Joplin 5

Oil & Gas Property in McKenzie County, ND

Property Summary

Key data points for Joplin 5

CountyMcKenzie County, ND
Production DatesFeb 2020 - Nov 2020
Total Oil Production1,436,046 BBLs
Total Gas Production4,607,872 MCF
Recent Oil Production93,770 BBLs in Oct 2020
Recent Gas Production467,257 MCF in Oct 2020
Wells on Property9

Our Valuation Estimates for Joplin 5


Not Available


$12,463,557 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Joplin 5 Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Joplin 5
from Feb 2020 to Nov 2020

Wells on Joplin 5

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
33-053-08808JOPLIN 5397 42-32 4TOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025066-103.186845
33-053-08809JOPLIN 5397 42-32 5BOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025065-103.186710
33-053-08810JOPLIN 5397 42-32 6TOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025064-103.186575
33-053-08811JOPLIN 5397 42-32 7BOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025064-103.186440
33-053-08812JOPLIN 5397 42-32 8TOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025063-103.186305
33-053-08813JOPLIN 5397 42-32 9BOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025062-103.186170
33-053-08824JOPLIN 5298 11-1 10TOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCPermit Now CancelledMcKenzie County, ND48.023153-103.175173
33-053-08825JOPLIN 5397 41-32 3TOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025545-103.191733
33-053-08826JOPLIN 5397 41-32 2BOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveMcKenzie County, ND48.025635-103.191729

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Joplin 5 property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
A. Johnson 12-1HMcKenzie County, ND5,182 BBLs20,631 MCFNov 2020
A. Johnson 5McKenzie County, ND147,434 BBLs553,037 MCFNov 2020
Banks State 16-21McKenzie County, ND39,167 BBLs253,441 MCFNov 2020
BrodersonMcKenzie County, ND44,652 BBLs308,835 MCFNov 2020
EnderudMcKenzie County, ND19,922 BBLs108,906 MCFNov 2020
Enderud 9-4McKenzie County, ND22,103 BBLs121,470 MCFNov 2020
Garmann 19-18McKenzie County, ND6,032 BBLs13,348 MCFNov 2020
Gunderson 1McKenzie County, ND16,886 BBLs117,416 MCFNov 2020
Jay 24-13McKenzie County, ND5,142 BBLs13,323 MCFNov 2020
Knight 35-26McKenzie County, ND5,326 BBLs16,603 MCFNov 2020
NelsonMcKenzie County, ND12,279 BBLs96,125 MCFNov 2020
Pederson 1McKenzie County, ND1,788 BBLs5,031 MCFNov 2020
RolfsrudMcKenzie County, ND8,187 BBLs27,413 MCFNov 2020
Samson 29-32McKenzie County, ND66,919 BBLs351,235 MCFNov 2020
Sax 25-36McKenzie County, ND35,094 BBLs183,556 MCFNov 2020
Sax 25-36 #1HMcKenzie County, ND1,803 BBLs7,210 MCFNov 2020
Thelen 5McKenzie County, ND60,861 BBLs161,229 MCFNov 2020
Topaz 20-17McKenzie County, ND4,802 BBLs24,252 MCFNov 2020
WoldMcKenzie County, ND564 BBLs2,801 MCFNov 2020
Wold Federal 15-33HMcKenzie County, ND656 BBLs2,656 MCFNov 2020

Frac'ing activity on Joplin 5

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
33-053-08808Joplin 5397 42-32 4T
33-053-08809Joplin 5397 42-32 5B
33-053-08810Joplin 5397 42-32 6T
33-053-08811Joplin 5397 42-32 7B
33-053-08812Joplin 5397 42-32 8T
33-053-08825Joplin 5397 41-32 3T
33-053-08826Joplin 5397 41-32 2B