Oil & Gas Property in Loving County, TX

Property Summary

Key data points for Taylor

CountyLoving County, TX
Production DatesMay 2018 - Feb 2019
Total Oil Production321,307 BBLs
Total Gas Production754,139 MCF
Recent Oil Production25,791 BBLs in Jan 2019
Recent Gas Production63,611 MCF in Jan 2019
Wells on Property15

Our Valuation Estimates for Taylor


Not Available


$4,547,915 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Taylor Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Taylor
from May 2018 to Feb 2019

Wells on Taylor

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-301-33694TAYLOR AC26-17 1HCOG OPERATING LLCProducingLoving County, TX31.897182-103.466825
42-301-33695TAYLOR BC26-17 2HCOG OPERATING LLCProducingLoving County, TX31.897148-103.466948
42-301-33696TAYLOR CC26-17 3HCOG OPERATING LLCProducingLoving County, TX31.897114-103.467070
42-301-33737TAYLOR DC26-17 4HRSP PERMIAN, LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.896485-103.469261
42-301-33743TAYLOR EC26-17 5HRSP PERMIAN, LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.896451-103.469384
42-301-34034TAYLOR FC26-17 6HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.895060-103.470231
42-301-34035TAYLOR GC26-17 7HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.894633-103.470858
42-301-34390TAYLOR H 1701HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.894605-103.473006
42-301-34391TAYLOR I 1710HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.894308-103.474078
42-301-34400TAYLOR J 1720HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.894266-103.474232
42-301-34401TAYLOR K 1702HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.893978-103.475274
42-301-34402TAYLOR L 1711HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.893630-103.476530
42-301-34403TAYLOR M 1721HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.893545-103.476837
42-301-34404TAYLOR N 1703HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.893325-103.477633
42-301-34405TAYLOR O 1712HCOG OPERATING LLCPermitted LocationLoving County, TX31.893019-103.478737

Leases included in Taylor

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
08-50737TAYLOR AC26-17COG OPERATING LLCLoving County, TX
08-50738TAYLOR BC26-17COG OPERATING LLCLoving County, TX
08-50879TAYLOR CC26-17COG OPERATING LLCLoving County, TX

Operators Associated With Taylor

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Taylor property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Brelsford MLoving County, TX227 BBLs1,426 MCFFeb 2019
BrunsonLoving County, TX84,309 BBLs153,338 MCFFeb 2019
Centerre Bank TrusteeLoving County, TX236 BBLs0 MCFJan 2019
Crockett Reese StateLoving County, TX67,432 BBLs112,909 MCFFeb 2019
DicksonLoving County, TX257 BBLs0 MCFFeb 2019
Goodnight UnitLoving County, TX54,489 BBLs114,616 MCFFeb 2019
Ica ChevronLoving County, TX468 BBLs0 MCFJan 2019
John James 26-16Loving County, TX4,387 BBLs9,438 MCFFeb 2019
JohnsonLoving County, TX14,921 BBLs30,679 MCFJan 2019
JonesLoving County, TX74 BBLs429 MCFFeb 2019
LeimanLoving County, TX3,710 BBLs22,117 MCFFeb 2019
LudemanLoving County, TX144,465 BBLs249,800 MCFFeb 2019
Nitro 75-28 Unit ALoving County, TX12,803 BBLs15,611 MCFFeb 2019
North Rudd Draw 22Loving County, TX16,789 BBLs32,484 MCFFeb 2019
Priceless C26-1Loving County, TX9,477 BBLs16,384 MCFFeb 2019
Reed 24Loving County, TX11,176 BBLs22,485 MCFFeb 2019
Rudd DrawLoving County, TX197,599 BBLs345,810 MCFFeb 2019
RustlerLoving County, TX64,592 BBLs102,615 MCFFeb 2019
Santa Fe AndoverLoving County, TX207 BBLs1,555 MCFFeb 2019
Whitney Brunson UnitLoving County, TX51,006 BBLs87,023 MCFFeb 2019

Frac'ing activity on Taylor

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
42-301-33694Taylor AC26-17 1H
42-301-33695Taylor BC26-17 2H
42-301-33696Taylor CC26-17-3H