Bell Lake Unit South

Oil & Gas Property in Lea County, NM

Property Summary

Key data points for Bell Lake Unit South

CountyLea County, NM
Production DatesJun 2017 - Aug 2023
Total Oil Production23,759,024 BBLs
Total Gas Production59,264,317 MCF
Recent Oil Production700,032 BBLs in Aug 2023
Recent Gas Production2,269,181 MCF in Aug 2023
Wells on Property98

Our Valuation Estimates for Bell Lake Unit South


Not Available


$117,393,960 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Bell Lake Unit South Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Bell Lake Unit South
from Jun 2017 to Aug 2023

Wells on Bell Lake Unit South

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
30-025-43034BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 263HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.245390-103.501511
30-025-44019BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 119CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.245377-103.532331
30-025-44020BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 219HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.245440-103.532990
30-025-44021BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 319HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.245470-103.532900
30-025-44022BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 419HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.245501-103.532810
30-025-44362BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 221CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.244913-103.525089
30-025-44363BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 222CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.244858-103.525089
30-025-44364BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 421CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.245024-103.525090
30-025-44365BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 422CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.244969-103.525090
30-025-44526BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 220HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.245523-103.532732
30-025-44618BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 330HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.245190-103.502540
30-025-44619BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 430HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.245270-103.502540
30-025-44657BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 119CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.239360-103.526070
30-025-45017BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 404CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.247279-103.527559
30-025-45077BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 204CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.247240-103.527680
30-025-45078BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 403CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.247298-103.527498
30-025-45178BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 201HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248089-103.533657
30-025-45179BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 202HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248171-103.533656
30-025-45398BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 203CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.247260-103.527619
30-025-45521BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 401HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.248226-103.533656
30-025-45522BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 402HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248281-103.533656
30-025-45858BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 112HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247580-103.501348
30-025-45859BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 206HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246355-103.521552
30-025-45860BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 208HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246914-103.513141
30-025-45861BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 210HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.249743-103.508466
30-025-45908BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 207HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246950-103.512495
30-025-45909BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 301HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248363-103.533657
30-025-46421BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 213HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247285-103.501574
30-025-46589BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 209HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.249825-103.508467
30-025-46590BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 211HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247340-103.501575
30-025-46591BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 215HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247558-103.494432
30-025-46592BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 217HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247676-103.487937
30-025-46593BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 218HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247955-103.484593
30-025-46625BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 234HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.239175-103.491482
30-025-46626BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 235CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.244391-103.490041
30-025-46627BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 236HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.244589-103.484649
30-025-46628BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 434HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.244667-103.489881
30-025-46629BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 436HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.244506-103.484648
30-025-46631BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 205HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246272-103.521681
30-025-46632BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 232CKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244346-103.494250
30-025-46633BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 233HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.244458-103.494248
30-025-46634BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 332HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244181-103.494249
30-025-46889BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 431HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.243769-103.491959
30-025-47090BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 433HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244263-103.494250
30-025-47621BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 121HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COActiveLea County, NM32.244295-103.524530
30-025-47625BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 223HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244727-103.519042
30-025-47626BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 224HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244727-103.518977
30-025-47627BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 421HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244644-103.524482
30-025-47628BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 422HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.244968-103.525089
30-025-47729BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 222HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244858-103.525089
30-025-47730BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 225HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245739-103.516714
30-025-47731BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 226HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245739-103.516649
30-025-47732BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 227HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.244838-103.508022
30-025-47733BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 228HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245223-103.508510
30-025-47734BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 423HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244122-103.518913
30-025-47735BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 425HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245135-103.516585
30-025-47736BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 327HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.245168-103.508510
30-025-47737BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 424HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244122-103.518848
30-025-47738BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 426HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245739-103.516520
30-025-47739BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 428HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245113-103.508509
30-025-47796BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 229HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL COCancelled ApdLea County, NM32.245524-103.505781
30-025-47797BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 230HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245524-103.505717
30-025-48171BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 012HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247562-103.502320
30-025-48172BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 109HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.250320-103.508469
30-025-48173BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 110HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.250238-103.508147
30-025-48174BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 113HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.245482-103.499026
30-025-48175BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 116HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248434-103.487502
30-025-48176BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 203HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247260-103.527619
30-025-48177BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 204HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246800-103.528032
30-025-48202BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 214HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247765-103.494912
30-025-48203BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 304HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247203-103.527801
30-025-48204BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 331HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.243852-103.494248
30-025-48205BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 403HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246851-103.528051
30-025-48206BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 404HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247279-103.527559
30-025-48207BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 405HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246355-103.521488
30-025-48208BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 409HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.249825-103.508337
30-025-48209BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 410HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.250078-103.508468
30-025-48210BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 411HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247450-103.501575
30-025-48211BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 412HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247395-103.501575
30-025-48212BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 413HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247581-103.502125
30-025-48213BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 417HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248186-103.487499
30-025-48256BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 106HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246355-103.521422
30-025-48257BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 216HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247939-103.487497
30-025-48258BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 414HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248095-103.494913
30-025-48259BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 415HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247737-103.495031
30-025-48260BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 416HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248269-103.487500
30-025-48261BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 418HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248033-103.484412
30-025-48262BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 432HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244016-103.494249
30-025-48363BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 408HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246914-103.513012
30-025-48393BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 407HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246914-103.513077
30-025-50837BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 115HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248179-103.494913
30-025-50838BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 118HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.248198-103.484414
30-025-50887BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 107HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.246914-103.512915
30-025-50915BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 104HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247165-103.527923
30-025-50916BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 303HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247222-103.527741
30-025-50917BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 310HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.249908-103.508467
30-025-50918BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 313HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.247582-103.501834
30-025-50919BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 333HKAISER-FRANCIS OIL CONewLea County, NM32.244263-103.494250

Leases included in Bell Lake Unit South

Lease #Lease NameOperatorCountyMonthly Oil Prod.Monthly Gas Prod.

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Bell Lake Unit South property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Bell LakeLea County, NM1,716 BBLs42,365 MCFAug 2023
Boomslang 14 23 FederalLea County, NM9,927 BBLs17,617 MCFAug 2023
Broadside 13Lea County, NM39,757 BBLs135,572 MCFAug 2023
Carl Mottek FederalLea County, NM7,260 BBLs20,504 MCFAug 2023
Charles Ling Federal ComLea County, NM9,539 BBLs21,287 MCFAug 2023
Deckard FeLea County, NM2,439 BBLs6,792 MCFSep 2023
FederalLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFApr 2017
Leo Thorsness 13 24 33Lea County, NM6,716 BBLs32,445 MCFAug 2023
Macho StateLea County, NM1,372 BBLs60 MCFSep 2023
Madera 17 FederalLea County, NM1,224 BBLs1,658 MCFAug 2023
Mars 3 StateLea County, NM1,062 BBLs3,336 MCFAug 2023
Picasso FederalLea County, NM1,432 BBLs733 MCFSep 2023
Roy Batty Federal ComLea County, NM179 BBLs230 MCFSep 2023
Sea Snake 35 26 State Federal ComLea County, NM47,541 BBLs306,484 MCFAug 2023
Sea Snake 35 StateLea County, NM19,031 BBLs122,496 MCFAug 2023
Sebastian Federal ComLea County, NM9,484 BBLs17,470 MCFSep 2023
Strong 14 24 33 ArLea County, NM2,060 BBLs3,483 MCFAug 2023
The Contest Federal ComLea County, NM22,864 BBLs63,210 MCFAug 2023
Trucker BRK StateLea County, NM388 BBLs606 MCFAug 2023
Tyrell FeeLea County, NM1,957 BBLs4,651 MCFSep 2023

Frac'ing activity on Bell Lake Unit South

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
30-025-43034Southbell Lake U 6 3BSS 1H
30-025-44020Bell Lake Unit South 219H
30-025-44021Bell Lake Unit South 319H
30-025-44022Bell Lake Unit South 419H
30-025-44526Bell Lake Unit South 220H
30-025-44618Bell Lake Unit South 330H
30-025-44619Bell Lake unit South 430H
30-025-45178Bell Lake Unit South 201H
30-025-45179Bell Lake Unit South 202H
30-025-45521Bell Lake Unit South 401H
30-025-45522Bell Lake Unit South 402H
30-025-45858Bell Lake Unit South 112H
30-025-45859Bell Lake South 206H
30-025-45860Bell Lake Unit South 208H
30-025-45908Bell Lake Unit South 207H
30-025-46421BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 213H
30-025-46589BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 209H
30-025-46590BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 211H
30-025-46592BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 217H
30-025-46593BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 218H
30-025-46625Bell Lake Unit South 234H
30-025-46627Bell Lake Unit South 236H
30-025-46628Bell Lake Unit South 434H
30-025-46629Bell Lake Unit South 436H
30-025-46633Bell Lake Unit South 233H
30-025-46889Bell Lake Unit South 431H
30-025-47090Bell Lake Unit South 433H
30-025-47621BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 121H
30-025-47625Bell Lake Unit South 223H
30-025-47626Bell Lake Unit South 224H
30-025-47627Bell Lake Unit South 421H
30-025-47729Bell Lake Unit South 222H
30-025-47730Bell Lake Unit South 225H
30-025-47731Bell Lake Unit South 226H
30-025-47733Bell Lake Unit South 228H
30-025-47734Bell Lake Unit South 423H
30-025-47735Bell Lake Unit South 425H
30-025-47737Bell Lake Unit South 424H
30-025-47738Bell Lake Unit South 426H
30-025-47739Bell Lake Unit South 428H
30-025-47797Bell Lake Unit South 230H
30-025-48177Bell Lake Unit South 204H
30-025-48202BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 214H
30-025-48205Bell Lake Unit South 403H
30-025-48206Bell Lake Unit South 404H
30-025-48207Bell Lake South 405H
30-025-48208BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 409H
30-025-48209BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 410H
30-025-48210BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 411H
30-025-48211BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 412H
30-025-48213BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 417H
30-025-48256Bell Lake South 106H
30-025-48257BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 216H
30-025-48259BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 415H
30-025-48260BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 416H
30-025-48261BELL LAKE UNIT SOUTH 418H
30-025-48363Bell Lake Unit South 408H