L J Mathieu

Oil & Gas Property in Caddo Parish, LA

Property Summary

Key data points for L J Mathieu

CountyCaddo Parish, LA
Production DatesJan 1977 - Jul 2021
Total Oil Production189,543 BBLs
Total Gas Production850 MCF
Recent Oil Production131 BBLs in May 2021
Recent Gas Production0 MCF in May 2021
Wells on Property40

Our Valuation Estimates for L J Mathieu


$18,845 *


$13,607 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

L J Mathieu Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for L J Mathieu
from Jan 1977 to Jul 2021

Wells on L J Mathieu

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
17-017-00159L J MATHIEU FEE 001INACTIVE OPERATORDry And PluggedCaddo Parish, LA32.817947-93.964089
17-017-04467L J MATHIEU 007NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.798406-93.917660
17-017-04468L J MATHIEU 008NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.797498-93.918729
17-017-09371L J MATHIEU 005NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.797500-93.916585
17-017-09372L J MATHIEU 006NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.799311-93.916583
17-017-09373L J MATHIEU 004NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.800219-93.915507
17-017-09374L J MATHIEU 003NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.799310-93.914432
17-017-09375L J MATHIEU 002NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.798408-93.915509
17-017-10485L J MATHIEU 001INACTIVE OPERATORPlugged And AbandonedCaddo Parish, LA32.797870-93.914973
17-017-20032L J MATHIEU 009NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.799309-93.918585
17-017-20033L J MATHIEU 010NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.800286-93.917659
17-017-20034L J MATHIEU 011NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.801128-93.916586
17-017-20035L J MATHIEU 012NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.802036-93.915509
17-017-21266L J MATHIEU 001NATHAN C. HALEActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.797745-93.914789
17-017-23337L J MATHIEU 001JOEL B. BROWNPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.802429-93.963317
17-017-23338L J MATHIEU 002JOEL B. BROWNPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.802448-93.961654
17-017-23339L J MATHIEU 003JOEL B. BROWNDry And PluggedCaddo Parish, LA32.802072-93.946320
17-017-23340L J MATHIEU 004JOEL B. BROWNPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.801030-93.963291
17-017-23341L J MATHIEU 005JOEL B. BROWNPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.801074-93.961632
17-017-29110L J MATHIEU-ASK 001GAINES OPERATING, LLCActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.818404-93.965424
17-017-29111L J MATHIEU-ASK 002GAINES OPERATING, LLCActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.818771-93.964584
17-017-29112L J MATHIEU-ASK 003GAINES OPERATING, LLCShut-In Productive -Future UtilCaddo Parish, LA32.818776-93.964161
17-017-29113L J MATHIEU-DERRICK 001PHOENIX OPERATING COMPANY INC.Plugged And AbandonedCaddo Parish, LA32.818785-93.963380
17-017-29114L J MATHIEU 003MONROE WELL SERVICE-DERRICKDry And PluggedCaddo Parish, LA32.818791-93.962826
17-017-29115L J MATHIEU 006INACTIVE OPERATORPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.818798-93.962175
17-017-29116L J MATHIEU-ASK 007GAINES OPERATING, LLCActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.818389-93.932678
17-017-29117L J MATHIEU-DERRICK 002PHOENIX OPERATING COMPANY INC.Plugged And AbandonedCaddo Parish, LA32.818029-93.964572
17-017-29118L J MATHIEU 009INACTIVE OPERATORDry And PluggedCaddo Parish, LA32.818034-93.964149
17-017-29119L J MATHIEU 010INACTIVE OPERATORPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.818043-93.963368
17-017-29120L J MATHIEU 011INACTIVE OPERATORPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.818049-93.962814
17-017-29121L J MATHIEU 012INACTIVE OPERATORPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.818056-93.962164
17-017-29122L J MATHIEU-ASK 013BEACH-HOLLENSHEAD TSTG & SVCS INC.Plugged And AbandonedCaddo Parish, LA32.790276-93.932239
17-017-29123L J MATHIEU 004MONROE WELL SERVICE-DERRICKDry And PluggedCaddo Parish, LA32.818029-93.964572
17-017-29124L J MATHIEU 015INACTIVE OPERATORPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.818034-93.964149
17-017-29125L J MATHIEU 016INACTIVE OPERATORPermit ExpiredCaddo Parish, LA32.818043-93.963368
17-017-29126L J MATHIEU-DERRICK 005CIMIC ENERGY, LLCShut-In Productive -Future UtilCaddo Parish, LA32.818049-93.962814
17-017-29127L J MATHIEU-DERRICK 006CIMIC ENERGY, LLCActive - ProducingCaddo Parish, LA32.818056-93.962164
17-017-29808L J MATHIEU-VISTA 001PHOENIX OPERATING COMPANY INC.Plugged And AbandonedCaddo Parish, LA32.817983-93.962094
17-017-29809L J MATHIEU-DERRICK 007CIMIC ENERGY, LLCShut-In Productive -Future UtilCaddo Parish, LA32.817706-93.961533
17-017-29810L J MATHIEU-VISTA 003PHOENIX OPERATING COMPANY INC.Plugged And AbandonedCaddo Parish, LA32.818256-93.961529

Leases included in L J Mathieu

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.
017669-1L J MATHIEUC. M. FRIZZELLCaddo Parish, LA

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