Sro State

Oil & Gas Property in Eddy County, NM

Property Summary

Key data points for Sro State

CountyEddy County, NM
Production DatesOct 2009 - May 2024
Total Oil Production6,969,319 BBLs
Total Gas Production54,931,889 MCF
Recent Oil Production20,261 BBLs in Apr 2024
Recent Gas Production187,355 MCF in Apr 2024
Wells on Property51

Our Valuation Estimates for Sro State


$1,131,230 *


$2,998,022 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Sro State Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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from Oct 2009 to May 2024

Wells on Sro State

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
30-015-37120SRO STATE COM 001HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.077103-104.099785
30-015-37141SRO STATE COM 002HCOG OPERATING LLCPlugged (Not Released)Eddy County, NM32.080101-104.101891
30-015-37142SRO STATE COM 009HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.079823-104.099434
30-015-37422SRO STATE COM 003HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.047901-104.119217
30-015-37423SRO STATE COM 015HCOG OPERATING LLCPluggedEddy County, NM32.047909-104.117088
30-015-37424SRO STATE COM 004HCOG OPERATING LLCPluggedEddy County, NM32.047894-104.085014
30-015-37425SRO STATE COM 005HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.051537-104.117088
30-015-37426SRO STATE COM 014HCOG OPERATING LLCPluggedEddy County, NM32.051525-104.082886
30-015-37427SRO STATE COM 013HCOG OPERATING LLCPluggedEddy County, NM32.047897-104.082886
30-015-37435SRO STATE COM 007HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.051533-104.119217
30-015-37467SRO STATE COM 006HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.077114-104.116974
30-015-37548SRO STATE COM 008HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.065334-104.050331
30-015-38072SRO STATE COM 010HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.077087-104.082611
30-015-38169SRO STATE COM 011HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.079811-104.081520
30-015-38257SRO STATE COM 017HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.061676-104.099915
30-015-39999SRO STATE COM 018HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.048882-104.102104
30-015-40256SRO STATE COM 031HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.074562-104.090546
30-015-41141SRO STATE COM 043HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.049210-104.114960
30-015-41142SRO STATE COM 044HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.049229-104.110992
30-015-41143SRO STATE COM 045HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.049240-104.107719
30-015-41199SRO STATE COM 039HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.078404-104.078148
30-015-41274SRO STATE COM 020HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.078415-104.070015
30-015-41532SRO STATE 053HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.049191-104.085777
30-015-41643SRO STATE COM 019HCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.078011-104.100067
30-015-41660SRO STATE COM 012HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.079441-104.102959
30-015-41739SRO STATE COM 041HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.078404-104.073952
30-015-41740SRO STATE COM 029HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.078392-104.078339
30-015-41741SRO STATE COM 060HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.057598-104.067810
30-015-41742SRO STATE COM 063HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.057602-104.081741
30-015-41779SRO STATE COM 048HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.063797-104.124832
30-015-41866SRO STATE COM 046HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.078404-104.116257
30-015-41925SRO STATE COM 035CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.079960-104.098366
30-015-41926SRO STATE COM 036CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.079956-104.094429
30-015-41927SRO STATE COM 037CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.079952-104.090042
30-015-41928SRO STATE COM 038CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.092926-104.073608
30-015-41929SRO STATE COM 040CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.079464-104.067772
30-015-41930SRO STATE 058HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.064896-104.060303
30-015-41931SRO STATE 059HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.064903-104.063515
30-015-41932SRO STATE 025CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.050304-104.103165
30-015-41933SRO STATE 026CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.050289-104.107430
30-015-41934SRO STATE 028CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.078404-104.115898
30-015-42020SRO STATE COM 032CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.075611-104.094475
30-015-42021SRO STATE COM 033CCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.075615-104.098732
30-015-42023SRO STATE COM 047HCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.063805-104.120247
30-015-42057SRO STATE 061HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.049526-104.074081
30-015-42099SRO STATE 062HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.049015-104.076508
30-015-42129SRO STATE COM 065HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.049244-104.107559
30-015-42130SRO STATE COM 064HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.057602-104.081581
30-015-43092SRO STATE COM 068HCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.049170-104.102811
30-015-43093SRO STATE COM 069HCOG OPERATING LLCCancelledEddy County, NM32.049129-104.111177
30-015-44196SRO STATE COM 030HCOG OPERATING LLCActiveEddy County, NM32.050653-104.085535

Leases included in Sro State

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Sro State property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Boo Radley Federal ComEddy County, NM51,268 BBLs352,418 MCFMay 2024
Cooksey 36Eddy County, NM935 BBLs9,817 MCFApr 2024
Delaware RanchEddy County, NM101,150 BBLs630,144 MCFApr 2024
Diamondback 22 State ComEddy County, NM1,403 BBLs13,987 MCFMay 2024
Down South State ComEddy County, NM1,760 BBLs14,427 MCFMay 2024
Golden Graham 1Eddy County, NM21,167 BBLs148,039 MCFMay 2024
Graham CrackerEddy County, NM4,423 BBLs54,673 MCFMay 2024
Mercury State ComEddy County, NM36,196 BBLs202,694 MCFMay 2024
Myox 28 State ComEddy County, NM10,996 BBLs55,673 MCFMay 2024
Myox 3Eddy County, NM770 BBLs9,457 MCFMay 2024
Myox 31 State ComEddy County, NM22,117 BBLs269,093 MCFMay 2024
Myox 5 StateEddy County, NM4,575 BBLs52,303 MCFMay 2024
Myox 6 StateEddy County, NM1,732 BBLs10,402 MCFMay 2024
Myox 8 StateEddy County, NM1,108 BBLs12,613 MCFMay 2024
Rabbit Hunter 10 StateEddy County, NM542 BBLs8,057 MCFMay 2024
S Malaga 35 StateEddy County, NM12 BBLs6 MCFMay 2024
Skeen 21Eddy County, NM1,962 BBLs14,297 MCFApr 2024
Sro 4 State ComEddy County, NM4,468 BBLs99,739 MCFMay 2024
Sro 5 State ComEddy County, NM3,532 BBLs92,260 MCFMay 2024
Sro SEddy County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFNov 1995