McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T

Oil & Gas Property in Williams County, ND

Property Summary

Key data points for McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T

CountyWilliams County, ND
Production DatesDec 2015 - Mar 2020
Total Oil Production186,125 BBLs
Total Gas Production172,113 MCF
Recent Oil Production1,315 BBLs in Feb 2020
Recent Gas Production1,187 MCF in Feb 2020
Wells on Property1

Our Valuation Estimates for McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T


$26,048 *


$133,613 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T
from Dec 2015 to Mar 2020

Wells on McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
33-105-03654MCCAULEY LOGAN 5601 11-26 6TOASIS PETROLEUM NORTH AMERICA LLCActiveWilliams County, ND48.312877-103.645080

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Arlyss 5601 14-26TWilliams County, ND1,269 BBLs1,347 MCFMar 2020
Autumn Wind State 5601 14-16BWilliams County, ND1,125 BBLs2,086 MCFMar 2020
BergerWilliams County, ND23,096 BBLs38,115 MCFMar 2020
Borrud 156-101-11D-2-1HWilliams County, ND818 BBLs1,375 MCFMar 2020
Edwin 5601 44-24TWilliams County, ND882 BBLs1,209 MCFMar 2020
Hannah Kaydence 5501 12-1TWilliams County, ND575 BBLs1,120 MCFMar 2020
Johnson 5601 41-24TWilliams County, ND1,347 BBLs1,169 MCFMar 2020
Kaleb 5501 12-1BWilliams County, ND328 BBLs794 MCFMar 2020
Kate Evelyn 5501 14-3TWilliams County, ND494 BBLs793 MCFMar 2020
Logan 5601 1Williams County, ND5,547 BBLs7,850 MCFMar 2020
Logan 5601 42-35HWilliams County, ND806 BBLs3,432 MCFMar 2020
Lydia 5601 43-24TWilliams County, ND298 BBLs446 MCFMar 2020
McCauley 5Williams County, ND21,097 BBLs38,201 MCFMar 2020
MolineWilliams County, ND60,931 BBLs101,716 MCFMar 2020
Montague 5Williams County, ND6,238 BBLs10,478 MCFMar 2020
Nadine Bob 5501 11-1TWilliams County, ND840 BBLs2,484 MCFMar 2020
SylteWilliams County, ND21,039 BBLs30,720 MCFMar 2020
Tanner T 5601 42-24BWilliams County, ND1,396 BBLs2,551 MCFMar 2020
Thompson 5601 43-24HWilliams County, ND921 BBLs1,009 MCFMar 2020
Vaughn Becky 5501 11-1BWilliams County, ND966 BBLs1,291 MCFMar 2020

Frac'ing activity on McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
33-105-03654McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T