Rimrock Oil & Gas Williston LLC

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Rimrock Oil & Gas Williston LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateND
Production DatesDec 2017 - Nov 2020
Total Oil Production17,617,294 BBLs
Total Gas Production20,359,417 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.17,583 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.27,729 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.21,818 BBLs
Producing Wells143

Rimrock Oil & Gas Williston LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Rimrock Oil & Gas Williston LLC
from Dec 2017 to Nov 2020

Wells Operated by Rimrock Oil & Gas Williston LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
33-025-02855 CHARGING EAGLE 15-21A-16-4H ActiveDunn County, ND47.532077-102.407152
33-025-03219 MC MHA 14-11-2H ActiveDunn County, ND47.560505-102.498276
33-025-03198 MC MHA 14-11-2TFH ActiveDunn County, ND47.560648-102.497978
33-025-03220 MC MHA 14-11-3TFH ActiveDunn County, ND47.560552-102.498176
33-025-03197 MC MHA 14-11H ActiveDunn County, ND47.560601-102.498079
33-025-03196 MC MHA 14-11TFH ActiveDunn County, ND47.560458-102.498373
33-025-03274 MC MHA 24-10-2H ActiveDunn County, ND47.560426-102.515644
33-025-03573 MC MHA 24-10-2TFH ActiveDunn County, ND47.560361-102.515571
33-025-03272 MC MHA 24-10H ActiveDunn County, ND47.560555-102.515790
33-025-03572 MC MHA 24-10HU ActiveDunn County, ND47.560620-102.515864
33-025-03273 MC MHA 24-10TFH ActiveDunn County, ND47.560492-102.515717
33-025-01748 MOCCASIN CREEK 16-10-3-3H ActiveDunn County, ND47.560432-102.504200
33-025-02960 MOCCASIN CREEK 16-26-27-13H ActiveDunn County, ND47.604574-102.484572
33-025-03138 MOCCASIN CREEK 16-26-27-13H3U ActiveDunn County, ND47.604492-102.484571
33-025-02651 MOCCASIN CREEK 8-26-27-4H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.613566-102.483891
33-025-02842 SKUNK CREEK 1-8-17-15H ActiveDunn County, ND47.658282-102.547810
33-025-03672 SKUNK CREEK 12-10-11-16H ActiveDunn County, ND47.652835-102.523568
33-025-03673 SKUNK CREEK 12-10-11-16H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.652837-102.523243
33-025-03675 SKUNK CREEK 12-10-11-16H3U ActiveDunn County, ND47.652839-102.523040
33-025-03674 SKUNK CREEK 12-10-11-16HA ActiveDunn County, ND47.652839-102.523142
33-025-03671 SKUNK CREEK 12-10-11-9H3B ActiveDunn County, ND47.652833-102.523670
33-025-03676 SKUNK CREEK 12-10-14-1HU ActiveDunn County, ND47.652841-102.522939
33-025-03036 SKUNK CREEK 4-10-11-1H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.657350-102.523700
33-025-01192 SKUNK CREEK 4-10-11-8H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.657188-102.523649
33-025-03845 SKUNK CREEK 8-2-3-4H ActiveDunn County, ND47.670901-102.482666
33-025-03844 SKUNK CREEK 8-2-3-4H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.670984-102.482678
33-025-03842 SKUNK CREEK 8-2-3-4H3U ActiveDunn County, ND47.671148-102.482698
33-025-03843 SKUNK CREEK 8-2-3-4HA ActiveDunn County, ND47.671066-102.482686
33-025-03846 SKUNK CREEK 8-2-3-5H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.670819-102.482654
33-025-02891 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 1-24-12-1H ActiveDunn County, ND47.716633-102.519025
33-025-03146 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 13-21-16-3H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.705206-102.469439
33-025-03165 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 13-21-33-13H ActiveDunn County, ND47.705146-102.469358
33-025-03166 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 13-21-33-13H3A ActiveDunn County, ND47.705026-102.469195
33-025-03313 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 14-21-16-2H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.703415-102.460528
33-025-03314 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 14-21-33-15H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.703352-102.460446
33-025-03769 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 3-24-12-2H ActiveDunn County, ND47.716947-102.528149
33-025-03770 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 3-24-12-2H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.716946-102.528027
33-025-03768 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 3-24-12-3H3A ActiveDunn County, ND47.716948-102.528271
33-025-03767 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 3-24-12-3HA ActiveDunn County, ND47.716948-102.528393
33-025-03795 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 4-24-11-1HU ActiveDunn County, ND47.716883-102.533617
33-025-03798 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 4-24-12-3H ActiveDunn County, ND47.716881-102.533251
33-025-03796 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 4-24-12-4H3U ActiveDunn County, ND47.716882-102.533495
33-025-03661 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 5-7-24-16H3U ActiveDunn County, ND47.742458-102.513546
33-025-03660 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 5-7-8-1H3U ActiveDunn County, ND47.742321-102.513550
33-025-03653 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 5-7-8-8H ActiveDunn County, ND47.742252-102.513555
33-025-03652 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 5-7-8-8H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.742186-102.513555
33-025-03622 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 9-8-7-12H ActiveDunn County, ND47.737387-102.473253
33-025-03623 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 9-8-7-12H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.737423-102.473143
33-025-03620 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 9-8-7-5H ActiveDunn County, ND47.737317-102.473472
33-025-03621 TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 9-8-7-5H3 ActiveDunn County, ND47.737351-102.473363

Properties Operated by Rimrock Oil & Gas Williston LLC

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
CHARGINGDunn County, NDOct 202027,263 BBLs33,007 MCFOct 2009 - Nov 202024
CHARGING EAGLE 15-21A-16Dunn County, NDOct 20209,121 BBLs8,524 MCFDec 2017 - Nov 20201
MC MHADunn County, NDOct 202056,861 BBLs125,271 MCFSep 2018 - Nov 202012
MOCCASIN CREEKDunn County, NDOct 202049,291 BBLs56,474 MCFApr 2009 - Nov 202028
SKUNK CREEKDunn County, NDOct 2020145,218 BBLs140,140 MCFJun 2011 - Nov 202022
SKUNK CREEKDunn County, NDOct 202037,183 BBLs48,633 MCFSep 2011 - Nov 20208
SKUNK CREEKDunn County, NDOct 202081,778 BBLs147,899 MCFOct 2011 - Nov 202022
TWO SHIELDS BUTTEDunn County, NDOct 2020139,773 BBLs279,479 MCFJun 2009 - Nov 202025
TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 1Dunn County, NDOct 202049,741 BBLs69,742 MCFDec 2010 - Nov 202013
TWO SHIELDS BUTTE 14-33Dunn County, NDOct 20203,229 BBLs2,973 MCFAug 2009 - Nov 20202

Recent Permits Filed by Rimrock Oil & Gas Williston LLC

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