Oil & Gas Property in McKenzie County, ND

Property Summary

Key data points for Hammerhead

CountyMcKenzie County, ND
Production DatesApr 2012 - Dec 2020
Total Oil Production1,827,180 BBLs
Total Gas Production5,328,220 MCF
Recent Oil Production5,656 BBLs in Nov 2020
Recent Gas Production21,941 MCF in Nov 2020
Wells on Property8

Our Valuation Estimates for Hammerhead


$187,842 *


$443,662 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Hammerhead Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Hammerhead
from Apr 2012 to Dec 2020

Wells on Hammerhead

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
33-053-03598HAMMERHEAD 31-26MBHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.052185-103.114095
33-053-06071HAMMERHEAD 11-26MBHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.052031-103.121338
33-053-06072HAMMERHEAD 11-26TFHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.052032-103.121154
33-053-06073HAMMERHEAD 21-26MBHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.052032-103.120970
33-053-06074HAMMERHEAD 31-26TFHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPInactiveMcKenzie County, ND48.051599-103.117823
33-053-06075HAMMERHEAD 31-26-2MBHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPInactiveMcKenzie County, ND48.051643-103.118000
33-053-06076HAMMERHEAD 21-26TFHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.051683-103.118172
33-053-06077HAMMERHEAD 41-26TFHBURLINGTON RESOURCES OIL & GAS COMPANY LPActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.052171-103.111394

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Hammerhead property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
A. Johnson 5McKenzie County, ND123,144 BBLs504,489 MCFDec 2020
Chameleon StateMcKenzie County, ND9,881 BBLs59,351 MCFDec 2020
ChuckwagonMcKenzie County, ND20,357 BBLs68,246 MCFDec 2020
FlatlandMcKenzie County, ND9,743 BBLs71,859 MCFDec 2020
Flatland Federal 11-4McKenzie County, ND8,579 BBLs55,922 MCFDec 2020
Garvey Federal 1McKenzie County, ND1,297 BBLs6,448 MCFDec 2020
GladstoneMcKenzie County, ND8,966 BBLs38,609 MCFDec 2020
Outlaw GapMcKenzie County, ND10,846 BBLs69,226 MCFDec 2020
RaiderMcKenzie County, ND39,434 BBLs226,173 MCFDec 2020
RenegadeMcKenzie County, ND61,539 BBLs202,986 MCFDec 2020
RolfsrudMcKenzie County, ND4,290 BBLs24,823 MCFDec 2020
Rolla FederalMcKenzie County, ND19,861 BBLs148,549 MCFDec 2020
Samson 29-32McKenzie County, ND61,877 BBLs331,573 MCFDec 2020
Skaar FederalMcKenzie County, ND20,476 BBLs101,605 MCFDec 2020
Tarpon FederalMcKenzie County, ND1,720 BBLs4,589 MCFDec 2020
Tarpon Federal 21-4McKenzie County, ND1,274 BBLs15,673 MCFDec 2020
Thelen 5McKenzie County, ND12,568 BBLs33,613 MCFDec 2020
Topaz 20-17McKenzie County, ND3,919 BBLs23,593 MCFDec 2020
WoldMcKenzie County, ND750 BBLs3,815 MCFDec 2020
Wold Federal 15-33HMcKenzie County, ND786 BBLs2,775 MCFDec 2020

Frac'ing activity on Hammerhead

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
33-053-03598Hammerhead 31 26MBH
33-053-06071Hammerhead 11-26MBH
33-053-06072Hammerhead 11-26TFH
33-053-06073Hammerhead 21-26MBH
33-053-06074Hammerhead 31-26TFH
33-053-06075Hammerhead 31-26MBH-2
33-053-06076Hammerhead 21-26TFH
33-053-06077Hammerhead 41-26TFH