Oil & Gas Property in Montgomery County, KS

Property Summary

Key data points for Springer

CountyMontgomery County, KS
Production DatesApr 1995 - Nov 2022
Total Oil Production43 BBLs
Total Gas Production248,658 MCF
Recent Oil Production0 BBLs in Oct 2022
Recent Gas Production387 MCF in Oct 2022
Wells on Property28

Our Valuation Estimates for Springer


$1,013 *


$4,078 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Springer Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Springer
from Apr 1995 to Nov 2022

Wells on Springer

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
15-125-02333SPRINGER 1Springer, Lee A.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.333895-95.772633
15-125-02334SPRINGER 2Springer, Lee A.Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.327861-95.766744
15-125-21615SPRINGER 4Springer, Lee A.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.332292-95.772591
15-125-23068SPRINGER FARMS 3Springer, Lee A.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.327869-95.749223
15-125-26640SPRINGER 1Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.340712-95.740751
15-125-27398SPRINGER 2Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.338931-95.740236
15-125-27398SPRINGER 2Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.Injection Authorization TerminaMontgomery County, KS37.338940-95.739592
15-125-27399SPRINGER 3Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.Expired Intent To Drill (C-1)Montgomery County, KS37.334389-95.737885
15-125-28392SPRINGER 3Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.340690-95.740435
15-125-28395SPRINGER 4Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.340723-95.737823
15-125-29119SPRINGER 4Springer, Lee A.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.332522-95.768283
15-125-29120SPRINGER 5Springer, Lee A.Plugged And AbandonedMontgomery County, KS37.339974-95.767762
15-125-29121SPRINGER 6SPRINGER LEEMontgomery County, KS37.333550-95.748144
15-125-29517SPRINGER 6Springer, Lee A.Plugged And AbandonedMontgomery County, KS37.332522-95.765536
15-125-29608SPRINGER 7Springer, Lee A.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.335032-95.768820
15-125-29633SPRINGER 8Springer, Lee A.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.330872-95.772021
15-125-29639SPRINGER 1-8Great Eastern Energy & Dev. Corp.On ListMontgomery County, KS37.365448-95.794659
15-125-29725SPRINGER 9Springer, Lee A.Authorized Injection WellMontgomery County, KS37.329242-95.768970
15-125-29887SPRINGER 6Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.Expired Intent To Drill (C-1)Montgomery County, KS37.332550-95.735571
15-125-29888SPRINGER 5Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.337330-95.745771
15-125-29888SPRINGER 5TWIN VALLEY ENTERPRISESMontgomery County, KS37.309119-95.782086
15-125-29922SPRINGER 7TWIN VALLEY ENTERPRISESMontgomery County, KS37.346172-95.764020
15-125-29922SPRINGER 7Twin Valley Enterprises, Inc.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.346118-95.763326
15-125-29991SPRINGER 10Springer, Lee A.ProducingMontgomery County, KS37.325894-95.772252
15-125-30463Springer 'B' 2-8RedBud Oil & Gas Operating, LLCInactive WellMontgomery County, KS37.364761-95.793799
15-125-31216Springer 'A' 4-4RedBud Oil & Gas Operating, LLCInactive WellMontgomery County, KS37.296880-95.768160
15-125-31216Springer 'A' 4-4Dart Cherokee Basin Operating Co., LLCRecompletedMontgomery County, KS37.296880-95.768160
15-125-70741SPRINGER 1John P. GatyPlugged And AbandonedMontgomery County, KS37.372572-95.751459

Leases included in Springer

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Gas Prod.
1020036793SPRINGER, DALETwin Valley Enterprises, Inc.Montgomery County, KS
1031510216SPRINGER #8RedBud Oil & Gas Operating, LLCMontgomery County, KS
1031936865SPRINGERTwin Valley Enterprises, Inc.Montgomery County, KS
1036490711SPRINGER 4RedBud Oil & Gas Operating, LLCMontgomery County, KS
1037721286SPRINGER M&C 28RedBud Oil & Gas Operating, LLCMontgomery County, KS

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Fred SmithMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs0 MCFMay 2004
H.McDaMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs284 MCFNov 2022
HeapeMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs1,265 MCFNov 2022
HinsonMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs0 MCFJan 2015
J MillerMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs308 MCFNov 2022
J. Springer TrustMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs0 MCFJun 2021
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McDanielMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs0 MCFMar 2022
Oakhurst FMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs0 MCFNov 2022
PoundsMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs0 MCFMay 2003
S MillerMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs822 MCFNov 2022
SherwinMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs537 MCFNov 2022
TallmanMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs655 MCFNov 2022
W.ChismMontgomery County, KS0 BBLs373 MCFNov 2022