Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C

Oil & Gas Operator

Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateTX
Production DatesAug 1998 - Mar 2000
Total Oil Production7,104,647 BBLs
Total Gas Production113,647,848 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells0

Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C
from Aug 1998 to Mar 2000

Wells Operated by Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-365-34180 ALLISON UNIT 13 Canceled LocationPanola County, TX32.218482-94.318313
42-203-32560 BYRSON "A" UNIT 5 Permitted LocationHarrison County, TX32.450624-94.092945
42-365-34094 DENNARD UNIT 10 Plugged Oil/Gas WellPanola County, TX32.141896-94.273035
42-415-33735 FALLS, JOE F 1AW Dry HoleScurry County, TX32.662087-101.082609
42-415-33736 FALLS, JOE F 2AW Dry HoleScurry County, TX32.656705-101.075091
42-103-34670 HENDERSON, M. F. 185 Permitted LocationCrane County, TX31.641002-102.507644
42-495-01790 HENDRICK, T. G. UNIT 1 Plugged Gas WellWinkler County, TX31.791876-103.130841
42-391-32280 LAMBERT, M. F. A 14 Dry HoleRefugio County, TX28.316850-97.218659
42-391-32281 LAMBERT, M. F. A 15 Permitted LocationRefugio County, TX28.315305-97.219124
42-365-34178 LILLY UNIT 13 Canceled LocationPanola County, TX32.197156-94.287653
42-415-30072 MCLAUGHLIN, C. T. 3WS Dry HoleScurry County, TX32.672866-101.073957
42-365-34302 MOORE UNIT 15 Sidetrack Well Surface LocationPanola County, TX32.176526-94.336070
42-255-01016 RUHMAN, E. P. 1A Plugged Oil WellKarnes County, TX28.680907-97.807843
42-365-34255 SMITH-BIRD UNIT 12 Plugged Oil/Gas WellPanola County, TX32.176517-94.322792
42-365-34289 WHITAKER UNIT 15 Plugged Gas WellPanola County, TX32.191617-94.337791
42-365-34156 YOUNGBLOOD-ROE UNIT 14 Gas WellPanola County, TX32.200600-94.320311

Leases Operated by Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C

Lease #Lease NameCounty
Lease #Lease NameCounty
06-171971 ALLISON UNIT 11U Panola County, TX
06-172872 ALLISON UNIT 11U Panola County, TX
06-154906 CAVIN UNIT 6 Panola County, TX
06-170411 CHADWICK UNIT 14L Panola County, TX
06-171143 CHADWICK UNIT 15U Panola County, TX
04-125455 DE GARCIA, SARA G. 1 Zapata County, TX
06-098272 DENNARD UNIT 3 Panola County, TX
04-148905 GARZA, LAURO E 8 Zapata County, TX
06-172074 HUDSON-JOHNSON UNIT 15L Panola County, TX
06-13001 HULL UNIT A Panola County, TX
06-098674 HULL UNIT A A23 Panola County, TX
06-131093 HULL UNIT A A34 Panola County, TX
06-132722 HULL UNIT A A43 Panola County, TX
04-156682 JENNINGS 65 Zapata County, TX
04-11689 LA JOLLA Nueces County, TX
02-162431 LAMBERT M. F. H133 Refugio County, TX
04-104946 LAURO GARZA GAS UNIT NO. 2 2 Zapata County, TX
06-171922 MANGHAM UNIT 17U Panola County, TX
06-144256 MANGHAM UNIT 7 Panola County, TX
02-04470 MC FADDIN, A. M. Victoria County, TX
02-170626 MCFADDIN A. M. A19 Victoria County, TX
08-153007 MCKNIGHT, M. B. 113 Crane County, TX
06-172618 MOORE UNIT 12 Panola County, TX
04-126379 PHELPS-NEBLETT 1 Zapata County, TX
10-065651 REED ELEANOR 2 Ochiltree County, TX
02-02298 RUHMAN, E. P. Karnes County, TX
04-06883 SIMMONDS Nueces County, TX
06-173761 SMITH-BIRD UNIT 11 Panola County, TX
04-066941 SPONBERG J. O. 5 Nueces County, TX
08-07063 TEXAS CONSOLIDATED NO. ONE Crane County, TX
10-044006 THOMAS, R. W. 1 Hansford County, TX
04-099348 TREVINO, ALBERT A-1 Zapata County, TX
06-172785 WALLACE UNIT 5 Panola County, TX
04-151034 WALLACE W. H. 5 Nueces County, TX
04-153801 WALTON W.W. A 2 Nueces County, TX
04-096888 WALTON, IRENE B-6 Nueces County, TX
02-158346 WOMACK J. Y. 1 Victoria County, TX
02-173238 WOMACK J. Y. 1 Victoria County, TX
06-171111 YOUNGBLOOD-ROE UNIT 13L Panola County, TX

Properties Operated by Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
ALLISONPanola County, TXOct 2023409 BBLs51,925 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202322
DENNARDPanola County, TXOct 2023264 BBLs16,213 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 20239
HENDERSON M. FCrane County, TXOct 20234,047 BBLs12,565 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202367
HENDRICKWinkler County, TXOct 202312,335 BBLs3,868 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202389
LAMBERTRefugio County, TXOct 20239,878 BBLs0 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202397
LILLYPanola County, TXOct 202345 BBLs91,151 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202315
MCLAUGHLINScurry County, TXOct 20231,158 BBLs169 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202362
MOOREPanola County, TXOct 2023222 BBLs40,727 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202316
SMITH-BIRDPanola County, TXOct 2023160 BBLs19,037 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202316
WHITAKER UNITPanola County, TXOct 2023134 BBLs26,569 MCFJan 1993 - Nov 202310
YOUNGBLOOD-ROEPanola County, TXOct 2023229 BBLs694,102 MCFOct 2023 - Dec 202327

Recent Permits Filed by Pennzenergy Exp. & Prod., L.L.C

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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