Oil & Gas Property in Uintah County, UT

Property Summary

Key data points for Coyote

CountyUintah County, UT
Production DatesMay 1967 - Feb 2021
Total Oil Production728,147 BBLs
Total Gas Production368,574 MCF
Recent Oil Production815 BBLs in Jan 2021
Recent Gas Production170 MCF in Jan 2021
Wells on Property28

Our Valuation Estimates for Coyote


$79,490 *


$79,662 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Coyote Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Coyote
from May 1967 to Feb 2021

Wells on Coyote

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
43-047-20027Coyote Basin U 2Amerada Petroleum CorpPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.109629-109.098966
43-047-20221Coyote 1-12PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)Plugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.134748-109.165051
43-047-20226Coyote Basin 2-12Belco Petroleum CorpLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.142263-109.165118
43-047-30130Coyote Basin 8-1Northland ResourcesPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.142213-109.117720
43-047-30131Coyote Basin 8-2Northland ResourcesLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.138503-109.132846
43-047-30943Coyote Basin 43-12-8-24PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)Shut-InUintah County, UT40.135461-109.156041
43-047-31109Coyote Basin Fed 34-12Diamond Shamrock ExplPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.131889-109.159717
43-047-31266Coyote Basin Fed 12-13PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)ProducingUintah County, UT40.124036-109.169563
43-047-31409Coyote Basin 14-6Cotton Petroleum Corp/APCPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.146062-109.150847
43-047-31411Coyote Basin 23-6Cotton Petroleum Corp/APCLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.149607-109.146031
43-047-31412Coyote Basin 21-7Cotton Petroleum Corp/APCLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.142548-109.146282
43-047-31430Coyote Basin Fed A-1TXO Production CorpPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.160479-109.141415
43-047-31435Coyote Basin 14-6XCotton Petroleum Corp/APCPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.146135-109.150281
43-047-31448Coyote Basin 41-12Diamond Shamrock ExplPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.142242-109.155294
43-047-31521Coyote Basin Fed 14-18Weststar Exploration CoShut-InUintah County, UT40.117142-109.150704
43-047-31590Coyote Basin 3-12Ambra Oil & Gas CompanyLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.138870-109.165902
43-047-31673Coyote Basin 21-7-8-25PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)ProducingUintah County, UT40.142548-109.146282
43-047-31796Coyote State 1Lone Mtn Production CoPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT40.160116-109.125632
43-047-31835Coyote Basin 32-6-8-25PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)InactiveUintah County, UT40.153462-109.142052
43-047-32346Coyote Fed 42-6XPO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)InactiveUintah County, UT40.153132-109.136625
43-047-38987Coyote Basin 8-24-21-1Enduring Resources, LLCLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.156830-109.165665
43-047-39043Coyote Basin 8-24-11-12Enduring Resources, LLCLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.141895-109.169800
43-047-39189Coyote Basin 8-25-11-16Enduring Resources, LLCLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.127529-109.113290
43-047-52111Coyote Basin 7-7Wold Oil Properties IncLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.138574-109.142294
43-047-52112Coyote Basin 11-7Wold Oil Properties IncLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.136059-109.145566
43-047-52113Coyote Basin 2-13Wold Oil Properties IncLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.127558-109.159869
43-047-52114Coyote Basin 6-13PO&G Operating, LLC (POGO)ProducingUintah County, UT40.123809-109.164899
43-047-52115Coyote Basin Fed 14-13Wold Oil Properties IncLocation AbandonedUintah County, UT40.121175-109.165240

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 17 properties to the Coyote property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
BSW 1Uintah County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFMay 2016
Coy 1Uintah County, UT92 BBLs0 MCFFeb 2021
Coyote FederalUintah County, UT621 BBLs128 MCFFeb 2021
CWD 1Uintah County, UT144 BBLs8,306 MCFFeb 2021
E Red WashUintah County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFOct 2014
East Coyote FedUintah County, UT219 BBLs467 MCFFeb 2021
FederalUintah County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFApr 2019
PrinceUintah County, UT67 BBLs536 MCFFeb 2021
RW 23Uintah County, UT88 BBLs7,041 MCFFeb 2021
RW 32Uintah County, UT141 BBLs7,882 MCFFeb 2021
RW 34Uintah County, UT183 BBLs2,412 MCFFeb 2021
RW 41Uintah County, UT0 BBLs4,767 MCFFeb 2021
RWS 1Uintah County, UT19 BBLs6,517 MCFFeb 2021
Rwu 1Uintah County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFApr 1993
Rwu 2Uintah County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFFeb 1995
Utah FedUintah County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFJun 2003
Walker HollowUintah County, UT1,297 BBLs4,603 MCFFeb 2021