Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0

Oil & Gas Property in Lea County, NM

Property Summary

Key data points for Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0

CountyLea County, NM
Production DatesSep 2018 - Dec 2020
Total Oil Production744,933 BBLs
Total Gas Production5,944,500 MCF
Recent Oil Production10,073 BBLs in Nov 2020
Recent Gas Production136,151 MCF in Nov 2020
Wells on Property9

Our Valuation Estimates for Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0


Not Available


$875,750 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0 Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0
from Sep 2018 to Dec 2020

Wells on Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
30-025-42082TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 010HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.ActiveLea County, NM32.269386-103.632736
30-025-42102TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 008HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.ActiveLea County, NM32.269386-103.632607
30-025-42198TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 009HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.ActiveLea County, NM32.269844-103.633317
30-025-43997TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 011HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.ActiveLea County, NM32.269847-103.633189
30-025-43998TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 012HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.ActiveLea County, NM32.269994-103.629275
30-025-44001TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 013HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.ActiveLea County, NM32.269994-103.629208
30-025-44002TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 014HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.NewLea County, NM32.282072-103.630868
30-025-44003TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 015HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.NewLea County, NM32.269832-103.628885
30-025-47657TRISTE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 019HCIMAREX ENERGY CO.NewLea County, NM32.269682-103.633058

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0 property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Avion FederalLea County, NM4,879 BBLs60,791 MCFDec 2020
Corsair 27 FederalLea County, NM8 BBLs0 MCFNov 2020
Cox 35 FederalLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFApr 2020
Diamond 34 FederalLea County, NM168 BBLs144 MCFDec 2020
Diamondtail 2Lea County, NM2,738 BBLs49,570 MCFDec 2020
Diamondtail 3Lea County, NM640 BBLs385 MCFDec 2020
Estancia Sed StateLea County, NM1,674 BBLs4,361 MCFDec 2020
FieldsLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2001
FoxgloveLea County, NM3,956 BBLs6,082 MCFDec 2020
Hemlock 32 StateLea County, NM76,520 BBLs468,002 MCFDec 2020
Hemlock BSH StateLea County, NM2,246 BBLs91 MCFDec 2020
Horned VIper 20 FederalLea County, NM1,980 BBLs234 MCFDec 2020
J Keats 1 24 32Lea County, NM939 BBLs0 MCFNov 2020
MarshallLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFSep 2011
Mis Amigos StateLea County, NM12,193 BBLs27,662 MCFDec 2020
Parsley Ara FederalLea County, NM128 BBLs0 MCFDec 2020
Payne FederalLea County, NM0 BBLs0 MCFMar 2002
Queso StateLea County, NM6,055 BBLs75,474 MCFDec 2020
Tres EquisLea County, NM6,358 BBLs25,700 MCFDec 2020
Triste DrawLea County, NM14,172 BBLs80,939 MCFDec 2020

Frac'ing activity on Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 0

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
30-025-42082Triste Draw 25 Fed Com 10H
30-025-42102TRISTE DRAW 25 FED COM 8H
30-025-42198TRISTE DRAW 25 FED COM 9H
30-025-43997Triste Draw 25 Fed Com 11H
30-025-43998Triste Draw 25 Federal Com 12H
30-025-44001TRISTIE DRAW 25 FEDERAL COM 12H 13H