Slavens II Paul R

Oil Operator

Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Slavens II Paul R. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateOK
Production DatesJun 2014 - Apr 2022
Total Oil Production29,786 BBLs
Total Gas Production0 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells0

Slavens II Paul R Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Slavens II Paul R
from Jun 2014 to Apr 2022

Wells Operated by Slavens II Paul R

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
35-037-13527 A. GRAY 10 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-13529 A.GRAY 12 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-10965 BARNETT J 15 Creek County, OK36.034727-96.097575
35-037-10954 BARNETT J 6 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.032902-96.097565
35-037-10955 BARNETT J 6-A ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-10962 BARNETT JUDIE 1-A ACTIVECreek County, OK36.033400-96.099400
35-037-10966 BARNETT JUDIE 13 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.036558-96.099826
35-037-10967 BARNETT JUDIE 16 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.036547-96.095344
35-037-10970 BARNETT JUDIE 19 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK
35-037-10971 BARNETT JUDIE 20 Creek County, OK36.034666-96.097515
35-037-10972 BARNETT JUDIE 21 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.036553-96.097585
35-037-10959 BARNETT JUDIE 22 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.033864-96.094302
35-037-10960 BARNETT JUDIE 25 Creek County, OK36.037824-96.093960
35-037-10975 BARNETT JUDY 109-M PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK
35-037-01252 BARNETT JUDY 23 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.032891-96.093084
35-037-10934 BARNETT JUDY K-116 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.036994-96.093285
35-037-10936 BARNETT JUDY L-111 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.035902-96.098427
35-037-10935 BARNETT JUDY O-109 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK
35-037-10940 BARNETT JUDY O-114 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.034224-96.097042
35-037-01226 BARNETT JUDY P-111 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.033700-96.099300
35-037-10956 BARNETT N 11 PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.033864-96.094302
35-037-21755 DAVIS 1-A Creek County, OK36.070165-96.078560
35-037-21760 DAVIS 2-A ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-28221 DAVIS 3-A ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-10951 GANO LEE 0-122 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.033929-96.088271
35-037-01228 GANO LEE L-124 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-01227 GANO LEE N-120 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-10949 GANO LEE N-123 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-01215 GANO LEE P-120 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-10957 JUDY BARNETT 12 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-01259 JUDY BARNETT 2 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.034900-96.098400
35-037-10941 JUDY BARNETT N-116 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.035100-96.094200
35-037-10974 LAND 1A PLUGGED & ABANDONEDCreek County, OK36.046080-96.094190
35-037-38095 LAND S 10 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38096 LAND S 11 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38097 LAND S 12 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38087 LAND S 2 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38088 LAND S 3 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38089 LAND S 4 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38090 LAND S 5 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38091 LAND S 6 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38092 LAND S 7 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38093 LAND S 8 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-38094 LAND S 9 ACTIVECreek County, OK
35-037-05648 MARCUS MCCUIRE 11 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.066589-96.087460
35-037-05647 MARCUS MCGUIRE 10 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.070214-96.089690
35-037-16539 MARCUS MCGUIRE 20 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.070214-96.091920
35-037-05639 MARCUS MCGUIRE 4 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.070000-96.091680
35-037-28898 MARCUS MCGUIRE 7 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.068280-96.085670
35-037-28915 MARCUS MCGUIRE 736 ACTIVECreek County, OK36.070170-96.083970

Leases Operated by Slavens II Paul R

Lease #Lease NameCounty
Lease #Lease NameCounty
037-001658 ALFRED GRAY Creek County, OK
143-002542 BRUNER Tulsa County, OK
037-053169 DAVIS #1-A,DAVIS 3-A Creek County, OK
037-006904 GANO LEE Creek County, OK
037-006892 JUDY BARNETT Creek County, OK
037-006901 LAND A Creek County, OK
037-018506 MARCUS MCGUIRE Creek County, OK
037-006893 MARTHA BIGPOND Creek County, OK
037-079528 MILLER #1,#2 Creek County, OK
143-006073 OGLESBY Tulsa County, OK
037-001660 RICHARD RIVERLAND Creek County, OK
037-044530 SALLIE LEE-TANEHA Creek County, OK
037-006907 WILLIE LEE Creek County, OK
037-001659 WOODY Creek County, OK
037-039155 YOUNT Creek County, OK

Properties Operated by Slavens II Paul R

No Properties Associated with Slavens II Paul R

Recent Permits Filed by Slavens II Paul R

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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