Thrall Operating Company, Inc

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Thrall Operating Company, Inc. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateTX
Production DatesMay 1993 - Jun 2020
Total Oil Production32,776 BBLs
Total Gas Production61 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells0

Thrall Operating Company, Inc Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Thrall Operating Company, Inc
from May 1993 to Jun 2020

Wells Operated by Thrall Operating Company, Inc

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
42-021-00368 CALDWELL T.J. 1 Oil WellBastrop County, TX30.162553-97.509877
42-021-00370 CALDWELL T.J. 2 Oil WellBastrop County, TX30.163808-97.508539
42-021-80066 CALDWELL T.J. 3 SHUT INBastrop County, TX30.161527-97.510467
42-453-00372 CHRISTIAN BUCK 1 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.395409-97.480058
42-453-00380 CHRISTIAN BUCK 10 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.396802-97.481076
42-453-80007 CHRISTIAN BUCK 12 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.397599-97.482892
42-453-00648 CHRISTIAN BUCK 14 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.395019-97.478607
42-453-00373 CHRISTIAN BUCK 2 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.396003-97.479410
42-453-00382 CHRISTIAN BUCK 22 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.394450-97.480760
42-453-80015 CHRISTIAN BUCK 23 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.395976-97.480930
42-453-80016 CHRISTIAN BUCK 24 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.394290-97.481992
42-453-00383 CHRISTIAN BUCK 25 Oil WellTravis County, TX30.395572-97.481133
42-453-00374 CHRISTIAN BUCK 3 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.393551-97.480994
42-453-00375 CHRISTIAN BUCK 4 Oil WellTravis County, TX30.392953-97.481300
42-453-00376 CHRISTIAN BUCK 5 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.393328-97.480387
42-453-00377 CHRISTIAN BUCK 6 Oil WellTravis County, TX30.392751-97.480667
42-453-00378 CHRISTIAN BUCK 7 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.394938-97.477188
42-453-00647 CHRISTIAN BUCK 8 Plugged Oil WellTravis County, TX30.394582-97.476419
42-453-00379 CHRISTIAN BUCK 9 Oil WellTravis County, TX30.396470-97.480381
42-491-00121 DOLLINGER 1A SHUT INWilliamson County, TX
42-491-00120 DOLLINGER 4A SHUT INWilliamson County, TX
42-491-00127 DOLLINGER 6A Williamson County, TX
42-187-32930 MCEVER C.D. -B- 13 PRODUCINGGuadalupe County, TX29.613200-97.693536
42-187-32759 MCEVER C.D. -B- 9 PRODUCINGGuadalupe County, TX29.615151-97.691998
42-187-33272 MCEVER C.D. -D- 15 Oil WellGuadalupe County, TX29.613299-97.694797
42-187-32400 MCEVER C.D. -D- 7 Oil WellGuadalupe County, TX29.616064-97.690763
42-491-30052 SEGGERN 1 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.578284-97.281398
42-491-30265 STILES H. A. 1A Dry HoleWilliamson County, TX30.576969-97.269661
42-491-00893 STILES H. A. 20 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.574367-97.277756
42-491-30264 STILES H. A. 2A Dry HoleWilliamson County, TX30.580550-97.272430
42-491-00894 STILES H. A. 30 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.578791-97.279396
42-491-00895 STILES H. A. 32 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.574496-97.274793
42-491-00896 STILES H. A. 36 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.570764-97.276940
42-491-30260 STILES H. A. 37A Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.570932-97.276313
42-491-00897 STILES H. A. 39 Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.575727-97.275248
42-491-30266 STILES H. A. 3A Dry HoleWilliamson County, TX30.579199-97.275117
42-491-00898 STILES H. A. 40 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.571879-97.274292
42-491-00899 STILES H. A. 46 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.575453-97.273490
42-491-00900 STILES H. A. 49 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.578300-97.276214
42-491-30263 STILES H. A. 4A Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.578282-97.275407
42-491-00902 STILES H. A. 51 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.578438-97.272691
42-491-30396 STILES H. A. 71G Dry HoleWilliamson County, TX30.573743-97.277834
42-491-00314 STILES H. A. 72 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.576301-97.273816
42-491-00808 STILES H. A. 74 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.577145-97.278265
42-491-00125 STILES H. A. 75 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.571611-97.277457
42-491-00124 STILES H. A. 76 Plugged Oil WellWilliamson County, TX30.577855-97.275216
42-491-30336 STILES H. A. 9A Dry HoleWilliamson County, TX30.572412-97.278394
42-491-30409 STILES, H. A. 5A Permitted LocationWilliamson County, TX30.579200-97.268889
42-491-30408 STILES, H. A. 8A Permitted LocationWilliamson County, TX30.572370-97.272265
42-491-30411 STILES, H.A. 7A Permitted LocationWilliamson County, TX30.574692-97.271001

Leases Operated by Thrall Operating Company, Inc

Lease #Lease NameCounty
01-08090 CALDWELL, T.J. Bastrop County, TX
01-01286 CHRISTIAN, BUCK Travis County, TX
01-01735 DOLLINGER Williamson County, TX
01-09068 MCEVER,C.D. -D- Guadalupe County, TX
01-04930 SEGGERN Williamson County, TX
01-01739 STILES, H. A. Williamson County, TX

Properties Operated by Thrall Operating Company, Inc

Property NameCountyPeriodProduction RangeActive Wells
CALDWELL T.JBastrop County, TXJan 1993 - Oct 19992
CHRISTIAN BUCKTravis County, TXFeb 1993 - Dec 20014
MCEVERGuadalupe County, TXJan 1993 - Jan 202025
STILES H.AWilliamson County, TXFeb 1993 - Mar 20021

Recent Permits Filed by Thrall Operating Company, Inc

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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