Cedar Creek

Oil & Gas Property in Bowman County, ND

Property Summary

Key data points for Cedar Creek

CountiesFallon County, MT
Bowman County, ND
Production DatesFeb 1960 - Nov 2021
Total Oil Production24,626,365 BBLs
Total Gas Production16,489,528 MCF
Recent Oil Production19,696 BBLs in 20210901 to 20211031
Recent Gas Production9,205 MCF in 20210901 to 20211031
Wells on Property101

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Cedar Creek Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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Wells on Cedar Creek

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
25-025-23095Cedar Creek Unit MC22-17SHDenbury Onshore, LLCProducingFallon County, MT46.107420-104.047810
33-011-00046CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41-23A-1DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.073889-104.015470
33-011-00047CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 34X-3A-2SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.104934-104.041537
33-011-00048CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41X-10A-3SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.101375-104.038032
33-011-00049CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43X-10A-4DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.096676-104.034627
33-011-00050CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 33X-3A-5SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.111180-104.042354
33-011-00051CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 44X-03A-6DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.108123-104.037086
33-011-00052CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 32X-03A-7DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.115197-104.044872
33-011-00053CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 14X-2A-8DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.105126-104.031876
33-011-00054CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 42-3A-9DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.114556-104.037548
33-011-00055CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 14-11A-10DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.091671-104.030796
33-011-00056CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-11A-11DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.095510-104.025880
33-011-00057CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21-14A-12DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.088173-104.026071
33-011-00058CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 12X-11A-13DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.100209-104.029691
33-011-00059CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 14-13A-14SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.077483-104.009912
33-011-00060CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 33X-34B-15DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.123454-104.042294
33-011-00061CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 34-11A-16DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.091793-104.020654
33-011-00062CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 32-14A-17SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.084594-104.021092
33-011-00063CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 32-11A-18HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCInactiveBowman County, ND46.099226-104.020935
33-011-00064CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 14X-35B-19SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.119730-104.032639
33-011-00065CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-2A-20DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCAbandonedBowman County, ND46.109577-104.026115
33-011-00066CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-35B-21ENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Plugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.124487-104.025715
33-011-00068CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41-14A-22DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.088241-104.015427
33-011-00069CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41-11A-23DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.102846-104.015296
33-011-00070CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43-14A-24DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.081107-104.015220
33-011-00071CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21-11A-25DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.103238-104.025288
33-011-00072CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43X-34B-26ENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Plugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.125991-104.035567
33-011-00073CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43-11A-27DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.095274-104.015359
33-011-00074CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 12-2A-28DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.113636-104.030709
33-011-00075CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21-13A-29DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.088125-104.005515
33-011-00076CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 32-02A-30DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCInactiveBowman County, ND46.113719-104.021113
33-011-00078CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 34-02A-31DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.106529-104.021393
33-011-00079CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-12A-32DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.095498-104.004942
33-011-00080CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 34X-14A-33DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.078493-104.018788
33-011-00082CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43-13A-34DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.081109-103.994281
33-011-00085CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21-12A-35HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.103048-104.005289
33-011-00086CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41-24A-36SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.073880-103.994900
33-011-00087CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43-12A-37DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.096547-103.994583
33-011-00088CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-13SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.080719-104.005689
33-011-00089CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41-13SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.089125-103.995545
33-011-00090CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-01A-40SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.110764-104.005360
33-011-00091CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43-35B-41SHELL WESTERN E&PDry HoleBowman County, ND46.123906-104.015891
33-011-00092CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41X-10A-3RDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.100705-104.037045
33-011-00093CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41-12A-42ENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Plugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.102801-103.994406
33-011-00095CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21-07C-44SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.103320-103.984758
33-011-00097CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 31X-34B-45SHELL WESTERN E&PDry HoleBowman County, ND46.131079-104.042448
33-011-00098CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 43X-02A-46DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.111329-104.012981
33-011-00099CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 31X-02A-47DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.118864-104.021755
33-011-00100CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 13X-7C-48DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.097056-103.987339
33-011-00102CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 22X-14A-49DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.084100-104.025093
33-011-00103CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 31X-34B45RHDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.130116-104.041058
33-011-00104CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21-18C-50DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.088883-103.983092
33-011-00105CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 33X-07C-51SHELL WESTERN E&PPlugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.096659-103.978279
33-011-00106CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 41X-18C-52DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.088497-103.972809
33-011-00107CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 33X-18C-53ENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Plugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.081464-103.981924
33-011-00108CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 13-08C-54SHELL WESTERN E&PDry HoleBowman County, ND46.095371-103.969273
33-011-00109CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21X-17C-55ENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Dry HoleBowman County, ND46.086440-103.964793
33-011-00330CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-13A-38RDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.081467-104.006540
33-011-00340CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 34X-3A-2RDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.105112-104.042086
33-011-00383CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 33X-3A-5RENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Plugged And AbandonedBowman County, ND46.111022-104.041269
33-011-00384CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 31X-3A-56DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.118299-104.039020
33-011-00385CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 14X-7C-57DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.092058-103.990411
33-011-00405CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 44-24-60SHELL WESTERN E&PPermit Now CancelledBowman County, ND46.063068-103.995035
33-011-00406CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 11-35-59SHELL WESTERN E&PPermit Now CancelledBowman County, ND46.131799-104.031007
33-011-00437CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 23-13A-38RRDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.080375-104.005285
33-011-00447CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 12-12A-63DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.098769-104.009871
33-011-00448CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 14-12A-62DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.091773-104.009655
33-011-00449CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 13-30CSHELL WESTERN E&PDry HoleBowman County, ND46.052410-103.988591
33-011-00450CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 34-12A-65HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.092718-103.998779
33-011-00451CEDAR CREEK UNIT 8B 21-02A-64DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.116330-104.027576
33-011-00485CEDAR CREEK 11X-24H-66DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.072667-104.012673
33-011-00505CEDAR CREEK 33X-12AH68DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.097106-103.999909
33-011-00708CEDAR CREEK 11X-18CH69DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.086841-103.989038
33-011-00761CEDAR CREEK UNIT 24X-07C-73DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.093421-103.983558
33-011-00861CEDAR CREEK 14X-36BH-70DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.120622-104.012299
33-011-00870CEDAR CREEK 11X-24AH71SHELL WESTERN E&PPermit Now CancelledBowman County, ND46.073919-104.008147
33-011-00916CEDAR CREEK 32X-13A-71DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.083746-104.000974
33-011-00917CEDAR CREEK 12-13A-72HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.084144-104.009637
33-011-00967CEDAR CREEK UNIT 33X-24-74DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.064965-104.001917
33-011-00998CEDAR CREEK UNIT 43X-07C-75DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCAbandonedBowman County, ND46.094611-103.972023
33-011-01031CEDAR CREEK 43X-24-76DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.065003-103.992138
33-011-01032CEDAR CREEK 12X-01A-77DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.112369-104.008240
33-011-01064CEDAR CREEK 24X-19-78HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCInactiveBowman County, ND46.063649-103.984211
33-011-01071CEDAR CREEK 13X-07C-79HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCInactiveBowman County, ND46.096259-103.991571
33-011-01072CEDAR CREEK 32X-12A-80HENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Permit Now CancelledBowman County, ND46.097952-103.997033
33-011-01073CEDAR CREEK 11X-12A-81HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.104222-104.011949
33-011-01074CEDAR CREEK 34X-02A-82HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.107946-104.021183
33-011-01075CEDAR CREEK 31X-24-83HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCInactiveBowman County, ND46.073742-104.000425
33-011-01076CEDAR CREEK 42X-24-84HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.071740-103.994722
33-011-01077CEDAR CREEK 31X-30-85HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.059299-103.981023
33-011-01098CEDAR CREEK 41-12A-80DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.103569-103.994335
33-011-01107CEDAR CREEK 43X-30-86HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.052079-103.974962
33-011-01108CEDAR CREEK 12X-19-89HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.070494-103.991094
33-011-01109CEDAR CREEK 11X-30-88HENCORE OPERATING, L.P.Permit Now CancelledBowman County, ND46.059201-103.990725
33-011-01123CEDAR CREEK 13-31-90HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.038152-103.988514
33-011-01152CEDAR CREEK 24X-29-91HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.048474-103.963308
33-011-01163CEDAR CREEK 41X-30-87HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.060754-103.974173
33-011-01168CEDAR CREEK 12-35-97HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.126953-104.030965
33-011-01169CEDAR CREEK 13-29-92HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.053232-103.963735
33-011-01190CEDAR CREEK 32X-36-93HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCTemporarily AbandonedBowman County, ND46.040941-103.998433
33-011-01191CEDAR CREEK 13X-23-96HDENBURY ONSHORE, LLCActiveBowman County, ND46.066317-104.029630

Leases included in Cedar Creek

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
8577Cedar Creek MC22-17SHDenbury Onshore, LLCFallon County, MT

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Cedar Creek property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Big Gumbo Creek 1-8FBowman County, ND388 BBLs183 MCFNov 2021
DavisBowman County, ND3,780 BBLs835 MCFNov 2021
Fee 1Fallon County, MT0 BBLs0 MCFAug 2005
Gov. Unit 13-08Fallon County, MT305 BBLs0 MCFOct 2021
Gumbo FlatsBowman County, ND728 BBLs166 MCFNov 2021
Kirkwood-USA 34-6HBowman County, ND444 BBLs138 MCFNov 2021
LoweBowman County, ND7,470 BBLs1,538 MCFNov 2021
Ndbis022408b 2Bowman County, ND0 BBLs4,082 MCFNov 2021
Ndbis022410 2Bowman County, ND0 BBLs4,016 MCFNov 2021
Ndbis022419 2Bowman County, ND0 BBLs10,863 MCFNov 2021
Ndbis023117a 2Bowman County, ND0 BBLs4,706 MCFNov 2021
Ndbis023348a 2Bowman County, ND0 BBLs996 MCFNov 2021
NP 43X-13Fallon County, MT438 BBLs438 MCFOct 2021
NurineBowman County, ND2,412 BBLs337 MCFNov 2021
Prairie FalconBowman County, ND903 BBLs125 MCFNov 2021
U.S. 24X-18Fallon County, MT618 BBLs0 MCFOct 2021
UnitFallon County, MT13,916 BBLs3,083 MCFOct 2021
Us 42-24RFallon County, MT864 BBLs0 MCFOct 2021
Us Unit 31-30Fallon County, MT405 BBLs0 MCFOct 2021
USA 13X-18Fallon County, MT301 BBLs0 MCFOct 2021