Bell Lake Unit North

Oil & Gas Property in Lea County, NM

Property Summary

Key data points for Bell Lake Unit North

CountyLea County, NM
Production DatesApr 2018 - Sep 2023
Total Oil Production23,174,951 BBLs
Total Gas Production57,218,089 MCF
Recent Oil Production564,867 BBLs in Sep 2023
Recent Gas Production2,114,010 MCF in Sep 2023
Wells on Property83

Our Valuation Estimates for Bell Lake Unit North


Not Available


$118,588,879 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Bell Lake Unit North Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Bell Lake Unit North
from Apr 2018 to Sep 2023

Wells on Bell Lake Unit North

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
30-025-43033BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 230HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332037-103.503544
30-025-44690BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 201HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.335054-103.533561
30-025-44691BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 301HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.335109-103.533561
30-025-44693BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 401HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.335164-103.533560
30-025-45079BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 101HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.335246-103.533560
30-025-45153BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 202HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.335329-103.533560
30-025-45509BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 119HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.333185-103.533385
30-025-45510BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 219HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.333219-103.533438
30-025-46744BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 234HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.331970-103.493111
30-025-46745BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 431HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331689-103.499404
30-025-46886BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 236HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332090-103.487735
30-025-46887BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 435HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331843-103.487734
30-025-46888BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 436HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.331761-103.487734
30-025-46912BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 231HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332019-103.499404
30-025-46913BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 232HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331937-103.499404
30-025-46946BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 430HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.331607-103.499404
30-025-46947BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 433HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.331723-103.493111
30-025-46983BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 233HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332053-103.492659
30-025-47122BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 434HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.331640-103.493112
30-025-47562BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 221HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.332129-103.524726
30-025-47766BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 220HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.333322-103.533373
30-025-47767BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 420HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.333322-103.533244
30-025-47768BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 133HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.326386-103.492161
30-025-47769BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 134HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331476-103.493111
30-025-47770BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 325HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334278-103.515594
30-025-47771BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 227HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.332310-103.508658
30-025-47772BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 329HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331511-103.503273
30-025-47773BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 222HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.332129-103.524662
30-025-47817BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 319HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.333198-103.532827
30-025-47818BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 321HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.332129-103.524597
30-025-47836BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 203HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335695-103.524690
30-025-47837BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 204HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335777-103.524690
30-025-47838BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 209HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335227-103.507137
30-025-47839BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 223HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.332191-103.521557
30-025-47840BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 224HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.332301-103.521502
30-025-47841BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 225HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334945-103.515113
30-025-47845BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 228HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332131-103.508177
30-025-47846BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 229HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.331512-103.503402
30-025-47847BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 411HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335310-103.505712
30-025-47848BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 415HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335415-103.493492
30-025-47849BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 416HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335497-103.493492
30-025-47850BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 417HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334916-103.486331
30-025-47851BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 323HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331874-103.521616
30-025-47852BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 424HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.331599-103.521503
30-025-47853BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 327HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332241-103.508950
30-025-47854BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 428HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332145-103.508658
30-025-47914BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 422HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.332129-103.524632
30-025-47935BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 408HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335236-103.514083
30-025-48022BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 226HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.334945-103.515049
30-025-48023BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 426HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.334278-103.515530
30-025-48452BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 211HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335228-103.506712
30-025-48478BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 409HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335392-103.507136
30-025-48479BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 412HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.336040-103.501281
30-025-48494BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 205HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335709-103.518895
30-025-48495BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 206HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335792-103.518896
30-025-48517BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 404HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335942-103.524690
30-025-48519BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 216HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335332-103.493492
30-025-48520BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 410HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335475-103.507136
30-025-48521BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 217HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334751-103.486330
30-025-48522BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 218HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334834-103.486331
30-025-48523BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 405HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335874-103.518895
30-025-48524BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 406HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335957-103.518895
30-025-48526BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 214HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334749-103.497328
30-025-48549BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 207HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335028-103.513924
30-025-48550BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 208HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335098-103.513977
30-025-48551BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 210HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335310-103.507136
30-025-48552BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 213HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335657-103.501281
30-025-48553BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 407HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335167-103.514030
30-025-48554BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 423HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331874-103.521616
30-025-48555BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 425HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.334360-103.515724
30-025-48556BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 212HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335875-103.501282
30-025-48557BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 215HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.335250-103.493493
30-025-48558BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 313HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.336122-103.501280
30-025-48559BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 414HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334749-103.497231
30-025-48560BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 418HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.334998-103.486330
30-025-48866BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 331HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331854-103.499404
30-025-50833BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 033HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331393-103.493112
30-025-50834BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 136HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331596-103.487734
30-025-50835BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 332HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331772-103.499404
30-025-50836BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 333HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331888-103.493112
30-025-50888BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 235HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.332173-103.487735
30-025-50889BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 334HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331805-103.493111
30-025-50928BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 499HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.331825-103.503026

Leases included in Bell Lake Unit North

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Bell Lake Unit North property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Antelope 9 BLea County, NM14,900 BBLs22,156 MCFSep 2023
Azul 13 State Federal ComLea County, NM1,153 BBLs5,438 MCFSep 2023
Blanco 3 State ComLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFSep 2021
Driver 14 State ComLea County, NM1,336 BBLs639 MCFSep 2023
Gaucho UnitLea County, NM19,253 BBLs122,818 MCFSep 2023
GettysburgLea County, NM14,657 BBLs22,179 MCFSep 2023
Ibex 10 B3MD Federal ComLea County, NM1,930 BBLs1,307 MCFSep 2023
LimestoneLea County, NM136 BBLs0 MCFSep 2023
North Bell LakeLea County, NM205 BBLs53 MCFSep 2023
North ThistleLea County, NM13,197 BBLs196,076 MCFSep 2023
Paloma BlancoLea County, NM0 BBLs395 MCFSep 2023
Rio BlancoLea County, NM300 BBLs8,242 MCFSep 2023
Rio Blanco 4Lea County, NM45,238 BBLs59,851 MCFSep 2023
Serpentine 2 26 State Federal ComLea County, NM31,848 BBLs52,771 MCFSep 2023
Serpentine 2 35 State Federal ComLea County, NM48,532 BBLs96,031 MCFSep 2023
Smalls FederalLea County, NM10,741 BBLs18,262 MCFSep 2023
Sopapilla StateLea County, NM3,048 BBLs24,333 MCFSep 2023
Starcaster 18 Federal ComLea County, NM6,539 BBLs25,739 MCFSep 2023
White Dove 17 Federal ComLea County, NM24,829 BBLs59,740 MCFSep 2023
White Wing 7909 18 19 Federal ComLea County, NM19,173 BBLs72,962 MCFSep 2023

Frac'ing activity on Bell Lake Unit North

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
30-025-43033North Bell Lake Unit North 230
30-025-44690Bell Lake Unit North 201H
30-025-44691Bell Lake Unit North 301H
30-025-44693Bell Lake Unit North 401H
30-025-45079Bell Lake Unit North 101H
30-025-45153Bell Lake Unit North 202H
30-025-45510Bell Lake Unit North 219H
30-025-46744BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 234H
30-025-46745Bell Lake Unit North 431H
30-025-46886BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 236H
30-025-46888BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 436H
30-025-46912Bell Lake Unit North 231H
30-025-46946Bell Lake Unit North 430H
30-025-46947BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 433H
30-025-46983BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 233H
30-025-47122BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 434H
30-025-47562Bell Lake Unit North 221H
30-025-47766Bell Lake Unit North 220H
30-025-47767Bell Lake Unit North 420H
30-025-47770Bell Lake Unit North 325H
30-025-47771Bell Lake Unit North 227H
30-025-47772Bell Lake Unit North 329H
30-025-47773Bell Lake Unit North 222H
30-025-47817Bell Lake Unit North 319H
30-025-47818Bell Lake Unit North 321H
30-025-47836BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 203H
30-025-47837BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 204H
30-025-47838Bell Lake Unit North 209H
30-025-47839Bell Lake Unit North 223H
30-025-47840Bell Lake Unit North 224H
30-025-47841Bell Lake Unit North 225H
30-025-47845Bell Lake Unit North 228H
30-025-47846Bell Lake Unit North 229H
30-025-47847Bell Lake Unit North 411H
30-025-47848Bell Lake North 415H
30-025-47849Bell Lake North 416H
30-025-47850Bell Lake North 417H
30-025-47851Bell Lake Unit North 323H
30-025-47852Bell Lake Unit North 424H
30-025-47853Bell Lake Unit North 327H
30-025-47854Bell Lake Unit North 428H
30-025-47914Bell Lake Unit North 422H
30-025-48022Bell Lake Unit North 226H
30-025-48023Bell Lake Unit North 426H
30-025-48478Bell Lake Unit North 409H
30-025-48479Bell Lake North 412H
30-025-48494BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 205H
30-025-48495BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 206H
30-025-48517BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 404H
30-025-48519Bell Lake North 216H
30-025-48520Bell Lake Unit North 410H
30-025-48521Bell Lake North 217H
30-025-48522Bell Lake North 218H
30-025-48523BELL LAKE UNIT NORTH 405H
30-025-48526Bell Lake Unit North 214H
30-025-48549BELL LAKE NORTH 207H
30-025-48550BELL LAKE NORTH 208H
30-025-48551Bell Lake Unit North 210H
30-025-48552Bell Lake North 213H
30-025-48553BELL LAKE NORTH 407H
30-025-48556Bell Lake North 212H