Gas Property in Seneca County, NY

Property Summary

Key data points for Swartley

CountySeneca County, NY
Production DatesJan 1985 - Dec 2017
Total Oil Production0 BBLs
Total Gas Production1,894,005 MCF
Recent Oil Production0 BBLs in 2017
Recent Gas Production34,281 MCF in 2017
Wells on Property11

Our Valuation Estimates for Swartley


$40,730 *


Not Available

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Swartley Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Swartley
from Jan 1985 to Dec 2017

Wells on Swartley

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
31-099-17564Swartley 1 (4061)Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.796984-76.877045
31-099-19541Swartley 2 (4090)Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.802345-76.875837
31-099-19542Swartley 3 (4095)Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.797865-76.869296
31-099-19551Swartley 1 (4098)Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.827433-76.893506
31-099-19575Swartley 2545Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.823782-76.889444
31-099-20415Swartley 1Reserve Energy Exploration CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.808643-76.914943
31-099-20432Swartley 2571Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.813489-76.896861
31-099-21236Swartley 1131-1Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.803636-76.869929
31-099-23956Swartley 1 (626342)Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.798931-76.896232
31-099-26042Swartley 2 (626331)Minard Run Oil CompanyActiveSeneca County, NY42.802782-76.895379
31-099-26254Swartley 3 (626991)Chesapeake Appalachia, L.L.C.CancelledSeneca County, NY42.799287-76.876379

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Swartley property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
ClemensSeneca County, NY0 BBLs10,060 MCFDec 2017
DJ FarmsSeneca County, NY0 BBLs3,400 MCFDec 2017
HarrisSeneca County, NY0 BBLs14,034 MCFDec 2017
HartmanSeneca County, NY0 BBLs12,898 MCFDec 2017
KarlsenSeneca County, NY0 BBLs9,235 MCFDec 2017
KimeSeneca County, NY0 BBLs28,921 MCFDec 2017
LarsenSeneca County, NY0 BBLs17,633 MCFDec 2017
MartinSeneca County, NY0 BBLs38,334 MCFDec 2017
MurraySeneca County, NY0 BBLs4,027 MCFDec 2017
NoltSeneca County, NY0 BBLs7,340 MCFDec 2017
Poorman 25Seneca County, NY0 BBLs2,511 MCFDec 2017
PoormonSeneca County, NY0 BBLs2,118 MCFDec 2017
RebeccaSeneca County, NY0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2016
RitterSeneca County, NY0 BBLs21,464 MCFDec 2017
RobsonSeneca County, NY0 BBLs13,450 MCFDec 2017
SaeliSeneca County, NY0 BBLs4,699 MCFDec 2017
SchafferSeneca County, NY0 BBLs4,845 MCFDec 2017
SigristSeneca County, NY0 BBLs5,801 MCFDec 2017
SmokerSeneca County, NY0 BBLs2,057 MCFDec 2017
SomervilleSeneca County, NY0 BBLs11,488 MCFDec 2017