Zia Hills Unit

Oil & Gas Property in Eddy County, NM

Property Summary

Key data points for Zia Hills Unit

CountiesEddy County, NM
Lea County, NM
Production DatesJan 2020 - Mar 2024
Total Oil Production10,300,315 BBLs
Total Gas Production35,900,222 MCF
Recent Oil Production618,316 BBLs in Mar 2024
Recent Gas Production2,560,479 MCF in Mar 2024
Wells on Property84

Our Valuation Estimates for Zia Hills Unit


Not Available


$44,338,267 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Zia Hills Unit Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Zia Hills Unit
from Jan 2020 to Mar 2024

Wells on Zia Hills Unit

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
30-015-49143ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 012HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.023733-103.751322
30-015-49925ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 003HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.019528-103.770953
30-015-49926ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 005HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.019528-103.770824
30-015-49927ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 006HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.019528-103.770759
30-015-49928ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 009HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.018981-103.759334
30-015-49929ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 010HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.018981-103.759269
30-015-49930ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 012HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.018981-103.759140
30-015-49931ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 013HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.018981-103.759076
30-015-49934ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 011HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.018981-103.759205
30-015-49935ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 004HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.019528-103.770888
30-015-49936ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 007HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.019529-103.770695
30-015-49937ZIA HILLS UNIT 2731 WC 008HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.019529-103.770631
30-015-54433ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 713HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021057-103.743297
30-015-54434ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 712HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021057-103.743393
30-015-54435ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 711HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021057-103.743492
30-015-54436ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 710HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021057-103.743588
30-015-54440ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 709HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021057-103.743685
30-015-54441ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 708HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021056-103.743782
30-015-54442ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 707HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.022129-103.735364
30-015-54443ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 706HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.022128-103.735461
30-015-54444ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 705HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.022127-103.735559
30-015-54445ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 704HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.022127-103.735655
30-015-54446ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 703HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.022126-103.735752
30-015-54447ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 702HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.022125-103.735849
30-015-54448ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 701HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.022125-103.735945
30-015-54489ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 708HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021062-103.724550
30-015-54508ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 709HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021145-103.724550
30-015-54509ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 710HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021227-103.724550
30-015-54510ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 711HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021310-103.724551
30-015-54511ZIA HILLS UNIT 2431 WC 712HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021392-103.724551
30-015-54512ZIA HILLS UNIT 2331 WC 707HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewEddy County, NM32.021056-103.743878
30-025-44215ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 101HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028703-103.721656
30-025-44216ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 102HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028703-103.721550
30-025-44217ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 103HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028703-103.721444
30-025-44218ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 104HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028703-103.721336
30-025-44219ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 105HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028319-103.721656
30-025-44233ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 106HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.028319-103.721550
30-025-44234ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 107HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.028319-103.720969
30-025-44235ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 108HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028317-103.721336
30-025-44236ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 109HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.028667-103.717881
30-025-44237ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 110HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.028664-103.717775
30-025-44238ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 111HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.028664-103.717669
30-025-44239ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 112HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.028664-103.717561
30-025-44240ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 113HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028281-103.717881
30-025-44241ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 115HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028281-103.717667
30-025-44242ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 116HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028281-103.717561
30-025-44247ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 114HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028281-103.717775
30-025-45711ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 101HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028294-103.695367
30-025-45712ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 102HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028294-103.695261
30-025-45713ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 103HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028294-103.695153
30-025-45715ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 105HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.027908-103.695367
30-025-45716ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 107HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.027908-103.695156
30-025-45717ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 108HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.027908-103.695047
30-025-45719ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 110HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027478-103.691069
30-025-45720ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 111HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027478-103.690961
30-025-45721ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 112HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027478-103.690856
30-025-45723ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 114HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027094-103.691069
30-025-45724ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 115HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027094-103.690964
30-025-45989ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 106HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYActiveLea County, NM32.027908-103.695261
30-025-47063ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 001HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.026740-103.718051
30-025-47304ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 BS 006HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.028108-103.692760
30-025-47305ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 BS 008HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.028108-103.692547
30-025-47774ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 002HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.026740-103.717945
30-025-47775ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 003HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.026739-103.717838
30-025-47776ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 004HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.026739-103.717732
30-025-47777ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 007HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.027097-103.718049
30-025-47778ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 008HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.027097-103.717943
30-025-47779ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 009HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.027097-103.717837
30-025-47780ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 BS 010HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.027096-103.717730
30-025-47781ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 BS 005HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.028108-103.692867
30-025-47782ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 BS 007HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYCancelledLea County, NM32.028108-103.692654
30-025-52475ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 711HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027858-103.712507
30-025-52476ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 714HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027856-103.712217
30-025-52477ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 759HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027311-103.712701
30-025-52478ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 760HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027310-103.712605
30-025-52479ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 761HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027309-103.712507
30-025-52480ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 762HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027308-103.712411
30-025-52481ZIA HILLS UNIT 1932 WC 763HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027307-103.712314
30-025-52539ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 752HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028064-103.703182
30-025-52540ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 753HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.028017-103.703101
30-025-52541ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 754HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027971-103.703021
30-025-52542ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 755HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027924-103.702940
30-025-52543ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 756HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027878-103.702859
30-025-52544ZIA HILLS UNIT 2032 WC 757HCONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYNewLea County, NM32.027831-103.702778

Leases included in Zia Hills Unit

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Zia Hills Unit property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Buck 17 FederalLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFOct 2019
Buck 20 FederalLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFFeb 2020
Conoco D FederalLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFNov 2023
Conoco FederalLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFNov 2023
E D White Federal NCT 1Eddy County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2023
Eddy Aga StateEddy County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFOct 2023
Golden SpurEddy County, NM1,824 BBLs5,493 MCFMar 2024
Hanson FederalEddy County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFMay 2017
Kyle, MinnieLoving County, TX0 BBLs0 MCFJul 2022
Paduca 7 6 A2Lea County, NM1,871 BBLs59,054 MCFMar 2024
R T Wilson FederalEddy County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFApr 2014
Ramblin RoseEddy County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFNov 2022
Red Hills 21 W1DM Federal ComLea County, NM1,467 BBLs5,240 MCFMar 2024
RussellEddy County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2023
State NNGLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2015
Sumideros 12 W1pa Federal ComEddy County, NM3,970 BBLs23,364 MCFMar 2024
Thompson 1Lea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFNov 2023
Wilder 28 Ac Federal ComLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFOct 2023
Wilder 29 FederalLea County, NM70 BBLs0 MCFMar 2024
Zhu 2331 WCEddy County, NM49,157 BBLs255,606 MCFMar 2024

Frac'ing activity on Zia Hills Unit

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
30-015-49925Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 3H
30-015-49926Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 5H
30-015-49927Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 6H
30-015-49928Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 9H
30-015-49929Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 10H
30-015-49930Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 12H
30-015-49931Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 13H
30-015-49934Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 11H
30-015-49935Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 4H
30-015-49936Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 7H
30-015-49937Zia Hills Unit 2731 WC 8H
30-025-45711ZIA HILLS 20 FED COM 101H
30-025-45712ZIA HILLS 20 FED COM 102H
30-025-45713ZIA HILLS 20 FEDERAL COM 103H
30-025-45719Zia Hills 20 Federal Com 110H
30-025-45720Zia Hills 20 Federal Com 111H
30-025-45721Zia Hills 20 Federal Com 112H
30-025-45723Zia Hills 20 Federal Com 114H
30-025-45724Zia Hills 20 Federal Com 115H