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Here are a few key data points for Cabot Oil & Gas Co WV. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateWV
Production DatesJan 1988 - Dec 1996
Total Oil Production86 BBLs
Total Gas Production6,241,370 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells0

Cabot Oil & Gas Co WV Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Cabot Oil & Gas Co WV
from Jan 1988 to Dec 1996

Wells Operated by Cabot Oil & Gas Co WV

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
47-019-00550 ALABAMA PROPERTIES AMES 4 Never DrilledFayette County, WV38.092003-81.088856
47-019-00549 ALABAMA PROPERTIES AMES 6 Never DrilledFayette County, WV38.100652-81.094516
47-019-00548 ALABAMA PROPERTIES AMES 8 Never DrilledFayette County, WV38.083219-81.078990
47-019-00555 ALABAMA PROPERTIES AMES 9 Never DrilledFayette County, WV38.092127-81.076753
47-019-00571 ALABAMA PROPERTIES AMES DEITZ #2 PluggedFayette County, WV38.112483-81.108292
47-081-00671 BEAVER COAL COMPANY BEAVER A-72 Never DrilledRaleigh County, WV37.713006-81.219464
47-039-00208 BUCKSKIN BOY SCOUTS OF AM 10-859 PluggedKanawha County, WV38.307459-81.530142
47-005-00640 BULL CREEK COAL 679 PluggedBoone County, WV38.200741-81.670267
47-079-01425 BUMGARDNER, TIMOTHY PUTNAM B-66-S Never DrilledPutnam County, WV38.607674-81.719625
47-005-00010 BURGESS, MATT 1 Never DrilledBoone County, WV37.046222-81.000000
47-107-00820 CALE, W. I. 9 Never DrilledWood County, WV39.233869-81.375601
47-019-00056 CAMPBELL, EUGENE J. R. KIOUS 1-1212 PluggedFayette County, WV38.109349-81.050240
47-067-00306 CANNELTON INDUSTRIES, INC B-3 PluggedNicholas County, WV38.254164-81.212335
47-109-00961 CARIBBEAN VENTURES WATTS 5 Never DrilledWyoming County, WV37.687529-81.578333
47-005-01163 CASSINGHAM COAL 16 PluggedBoone County, WV38.081401-81.896128
47-047-00011 CITY OF WELCH 11 PluggedMcDowell County, WV37.432322-81.585345
47-019-00367 CLAIRBORNE, WILLIAM L. 1 PluggedFayette County, WV38.194218-81.001660
47-081-00538 COCHRAN, GILBERT H. 1 PluggedRaleigh County, WV37.844923-81.275239
47-099-00918 CURRY, RON N. B. MAYNARD 1 PluggedWayne County, WV38.261260-82.389994
47-099-01383 DAVIS, BASCOM JAY M. G. DAVIS 3 PluggedWayne County, WV38.220041-82.577195
47-081-00449 DAVIS, SAMUEL T.H. WOOLWINE 2 PluggedRaleigh County, WV37.873371-81.228636
47-019-00406 DEWES, ELI & JOHN DEWES #1 PluggedFayette County, WV38.134120-81.047554
47-019-00604 EASTERN ASSOCIATED COAL A. McDONALD A-7 Never DrilledFayette County, WV38.098965-81.348343
47-067-00049 FEDERAL COAL CO. FEDERAL 5 PluggedNicholas County, WV38.260021-81.178525
47-099-01185 FERGUSON, C. W. III G.M.BURGESS 3 PluggedWayne County, WV38.255826-82.465599
47-019-00311 FOX, STANLEY O. FOX #1 PluggedFayette County, WV38.124675-81.041857
47-019-00547 FRIEDRICKS, EDGAR ATKINS 2 PluggedFayette County, WV38.172883-81.007908
47-109-00962 GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP. A-21 Never DrilledWyoming County, WV37.533352-81.738273
47-019-00344 GOAD, NORA GOAD GU #2 PluggedFayette County, WV38.152262-81.040436
47-099-01008 HALE, GRANT & SARAH E. H. TROGDON 1 PluggedWayne County, WV38.250342-82.452346
47-107-01331 HAUGHT, FAUD D. F. HAUGHT 1 PluggedWood County, WV39.182575-81.374727
47-039-00752 HILL, O. D. 2 PluggedKanawha County, WV38.337221-81.309542
47-019-00080 HUDNALL, CARL A JACKSON 1 PluggedFayette County, WV38.160414-81.159638
47-079-01133 JONES, GLENNIS D. McLEAN A-130 Never DrilledPutnam County, WV38.674550-81.744152
47-019-00554 KESSLER, VINCENT&PATRICIA AMES 11 PluggedFayette County, WV38.095937-81.069925
47-067-00447 KOON, TESSIE RADER T. R. KOON 1 PluggedNicholas County, WV38.329307-80.910146
47-005-00675 LITTLE COAL LAND CO. 31 S-690 PluggedBoone County, WV38.080680-81.950628
47-005-00744 LITTLE COAL LAND CO. B-5 S-264 PluggedBoone County, WV38.071893-81.912820
47-005-01142 LITTLE COAL LAND CO. B-6 S-275 PluggedBoone County, WV38.070805-81.917616
47-005-01143 LITTLE COAL LAND CO. B-7 S-290 PluggedBoone County, WV38.076176-81.913924
47-005-00360 LITTLE COAL LAND CO. LITTLE COAL B17 PluggedBoone County, WV38.077620-81.919184
47-109-00978 LUGER LUMBER CO. WATTS 3 Never DrilledWyoming County, WV37.700865-81.575843
47-019-00374 O'CONNELL, ANDREW J.F. BOWLING #1 PluggedFayette County, WV38.117460-81.050992
47-047-00040 POCAHONTAS LAND CO. 9249 PluggedMcDowell County, WV37.284150-81.517607
47-067-00458 RAGLAND, GEORGE M. A. B. KOONTZ 2 PluggedNicholas County, WV38.247432-80.948571
47-019-00365 SIMMS, D. C. H. R. DEITZ 1 PluggedFayette County, WV38.141523-81.044613
47-019-00310 TAYLOR CO.,ALABAMA PROP. AMES-LUMBER 1 PluggedFayette County, WV38.088680-81.070659
47-019-00553 TAYLOR COMPANY AMES 5 PluggedFayette County, WV38.095792-81.081849
47-099-01124 WALLACE, KATIE MAX LESTER 2 PluggedWayne County, WV38.181671-82.506677
47-005-00868 WILLIAMS, THOMAS LENNING 9 PluggedBoone County, WV38.117699-81.711844

Properties Operated by Cabot Oil & Gas Co WV

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
ALABAMA PROPERTIES AMESFayette County, WV0 MCFJan 1988 - Nov 20169
BEAVER COAL COMPANYRaleigh County, WVDec 20177,509 MCFJan 1999 - Dec 201722
BULL CREEK COALBoone County, WVDec 2017254 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 20177
CALE, WIWood County, WV0 MCFMar 1988 - Oct 201410
CANNELTONFayette County, WV0 MCFJan 1988 - Sep 20173
EASTERN ASSOCFayette County, WVDec 201712,697 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 201758
FEDERALNicholas County, WVDec 20174,244 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 201749
GEORGIA-PACIFIC COWyoming County, WVDec 20177,061 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 201738
LITTLE COAL LANDBoone County, WV0 MCFJan 1988 - Sep 201766
POCAHONTASMercer County, WVDec 201734,854 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 2017168
POCAHONTAS LANDMcDowell County, WVDec 201742,343 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 2017222
PUBLIC LAND CORPWayne County, WV0 MCFJan 1988 - Sep 20178
SHONK LANDBoone County, WVDec 20172,317 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 201760
SHONK LAND CO. LTD. SHONK LANDKanawha County, WV0 MCFDec 1993 - Sep 20174
SOUTHERN LAND CBoone County, WVDec 2017337 MCFJan 1988 - Dec 201716
STEIN & MCCOMASLincoln County, WV0 MCFJan 1988 - Sep 201717

Recent Permits Filed by Cabot Oil & Gas Co WV

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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