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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Silverbow Resources Oper, LLC. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateTX
Production DatesJul 2016 - Aug 2020
Total Oil Production2,198,951 BBLs
Total Gas Production290,672,513 MCF
Estimated Daily Oil Prod.1,416 BBLs
Estimated Daily Gas Prod.172,132 MCF
Estimated Daily Water Prod.34 BBLs
Producing Wells281

Silverbow Resources Oper, LLC Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Silverbow Resources Oper, LLC
from Jul 2016 to Aug 2020

Wells Operated by Silverbow Resources Oper, LLC

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-283-36421 ASCHE A2H PRODUCINGLa Salle County, TX28.104262-99.178326
42-311-36815 BRACKEN EF 25H PRODUCINGMcMullen County, TX28.369245-98.443105
42-311-36816 BRACKEN EF A 26H PRODUCINGMcMullen County, TX28.369234-98.443077
42-311-36931 BRACKEN EF B 32H PRODUCINGMcMullen County, TX28.367695-98.462109
42-311-36930 BRACKEN EF C 31H Horizontal DrainholeMcMullen County, TX28.367690-98.462202
42-283-36913 CRISP EF 1H Horizontal DrainholeLa Salle County, TX28.277226-99.304356
42-283-36914 CRISP EF 2H Horizontal DrainholeLa Salle County, TX28.277233-99.304261
42-283-36915 CRISP EF 3H Horizontal DrainholeLa Salle County, TX28.277233-99.304200
42-479-43821 FASKEN STATE 103H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.877256-99.769975
42-479-43828 FASKEN STATE 104H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.877569-99.770216
42-479-43824 FASKEN STATE 105H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.877311-99.769803
42-479-43883 FASKEN STATE 107H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.842198-99.809969
42-479-43884 FASKEN STATE 108H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.842239-99.809969
42-479-43885 FASKEN STATE 109H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.842281-99.809969
42-479-43987 FASKEN STATE 110H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.865822-99.809533
42-479-43988 FASKEN STATE 111H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.865917-99.809569
42-479-43989 FASKEN STATE 112H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.865961-99.809589
42-479-42619 FASKEN STATE 16H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.860982-99.820245
42-479-42804 FASKEN STATE 20H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.859943-99.820784
42-479-43011 FASKEN STATE 25H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.866003-99.799037
42-479-43012 FASKEN STATE 26H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.866067-99.798905
42-479-43360 FASKEN STATE 44H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.862273-99.813727
42-479-43362 FASKEN STATE 45H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.862316-99.813614
42-479-43457 FASKEN STATE 48H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.867874-99.782411
42-479-43594 FASKEN STATE 54H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.865288-99.804453
42-479-43611 FASKEN STATE 56H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.875708-99.769912
42-479-43609 FASKEN STATE 57H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.875700-99.769847
42-479-43641 FASKEN STATE 60H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.868671-99.794644
42-479-43645 FASKEN STATE 62H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.868710-99.794528
42-479-43646 FASKEN STATE 63H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.868730-99.794469
42-479-43749 FASKEN STATE 64H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.864185-99.809200
42-479-43822 FASKEN STATE 65H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.877555-99.770260
42-479-43823 FASKEN STATE 66H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.877582-99.770171
42-479-43825 FASKEN STATE 67H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.877613-99.770085
42-479-43886 FASKEN STATE 68H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.842075-99.809967
42-479-43887 FASKEN STATE 69H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.842400-99.809967
42-479-43882 FASKEN STATE 70H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.842156-99.809972
42-479-43986 FASKEN STATE 71H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.865869-99.809550
42-479-44007 FASKEN STATE 72H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.867325-99.776674
42-479-44008 FASKEN STATE 73H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.867361-99.776635
42-479-44009 FASKEN STATE 75H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.867397-99.776599
42-311-36872 G.L. HAYES EF A 7H PRODUCINGMcMullen County, TX28.453925-98.619307
42-311-36873 G.L. HAYES EF B 8H PRODUCINGMcMullen County, TX28.453917-98.619238
42-127-38129 JRED B EF 1H PRODUCINGDimmit County, TX28.402952-100.073218
42-283-36508 KNOLLE RANCH EF 2H Horizontal DrainholeLa Salle County, TX28.259724-99.260171
42-479-44221 LA MESA RANCH 103H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.858555-99.748854
42-479-44215 LA MESA RANCH 1H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX27.858497-99.749029
42-311-37029 NBR EF 5H Horizontal DrainholeMcMullen County, TX28.457417-98.504637
42-311-37033 NBR EF 6H Horizontal DrainholeMcMullen County, TX28.457362-98.504638
42-479-43872 OCHO MDL A1H PRODUCINGWebb County, TX28.026162-99.196893

Leases Operated by Silverbow Resources Oper, LLC

Lease #Lease NameCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
Lease #Lease NameCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
01-286296 ASCHE A2H La Salle County, TX
01-284714 BRACKEN EF 25H McMullen County, TX
01-284715 BRACKEN EF A 26H McMullen County, TX
01-289033 BRACKEN EF B 32H McMullen County, TX
01-289357 BRACKEN EF C 31H McMullen County, TX
01-20051 BRIGGS EF La Salle County, TX
01-17515 DUTCH McMullen County, TX
01-283890 FASKEN STATE 103H Webb County, TX
01-284058 FASKEN STATE 104H Webb County, TX
01-284109 FASKEN STATE 105H Webb County, TX
01-284734 FASKEN STATE 107H Webb County, TX
01-284735 FASKEN STATE 108H Webb County, TX
01-284736 FASKEN STATE 109H Webb County, TX
01-285000 FASKEN STATE 110H Webb County, TX
01-284992 FASKEN STATE 111H Webb County, TX
01-284993 FASKEN STATE 112H Webb County, TX
01-274473 FASKEN STATE 16H Webb County, TX
01-275461 FASKEN STATE 20H Webb County, TX
01-275983 FASKEN STATE 25H Webb County, TX
01-275984 FASKEN STATE 26H Webb County, TX
01-280785 FASKEN STATE 44H Webb County, TX
01-280573 FASKEN STATE 45H Webb County, TX
01-279866 FASKEN STATE 48H Webb County, TX
01-281741 FASKEN STATE 54H Webb County, TX
01-281846 FASKEN STATE 56H Webb County, TX
01-281891 FASKEN STATE 57H Webb County, TX
01-282031 FASKEN STATE 60H Webb County, TX
01-282094 FASKEN STATE 62H Webb County, TX
01-282095 FASKEN STATE 63H Webb County, TX
01-282642 FASKEN STATE 64H Webb County, TX
01-283870 FASKEN STATE 65H Webb County, TX
01-283918 FASKEN STATE 66H Webb County, TX
01-283960 FASKEN STATE 67H Webb County, TX
01-284737 FASKEN STATE 68H Webb County, TX
01-284717 FASKEN STATE 69H Webb County, TX
01-284718 FASKEN STATE 70H Webb County, TX
01-284991 FASKEN STATE 71H Webb County, TX
01-286463 FASKEN STATE 72H Webb County, TX
01-286554 FASKEN STATE 73H Webb County, TX
01-287053 FASKEN STATE 75H Webb County, TX
01-19876 G.L. HAYES EF A McMullen County, TX
01-19875 G.L. HAYES EF B McMullen County, TX
01-20053 JRED B EF Dimmit County, TX
01-288758 KNOLLE RANCH EF 1H La Salle County, TX
01-288760 KNOLLE RANCH EF 3H La Salle County, TX
01-289138 LA MESA RANCH 103H Webb County, TX
01-289123 LA MESA RANCH 1H Webb County, TX
01-285336 OCHO MDL A1H Webb County, TX
01-15261 PC-Q EF McMullen County, TX
01-15513 SAN MIGUEL RANCH EF McMullen County, TX

Properties Operated by Silverbow Resources Oper, LLC

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
ALDERMANLa Salle County, TXApr 202027 BBLs23,283 MCFJan 1993 - May 202013
ARN EFLa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs42,239 MCFApr 2012 - Apr 20209
ASCHELa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs94,411 MCFJan 2019 - Apr 20202
BAETZLa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs19,120 MCFAug 2012 - Apr 202014
BRACKENMcMullen County, TXApr 20206,521 BBLs502,591 MCFJan 1993 - May 2020209
BRIGGS EFLa Salle County, TXApr 20203,565 BBLs18,527 MCFMay 2019 - Apr 20203
BRIGGS-KNOLLE EFLa Salle County, TXApr 20205,986 BBLs32,248 MCFAug 2019 - Apr 20201
CARDEN ELa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs12,041 MCFNov 2010 - Apr 20204
CARDEN WEST EFLa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs17,800 MCFMay 2013 - Apr 20203
CARDEN-BAETZLa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs29,924 MCFAug 2017 - Apr 20202
CRESCENT C RANCH ALa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs46,691 MCFNov 2018 - May 20202
CRISP EFLa Salle County, TXApr 202021,796 BBLs81,903 MCFFeb 2020 - Apr 20203
DISCHERMcMullen County, TXApr 2020356 BBLs951 MCFJan 1993 - May 202013
DUTCHMcMullen County, TXApr 20202,919 BBLs9,759 MCFFeb 2014 - Apr 20204
EVANSLa Salle County, TXApr 202080 BBLs48,936 MCFAug 2003 - May 20206
EVANS-TX OSAGE EFLa Salle County, TXApr 2020151 BBLs27,643 MCFJul 2018 - Apr 20201
FASKENWebb County, TXApr 20200 BBLs8,456 MCFMay 2005 - May 202032
FASKEN SWebb County, TXApr 20200 BBLs151,844 MCFDec 2005 - May 20207
FASKEN STATEWebb County, TXApr 20200 BBLs4,444,157 MCFMar 2010 - May 2020115
G.L. HAYES EMcMullen County, TXApr 202011,745 BBLs36,139 MCFJan 1993 - May 20204
GKT-MAP EF UNITLive Oak County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2017 - May 20202
HAYESMcMullen County, TXApr 2020519 BBLs1,000 MCFMay 2010 - May 20206
HENRYMcMullen County, TXApr 2020184 BBLs8,898 MCFJan 1993 - May 20205
JREDDimmit County, TXApr 20202,703 BBLs40,356 MCFJul 2019 - May 20202
KNOLLE RANCH EFLa Salle County, TXApr 20201,749 BBLs34,377 MCFApr 2019 - Apr 20203
KUYKENDALLMcMullen County, TXApr 2020680 BBLs1,366 MCFDec 2012 - Apr 20207
LA MESAWebb County, TXApr 20200 BBLs615,866 MCFNov 2019 - May 20206
LOCK-BAETZLa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs14,839 MCFAug 2017 - Apr 20202
MCCLAUGHERTYMcMullen County, TXApr 20204 BBLs51,330 MCFJan 1993 - May 202031
NBR EFMcMullen County, TXApr 20200 BBLs2,053 MCFAug 2011 - Apr 20202
NBR EFMcMullen County, TXApr 202022,438 BBLs46,756 MCFJan 2020 - May 20202
NBRP EFMcMullen County, TXApr 20200 BBLs10,501 MCFDec 2012 - Apr 20208
NMC EFLa Salle County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJun 2017 - Mar 20206
NUECES ALa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs47,577 MCFAug 2018 - May 20202
NUECES MINERALLa Salle County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFSep 2009 - Mar 20206
NUECES MINERALS COMPANY 68La Salle County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFAug 2010 - Mar 20202
OCHO MDLWebb County, TXApr 20200 BBLs77,109 MCFJul 2018 - May 20202
PC-Q EFMcMullen County, TXApr 20205,027 BBLs14,734 MCFMar 2010 - Apr 202026
RIO BRAVO STATE EFWebb County, TXApr 20200 BBLs44,574 MCFSep 2018 - May 20207
SAN MIGUELMcMullen County, TXApr 202011,700 BBLs27,886 MCFJan 1993 - May 202029
SBR 1McMullen County, TXApr 20200 BBLs2,690 MCFJun 1995 - May 2020100
SMR JV EFMcMullen County, TXApr 20201,891 BBLs4,425 MCFDec 2011 - Apr 20204
STOCKTONLa Salle County, TXApr 20200 BBLs6,239 MCFDec 1993 - May 20209
WHITEHURSTMcMullen County, TXApr 20201,116 BBLs74,293 MCFOct 1996 - May 202023
Y BARMcMullen County, TXApr 2020456 BBLs2,750 MCFJun 2007 - Apr 20204

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