas OperatorDec 2017
56Pan Energy Company, Inc.Orchard Park, NY 14127Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
57Paulter, ThomasAkron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
58Pefley Oil & Gas, Inc.West Falls, NY 14170Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
59Perkins & GondreeCattaraugus, NY 14719Gas OperatorDec 2017
60PPP Future Development, Inc.Alexander, NY 14005Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
61Reserve Gas Co., Inc.Alden, NY 14004Gas OperatorDec 2017
62Rowland, David M.East Aurora, NY 14052Gas OperatorDec 2017
63Schichtel, George V.Orchard Park, NY 14127Gas OperatorDec 2017
64Schreiner Oil & Gas IncScottsdale, AZ 85258Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
65Seaport Natural Gas Co.Angola, NY 14006Gas OperatorDec 2017
66Seneca Resources CorporationBakersfield, CA 93311-2487Oil & Gas OperatorMar 2019
67Shattuck, Frank E. & Carol D.Eden, NY 14057Gas OperatorDec 2017
68Shelex Drilling IncLexington, KY 40523Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2018
69Sierra Energy, Inc.North Collins, NY 14111Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
70Sivad Energy No 4Akron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
71Snyder, L. KennethHamburg, NY 14075Gas OperatorDec 2017
72Solar Sportsystems, Inc.East Aurora, NY 14052Gas OperatorDec 2017
73Springville-Griffith Institute Central School DistSpringville, NY 14141Gas OperatorDec 2017
74Stedman Energy IncChautauqua, NY 14722Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2018
75Strippit Inc.Akron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
76Subsea Oil & Gas IncElma, NY 14059Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
77Symbol Oil Corp.Elma, NY 14059Gas OperatorDec 2017
78Thomas, Jimmy L And Kent, Kristin H.Eden, NY 14057Gas OperatorDec 2017
79Town Of AuroraEast Aurora, NY 14052Gas OperatorDec 2017
80Turnbull, Robert A. And Kimberly A.N Collins, NY 14111Gas OperatorDec 2017
81U.S. Energy Development CorpArlington, TX 76011Oil & Gas OperatorMay 2019
82United States Gypsum Co.Oakfield, NY 14125Gas OperatorDec 2017
83UnknownHouston, TX 77254Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
84Weil Resources, Inc.Lancaster, NY 14086Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2015
85West Seneca, Town OfWest Seneca, NY 14224Gas OperatorDec 2017
86Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp.Akron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
87Whiting Well PartnershipAkron, NY 14001Gas OperatorDec 2017
88Winter'S Railroad Service, IncNorth Collins, NY 14111Gas OperatorDec 2017
89Witkowski, DaveHamburg, NY 14075Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
90Zittel, Kenneth D.Springville, NY 14141Gas OperatorDec 2017