Ul 0312

Oil & Gas Property in Martin County, TX

Property Summary

Key data points for Ul 0312

CountyMartin County, TX
Production DatesJan 2020 - Sep 2020
Total Oil Production4,140,486 BBLs
Total Gas Production3,716,079 MCF
Recent Oil Production318,297 BBLs in Aug 2020
Recent Gas Production446,165 MCF in Aug 2020
Wells on Property28

Our Valuation Estimates for Ul 0312


Not Available


$32,899,260 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Ul 0312 Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Ul 0312
from Jan 2020 to Sep 2020

Wells on Ul 0312

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-317-41947UL 0312 E1 02MBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.412140-102.197900
42-317-41948UL 0312 E2 02SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.412122-102.197978
42-317-41949UL 0312 E3 03WAQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.412104-102.198056
42-317-41950UL 0312 E4 03SBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.412086-102.198134
42-317-41951UL 0312 E5 04LBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.411615-102.200200
42-317-41952UL 0312 E6 04SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.411567-102.200269
42-317-41953UL 0312 E7 05SBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.411579-102.200356
42-317-41954UL 0312 E8 05WAQEP ENERGY COMPANYHorizontal DrainholeMartin County, TX32.411532-102.200425
42-317-41955UL 0312 E9 05MAQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.411563-102.200431
42-317-41957UL 0312 E10 06SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.411543-102.200513
42-317-41958UL 0312 E11 07SBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410852-102.203545
42-317-41959UL 0312 E12 07LAQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410834-102.203624
42-317-41960UL 0312 E13 07WBQEP ENERGY COMPANYHorizontal DrainholeMartin County, TX32.411013-102.202694
42-317-41961UL 0312 E14 07WDQEP ENERGY COMPANYHorizontal DrainholeMartin County, TX32.410996-102.202772
42-317-41963UL 0312 E15 08SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410816-102.203702
42-317-41964UL 0312 E16 08WAQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410799-102.203780
42-317-41965UL 0312 E17 09MBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410781-102.203858
42-317-41966UL 0312 E18 09SBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410763-102.203936
42-317-42154UL 0312 W10 13SBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410342-102.207722
42-317-42155UL 0312 W7 12MAQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410361-102.207643
42-317-42156UL 0312 W6 12SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410378-102.207566
42-317-42157UL 0312 W4 11SBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410396-102.207487
42-317-42158UL 0312 W15 16SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.408759-102.210996
42-317-42159UL 0312 W1 10SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.410413-102.207409
42-317-42160UL 0312 W14 16MBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.408777-102.210916
42-317-42161UL 0312 W13 15SBQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.408794-102.210838
42-317-42162UL 0312 W12 14WAQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.408813-102.210760
42-317-42163UL 0312 W11 14SCQEP ENERGY COMPANYProducingMartin County, TX32.408830-102.210682

Leases included in Ul 0312

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.
08-52447UL 0312 E1QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52448UL 0312 E2QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52449UL 0312 E3QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52450UL 0312 E4QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52451UL 0312 E5QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52452UL 0312 E7QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52618UL 0312 E6QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52897UL 0312 E9QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-52946UL 0312 E11QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53013UL 0312 E10QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53014UL 0312 E12QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53043UL 0312 W10QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53071UL 0312 E15QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53072UL 0312 E17QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53074UL 0312 E18QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53088UL 0312 W1QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53090UL 0312 E16QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53091UL 0312 W4QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53092UL 0312 W13QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53093UL 0312 W14QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53094UL 0312 W15QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53097UL 0312 W12QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53098UL 0312 W6QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53099UL 0312 W11QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX
08-53136UL 0312 W7QEP ENERGY COMPANYMartin County, TX

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