Oil & Gas Property in Kern County, CA

Property Summary

Key data points for KCL L

CountyKern County, CA
Production DatesJan 1977 - Jan 2018
Total Oil Production3,493,566 BBLs
Total Gas Production5,947,064 MCF
Recent Oil Production979 BBLs in Dec 2017
Recent Gas Production1,294 MCF in Dec 2017
Wells on Property74

Our Valuation Estimates for KCL L


$101,641 *


Not Available

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

KCL L Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for KCL L
from Jan 1977 to Jan 2018

Wells on KCL L

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
04-029-00123KCL L 528-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.991389-118.972959
04-029-20450KCL L 16-25California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA35.009528-118.974727
04-029-20451KCL L 18-25California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA35.005906-118.974740
04-029-20452KCL L 25-25California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.011304-118.972503
04-029-20453KCL L 27-25California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA35.006633-118.972539
04-029-20454KCL L 38-25California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA35.005343-118.970867
04-029-20455KCL L 45-25California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA35.011302-118.968092
04-029-20456KCL L 47-25California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA35.007735-118.968030
04-029-20457KCL L 56-25California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.009577-118.965871
04-029-20458KCL L 58-25California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.005898-118.965885
04-029-20459KCL L 65-25California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA35.011380-118.963268
04-029-20460KCL L 67-25California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.007701-118.963383
04-029-20461KCL L 76-25California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.009990-118.961498
04-029-20479KCL L 21-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA35.004115-118.972550
04-029-20815KCL L 72-34California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA35.002244-118.996953
04-029-20816KCL L 81-34California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.004208-118.994902
04-029-20818KCL L 12-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA35.002309-118.992688
04-029-20819KCL L 32-35ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA35.002357-118.987869
04-029-20820KCL L 51-35ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA35.004447-118.983336
04-029-20821KCL L 61-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA35.003188-118.980648
04-029-20822KCL L 63-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA34.999577-118.980612
04-029-20823KCL L 65-35ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.996089-118.980731
04-029-20824KCL L 71-35California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.004133-118.978663
04-029-20825KCL L 72-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA35.001385-118.978437
04-029-20826KCL L 74-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA34.997768-118.978444
04-029-20827KCL L 76-35California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.994086-118.978457
04-029-20828KCL L 83-35California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.999564-118.976241
04-029-20829KCL L 84-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA34.997760-118.976238
04-029-20830KCL L 85-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA34.995955-118.976240
04-029-20831KCL L 87-35California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.992273-118.976245
04-029-20834KCL L 12-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.001379-118.974021
04-029-20835KCL L 14-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.997818-118.974197
04-029-20836KCL L 15-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.995942-118.974062
04-029-20837KCL L 16-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.994083-118.974029
04-029-20838KCL L 17-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.992293-118.974058
04-029-20839KCL L 18-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.990461-118.974016
04-029-20840KCL L 23-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.999555-118.971838
04-029-20841KCL L 24-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.997621-118.971860
04-029-20842KCL L 25-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.995911-118.971813
04-029-20843KCL L 26-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.994101-118.971800
04-029-20844KCL L 27-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.992323-118.971838
04-029-20845KCL L 28-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.990482-118.971806
04-029-20846KCL L 34-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.997700-118.969744
04-029-20847KCL L 36-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.994076-118.969640
04-029-20848KCL L 37-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.992157-118.969632
04-029-20849KCL L 38-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.990479-118.969598
04-029-20850KCL L 45-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.995876-118.967439
04-029-20851KCL L 47-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.992295-118.967395
04-029-20852KCL L 56-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.994096-118.964935
04-029-20853KCL L 58-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.990468-118.966415
04-029-20854KCL L 67-36ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.992001-118.963555
04-029-20855KCL L 75-36ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.997392-118.958992
04-029-20856KCL L 76-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.994105-118.960789
04-029-20857KCL L 78-36ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.990550-118.960511
04-029-20858KCL L 87-36ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.992696-118.958141
04-029-20859KCL L 112-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.986840-118.974050
04-029-20860KCL L 121-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.988655-118.971810
04-029-20861KCL L 131-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.988653-118.969611
04-029-20862KCL L 132-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.986851-118.969596
04-029-20863KCL L 141-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.988653-118.967409
04-029-20864KCL L 142-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.987267-118.967248
04-029-20865KCL L 143-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.985029-118.967420
04-029-20866KCL L 192-36ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.987136-118.956403
04-029-32550KCL L 182-1ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.980885-118.955872
04-029-32553KCL L 51-12ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.969007-118.961431
04-029-32776KCL L 35-35ARCO Western EnergyPluggedKern County, CA34.996097-118.988019
04-029-48633KCL L 35-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.995595-118.969215
04-029-50749KCL L 48-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.990447-118.967750
04-029-51699KCL L 46-36California Resources Production CorporationPluggedKern County, CA34.994094-118.967790
04-029-64659KCL L 86-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA34.994092-118.976235
04-029-64660KCL L 111-36California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA34.988649-118.974018
04-029-81696KCL L 73-35California Resources Production CorporationIdleKern County, CA34.999068-118.978148
04-029-82939KCL L & G 83-34California Resources Production CorporationActiveKern County, CA35.000883-118.994856
04-029-83654KCL L & G 74-34ARCO Oil & Gas CompanyPluggedKern County, CA34.997225-118.997133

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the KCL L property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
B. M. StansburyKern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFJul 2017
BerryKern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFOct 1986
BW-T 3Kern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFJul 1997
J.V. 10Kern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFApr 2017
J.V. 56Kern County, CA272 BBLs92 MCFJan 2018
K.C.L. GKern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFOct 2016
KCL FKern County, CA310 BBLs423 MCFJan 2018
KCL IKern County, CA172 BBLs833 MCFJan 2018
KCL MKern County, CA242 BBLs121 MCFJan 2018
Omb 1Kern County, CA31 BBLs0 MCFJan 2018
Omb 3Kern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFJan 2007
Omb 4Kern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFSep 2015
R-S-T 1Kern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFSep 1988
Roc-KCL GKern County, CA1,853 BBLs16,468 MCFJan 2018
TejonKern County, CA862 BBLs2,615 MCFJan 2018
Tejon Valv Unit VKern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFApr 1982
W.R.U. 1Kern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFNov 2001
W.R.U. 3Kern County, CA774 BBLs1,149 MCFJan 2018
W.R.U. 5Kern County, CA622 BBLs387 MCFJan 2018
W.R.U. 8Kern County, CA0 BBLs0 MCFMay 2013