Oil & Gas Property in Mountrail County, ND

Property Summary

Key data points for Liberty

CountyMountrail County, ND
Production DatesDec 2009 - Jul 2019
Total Oil Production9,827,231 BBLs
Total Gas Production6,838,419 MCF
Recent Oil Production52,880 BBLs in Jun 2019
Recent Gas Production68,433 MCF in Jun 2019
Wells on Property52

Our Valuation Estimates for Liberty


$1,243,581 *


$9,626,413 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Liberty Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Liberty
from Dec 2009 to Jul 2019

Wells on Liberty

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
33-061-00986LIBERTY 4-13HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.904755-102.277689
33-061-00990LIBERTY 6-25HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.875885-102.276720
33-061-01003LIBERTY 5-24HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.889846-102.274121
33-061-01014LIBERTY 100-26HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.863208-102.281985
33-061-01015LIBERTY 101-12HEOG RESOURCES, INC.InactiveMountrail County, ND47.906939-102.259041
33-061-01027LIBERTY 2-11HEOG RESOURCES, INC.InactiveMountrail County, ND47.906539-102.279724
33-061-01138LIBERTY 8-01HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.933705-102.276962
33-061-01302LIBERTY 10-36HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.859001-102.273810
33-061-01303LIBERTY LR 16-36HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.858727-102.273810
33-061-01321LIBERTY 103-13HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.904755-102.277281
33-061-01326LIBERTY 23-12HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.906791-102.259392
33-061-01349LIBERTY 09-23HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.877612-102.279509
33-061-01350LIBERTY LR XX-23HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now CancelledMountrail County, ND47.888036-102.288292
33-061-01393LIBERTY 102-01HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Temporarily AbandonedMountrail County, ND47.933705-102.275207
33-061-01412LIBERTY 3-14HEOG RESOURCES, INC.AbandonedMountrail County, ND47.892510-102.279712
33-061-01419LIBERTY LR 13-14HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.902119-102.288042
33-061-01440LIBERTY LR 15-26WEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now CancelledMountrail County, ND47.873226-102.286764
33-061-01529LIBERTY LR 14-23HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.888425-102.290347
33-061-01530LIBERTY LR 19-23HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.879914-102.288059
33-061-01547LIBERTY LR 18-14HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.895747-102.288409
33-061-01573LIBERTY LR 21-36HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.849756-102.273096
33-061-01607LIBERTY LR 17-11HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.908142-102.281169
33-061-01608LIBERTY LR 12-11HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.914947-102.286295
33-061-01649LIBERTY LR 20-26HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.865410-102.287447
33-061-01650LIBERTY LR 15-26HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.875254-102.290599
33-061-01704LIBERTY 24-2531WEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now CancelledMountrail County, ND47.869804-102.274732
33-061-01824LIBERTY 24-2531HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.873897-102.277794
33-061-01861LIBERTY 25-0107HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.933814-102.268921
33-061-02138LIBERTY 106-0107HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.933814-102.269125
33-061-02281LIBERTY LR 107-1109HEOG RESOURCES, INC.UnknownMountrail County, ND47.912277-102.287540
33-061-02455LIBERTY 26-1319HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.904556-102.266786
33-061-02750LIBERTY 27-23HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.877475-102.279510
33-061-02751LIBERTY 28-23HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.877338-102.279511
33-061-03555LIBERTY LR 29-2321HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now SuspendedMountrail County, ND47.883053-102.288160
33-061-03556LIBERTY LR 108-2321HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now SuspendedMountrail County, ND47.882916-102.288161
33-061-03557LIBERTY LR 30-2321HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now SuspendedMountrail County, ND47.882779-102.288162
33-061-03739LIBERTY 35-1413HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.903955-102.286875
33-061-03740LIBERTY 33-1423HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.903956-102.287283
33-061-03913LIBERTY 40-1312HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now CancelledMountrail County, ND47.893184-102.261569
33-061-03914LIBERTY 39-1312HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now CancelledMountrail County, ND47.893183-102.261365
33-061-03915LIBERTY 41-1312HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permit Now CancelledMountrail County, ND47.893183-102.261161
33-061-04009LIBERTY 44-1311HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.897529-102.257993
33-061-04010LIBERTY 45-1311HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.897530-102.258197
33-061-04028LIBERTY LR 43-1109HEOG RESOURCES, INC.DrillingMountrail County, ND47.912278-102.287948
33-061-04029LIBERTY LR 42-1109HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permitted Location To DrillMountrail County, ND47.912278-102.287744
33-061-04030LIBERTY LR 109-1109HEOG RESOURCES, INC.Permitted Location To DrillMountrail County, ND47.912276-102.287336
33-061-04039LIBERTY LR 110-1416HEOG RESOURCES, INC.UnknownMountrail County, ND47.903710-102.287488
33-061-04040LIBERTY LR 47-1416HEOG RESOURCES, INC.UnknownMountrail County, ND47.903711-102.287692
33-061-04043LIBERTY LR 50-1109HEOG RESOURCES, INC.UnknownMountrail County, ND47.906402-102.279724
33-061-04154LIBERTY 114-1311HEOG RESOURCES, INC.ActiveMountrail County, ND47.897531-102.258401
33-061-04160LIBERTY LR 49-1109HEOG RESOURCES, INC.UnknownMountrail County, ND47.906265-102.279724
33-061-99188LIBERTY 22-12MEOG RESOURCES, INC.Dry HoleMountrail County, ND47.912125-102.266673

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Liberty property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Bandit Federal 1 SLHMountrail County, ND26,087 BBLs13,776 MCFJul 2019
Cannonball FederalMountrail County, ND6,630 BBLs5,130 MCFJul 2019
FertileMountrail County, ND58,870 BBLs86,352 MCFJul 2019
Goodbird USAMcLean County, ND2,618 BBLs1,819 MCFJul 2019
Lunker FederalMountrail County, ND21,490 BBLs15,445 MCFJul 2019
Mha 1-1McLean County, ND4,015 BBLs1,591 MCFJul 2019
Mha 2-13-14H-150-91McLean County, ND316 BBLs60 MCFJul 2019
Mha 5-13-14H-150-91McLean County, ND1,350 BBLs623 MCFJul 2019
One Feather USAMcLean County, ND3,390 BBLs2,857 MCFJul 2019
ParshallMountrail County, ND3,179 BBLs9,894 MCFJul 2019
PayaraMountrail County, ND2,647 BBLs3,321 MCFJul 2019
Rebel FederalMountrail County, ND104,811 BBLs62,085 MCFJul 2019
Roberta 1-16HMountrail County, ND316 BBLs219 MCFJul 2019
Rupple 1-4McLean County, ND370 BBLs120 MCFJul 2019
Sauger FederalMountrail County, ND2,828 BBLs8,170 MCFJul 2019
Shad Rap Federal 1-2-3HMountrail County, ND1,025 BBLs743 MCFJul 2019
SnakeeyesMountrail County, ND13,165 BBLs13,012 MCFJul 2019
Torgerson USA 14-8HMcLean County, ND1,091 BBLs885 MCFJul 2019
Van HookMountrail County, ND73,933 BBLs260,582 MCFJul 2019
VoyagerMountrail County, ND2,492 BBLs2,325 MCFJul 2019

Companies in the Area

These are the closest 6 companies operating near the Liberty property.

Company Name
EOG Resources Inc
Lear Petroleum Exploration, Inc.
Marathon Oil Company
Qep Energy Company
Slawson Exploration Company Inc
WPX Energy Williston, LLC

Frac'ing activity on Liberty

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
33-061-01302Liberty 010-36H
33-061-01303Liberty LR 16-36H
33-061-01419Liberty LR 13-14H
33-061-01529Liberty LR 14-23H
33-061-01530Liberty LR 19-23H
33-061-01547Liberty LR 18-14H
33-061-01573Liberty LR 21-36H
33-061-01607Liberty LR 17-11H
33-061-01608Liberty LR 12-11H
33-061-01649Liberty LR 20-26H
33-061-01650Liberty LR 15-26H
33-061-01704Liberty 024-2531H
33-061-01861LIBERTY 25-0107H
33-061-02138LIBERTY 106-0107H
33-061-02455LIBERTY 26-1319H
33-061-02750LIBERTY 027-23H
33-061-02751LIBERTY 028-23H
33-061-03739LIBERTY 35-1413H
33-061-03740LIBERTY 33-1423H
33-061-04009LIBERTY 44-1311H
33-061-04010LIBERTY 45-1311H
33-061-04154LIBERTY 114-1311H