Cop WT 2

Gas Property in Elk County, PA

Property Summary

Key data points for Cop WT 2

CountiesElk County, PA
McKean County, PA
Production DatesJul 2014 - Nov 2022
Total Oil Production0 BBLs
Total Gas Production293,110,936 MCF
Recent Oil Production0 BBLs in Oct 2022
Recent Gas Production2,859,221 MCF in Oct 2022
Wells on Property129

Our Valuation Estimates for Cop WT 2


$2,636,746 *


$33,332,890 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Cop WT 2 Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Cop WT 2
from Jul 2014 to Nov 2022

Wells on Cop WT 2

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
37-047-24778COP WT 2660 43H 51346SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574519-78.502508
37-047-24779COP WT 2660 45H 51348SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574561-78.502353
37-047-24780COP WT 2660 46H 51349SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574547-78.502403
37-047-24781COP WT 2660 47H 51350SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574533-78.502456
37-047-24782COP WT 2660 48H 51351SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574506-78.502558
37-047-24783COP WT 2660 49H 51352SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574492-78.502611
37-047-24848COP WT 2661 59H 51461SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.596600-78.532261
37-047-24860COP WT 2661 56H 51419SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.588000-78.543211
37-047-24861COP WT 2661 57H 51420SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.588053-78.543239
37-047-24862COP WT 2661 58H 51421SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.587947-78.543192
37-047-24899COP WT 2611 50H 51413SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596867-78.532183
37-047-24900COP WT 2611 51H 51414SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596786-78.532219
37-047-24901COP WT 2611 52H 51415SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596906-78.532167
37-047-24902COP WT 2611 53H 51416SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596828-78.532203
37-047-24903COP WT 2611 54H 51417SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596747-78.532236
37-047-24904COP WT 2611 55H 51418SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596708-78.532253
37-047-24905COP WT 2611 60H 51486SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596944-78.532144
37-047-24906COP WT 2611 61H 51487SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.596669-78.532269
37-047-24915COP WT 2661 62H 51488SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.587897-78.543169
37-047-24919COP WT 2591 112H 51906SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.564814-78.505000
37-047-24928COP WT 2591 70H 51543SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564792-78.506000
37-047-24929COP WT 2591 71H 51544SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564831-78.506000
37-047-24930COP WT 2591 72H 51545SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564872-78.506000
37-047-24931COP WT 2591 73H 51546SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564914-78.506003
37-047-24932COP WT 2591 74H 51547SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564956-78.506003
37-047-24933COP WT 2624 26H 51437SENECA RESOURCES CORPPlugged Og WellElk County, PA41.621242-78.504211
37-047-24934COP WT 2624 27H 51438SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621278-78.504242
37-047-24935COP WT 2624 28H 51439SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621208-78.504178
37-047-24936COP WT 2624 29H 51440SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621144-78.504114
37-047-24937COP WT 2624 30H 51441SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621108-78.504083
37-047-24938COP WT 2624 31H 51472SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.620997-78.504244
37-047-24939COP WT 2624 32H 51504SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621242-78.504481
37-047-24940COP WT 2624 33H 51505SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621175-78.504147
37-047-24941COP WT 2624 129H 51904SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621075-78.504319
37-047-24942COP WT 2604 80H 51553SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559675-78.517844
37-047-24943COP WT 2624 21H 51432SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621275-78.504511
37-047-24944COP WT 2624 22H 51433SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621164-78.504406
37-047-24945COP WT 2624 24H 51435SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621142-78.504383
37-047-24946COP WT 2624 25H 51436SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621108-78.504353
37-047-24947COP WT 2624 23H 51434SENECA RESOURCES CORPPlugged Og WellElk County, PA41.621175-78.504417
37-047-24948COP WT 2591 113HU 51922SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564994-78.506003
37-047-24949COP WT 2591 65H 51538SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564731-78.505781
37-047-24950COP WT 2591 66H 51539SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564772-78.505781
37-047-24951COP WT 2591 67H 51540SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564814-78.505781
37-047-24952COP WT 2591 68H 51541SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564853-78.505781
37-047-24953COP WT 2591 69H 51542SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564894-78.505783
37-047-24959COP WT 2624 130H 52570SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621311-78.504275
37-047-24960COP WT 2591 70H 51543SENECA RESOURCES CORPProposed But Never MaterializedElk County, PA41.564792-78.506000
37-047-24965COP WT 2604 79H 51552SENECA RESOURCES CORPPlugged Og WellElk County, PA41.559719-78.517936
37-047-24966COP WT 2604 81H 51554SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559697-78.517892
37-047-24967COP WT 2604 82H 51555SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559742-78.517983
37-047-24968COP WT 2604 83H 51556SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559761-78.518031
37-047-24969COP WT 2604 84H 51557SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559783-78.518075
37-047-24970COP WT 2604 75H 51548SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.559631-78.517750
37-047-24971COP WT 2604 77H 51550SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.559806-78.518122
37-047-24972COP WT 2604 76H 51549SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.559653-78.517797
37-047-24973COP WT 2604 78H 51551SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559828-78.518169
37-047-24975COP WT 2612 169H 51523SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607708-78.529172
37-047-24976COP WT 2604 192HU 52592SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559814-78.518139
37-047-24980COP WT 2612 168H 51522SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607656-78.529169
37-047-24981COP WT 2612 215HU 52621SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607436-78.529156
37-047-24982COP WT 2612 164H 51518SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607692-78.528953
37-047-24983COP WT 2612 167H 51521SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607600-78.529167
37-047-24984COP WT 2612 172H 51526SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607472-78.528936
37-047-24985COP WT 2612 174H 51528SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607544-78.529161
37-047-24986COP WT 2612 165H 51519SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607636-78.528947
37-047-24987COP WT 2612 166H 51520SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607581-78.528944
37-047-24988COP WT 2612 171H 51525SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607525-78.528942
37-047-24989COP WT 2612 173H 51527SENECA RESOURCES CORPProposed But Never MaterializedElk County, PA41.607489-78.529158
37-047-24990COP WT 2612 235HU 52649SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607422-78.529153
37-047-25007COP WT 2660 41H 51344SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574531-78.503331
37-047-25008COP WT 2660 42H 51345SENECA RESOURCES CORPPlugged Og WellElk County, PA41.574494-78.503311
37-047-25009COP WT 2660 207HU 52941SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574569-78.503350
37-047-25010COP WT 2660 208HU 52942SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574608-78.503367
37-047-25011COP WT 2660 210HU 52944SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574686-78.503403
37-047-25012COP WT 2660 209HU 52943SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.574647-78.503386
37-047-25020COP WT 2591 212HU 52946SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564850-78.505183
37-047-25021COP WT 2591 213HU 52947SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564892-78.505183
37-047-25022COP WT 2591 201HU 52659SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.564811-78.505183
37-047-25025COP WT 2316 312HU 52809SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.584782-78.477431
37-047-25026COP WT 2316 317HU 52814SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.584822-78.477436
37-047-25027COP WT 2316 318HU 52815SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.584864-78.477439
37-047-25028COP WT 2316 319HU 52816SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.584906-78.477442
37-047-25029COP WT 2316 320HU 52817SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.584739-78.477428
37-047-25030COP WT 2316 321HU 52818SENECA RESOURCES CORPOperator Reported Not DrilledElk County, PA41.584700-78.477425
37-047-25043COP WT 2604 13OH 51942SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559878-78.517375
37-047-25044COP WT 2604 196H 52628SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559967-78.517561
37-047-25045COP WT 2604 292H 53069SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559900-78.517422
37-047-25046COP WT 2604 293H 53070SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559944-78.517514
37-047-25047COP WT 2604 294H 53071SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559989-78.517608
37-047-25048COP WT 2604 295H 53072SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.559922-78.517469
37-047-25056COP WT 2624 216HU 52892SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621408-78.503539
37-047-25057COP WT 2624 235HU 53222SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621342-78.503475
37-047-25058COP WT 2624 217HU 52893SENECA RESOURCES CORPRegulatory Inactive StatusElk County, PA41.621475-78.503603
37-047-25059COP WT 2624 218HU 52894SENECA RESOURCES CORPRegulatory Inactive StatusElk County, PA41.621442-78.503572
37-047-25060COP WT 2624 219HU 52895SENECA RESOURCES CORPRegulatory Inactive StatusElk County, PA41.621375-78.503508
37-047-25061COP WT 2624 234HU 53221SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.621308-78.503444
37-047-25063COP WT 2614 323HU 52820SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.587203-78.492369
37-047-25064COP WT 2614 324HU 52821SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.587225-78.492475
37-047-25065COP WT 2614 326HU 52823SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.587214-78.492422
37-047-25066COP WT 2614 327HU 52824SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.587239-78.492528
37-047-25073COP WT 2614 325HU 52822SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.587192-78.492317
37-047-25116COP WT 2612 109H 51652SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607630-78.527940
37-047-25117COP WT 2612 110H 51653SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607660-78.527940
37-047-25118COP WT 2612 111H 51654SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607690-78.527940
37-047-25119COP WT 2612 112H 51655SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607730-78.527940
37-047-25120COP WT 2612 332HU 52829SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607560-78.527930
37-047-25121COP WT 2612 333HU 52830SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607590-78.527930
37-047-25122COP WT 2612 230HU 52906SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607530-78.527930
37-047-25123COP WT 2612 229HU 52905SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveElk County, PA41.607490-78.527930
37-083-56861COP WT 2314 182H 51612SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605183-78.471331
37-083-56865COP WT 2314 177H 51607SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605389-78.471331
37-083-56866COP WT 2314 178H 51608SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605347-78.471331
37-083-56867COP WT 2314 179H 51609SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605306-78.471331
37-083-56868COP WT 2314 180H 51610SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605264-78.471331
37-083-56869COP WT 2314 181H 51611SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605222-78.471331
37-083-56873COP WT 2314 184H 51614SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605244-78.471111
37-083-56874COP WT 2314 185H 51615SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605206-78.471111
37-083-56875COP WT 2314 186H 51616SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605164-78.471111
37-083-56876COP WT 2314 187H 51617SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605122-78.471108
37-083-56878COP WT 2314 188H 51618SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605100-78.471328
37-083-56880COP WT 2314 189H 51619SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605142-78.471331
37-083-56886COP WT 2314 205HU 52575SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605286-78.471111
37-083-56887COP WT 2314 207HU 52577SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605369-78.471111
37-083-56888COP WT 2314 206HU 52576SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605328-78.471111
37-083-57193COP WT 2314 315HU 52812SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605125-78.470456
37-083-57194COP WT 2314 355HU 53302SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605128-78.470347
37-083-57195COP WT 2314 314HU 52811SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605128-78.470403
37-083-57196COP WT 2314 316HU 52813SENECA RESOURCES CORPActiveMcKean County, PA41.605125-78.470511

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 20 properties to the Cop WT 2 property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Cop 2Elk County, PA0 BBLs420,131 MCFNov 2022
Cop 5H 2316Elk County, PA0 BBLs5,620 MCFNov 2022
Cop 6Elk County, PA0 BBLs5,903 MCFNov 2022
Cop WT 2314McKean County, PA0 BBLs379,247 MCFNov 2022
Elk Forest WT 2726McKean County, PA0 BBLs149,770 MCFNov 2022
Elk State Forest Warrant 2Elk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
Fee Elk State ForestElk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
Fee SRC Warrant 23Elk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
Fee-Elk StateElk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
Hall & KaulElk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
Northfork LP Warrant 23Elk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
Pa State ForestElk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
SGL 25 WT 2587Elk County, PA0 BBLs507,611 MCFNov 2022
SGL WT 2587Elk County, PA0 BBLs272,306 MCFNov 2022
SRC Warrant 23Elk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
SRC WT 23Elk County, PA0 BBLs1,004,397 MCFNov 2022
SRC WT 272McKean County, PA0 BBLs929,583 MCFNov 2022
SylvaniaElk County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
The Mars CoMcKean County, PA0 BBLs0 MCFDec 2021
Warrant 2Cameron County, PA0 BBLs10,497 MCFNov 2022

Frac'ing activity on Cop WT 2

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
37-047-24778COP WT 2660 43H
37-047-24779COP WT 2660 45H
37-047-24780COP WT 2660 46H
37-047-24781COP WT 2660 47H
37-047-24782COP WT 2660 48H
37-047-24783COP WT 2660 49H
37-047-24860COP WT 2611 56H
37-047-24861COP WT 2611 57H
37-047-24862COP WT 2611 58H
37-047-24899COP WT 2611 50H
37-047-24900COP WT 2611 51H
37-047-24901COP WT 2611 52H
37-047-24902COP WT 2611 53H
37-047-24903COP WT 2611 54H
37-047-24904COP WT 2611 55H
37-047-24905COP WT 2611 60H
37-047-24906COP WT 2611 61H
37-047-24915COP WT 2611 62H
37-047-24928COP WT 2591 70H
37-047-24929COP WT 2591 71H
37-047-24930COP WT 2591 72H
37-047-24931COP WT 2591 73H
37-047-24932COP WT 2591 74H
37-047-24934COP WT 2624 27H
37-047-24935West Branch E08-L 28H
37-047-24936West Branch E08-L 29H
37-047-24937West Branch E08-L 30H
37-047-24938West Branch E08-L 31H
37-047-24939COP WT 2624 32H
37-047-24940COP WT 2624 33H
37-047-24941COP WT 2624 129H
37-047-24942Hemlock E09-S 80H
37-047-24943COP WT 2624 21H
37-047-24944COP WT 2624 22H
37-047-24945COP WT 2624 24H
37-047-24946COP WT 2624 25H
37-047-24948COP WT 2591 113HU
37-047-24949COP WT 2591 65H
37-047-24950COP WT 2591 66H
37-047-24951COP WT 2591 67H
37-047-24952COP WT 2591 68H
37-047-24953COP WT 2591 69H
37-047-24959COP WT 2624 130H
37-047-24966Hemlock E09-S 81H
37-047-24967Hemlock E09-S 82H
37-047-24968Hemlock E09-S 83H
37-047-24969Hemlock E09-S 84H
37-047-24973Hemlock E09-S 78HU
37-047-24975E08-T 169H
37-047-24976Hemlock E09-S 192HU
37-047-24980E08-T 168H
37-047-24981E08-T 215HU
37-047-24982E08-T 164H
37-047-24983E08-T 167H
37-047-24984E08-T 172H
37-047-24985E08-T 174H
37-047-24986E08-T 165H
37-047-24987E08-T 166H
37-047-24988E08-T 171H
37-047-24990E08-T 235HU
37-047-25007E09-H 41H
37-047-25009E09-H 207HU
37-047-25010E09-H 208HU
37-047-25011E09-H 210HU
37-047-25012E09-H 209HU
37-047-25020E09-M 212HU
37-047-25021E09-M 213HU
37-047-25022E09-M 201HU
37-047-25043Hemlock E09-S 130H
37-047-25044Hemlock E09-S 196H
37-047-25045Hemlock E09-S 292H
37-047-25046Hemlock E09-S 293H
37-047-25047Hemlock E09-S 294H
37-047-25048Hemlock E09-S 295H
37-047-25057WT 2624 235HU
37-047-25061WT 2624 234HU
37-083-56861D08-U 182H
37-083-56865D08-U 177H
37-083-56865D08-U 177H
37-083-56866D08-U 178H
37-083-56867D08-U 179H
37-083-56868D08-U 180H
37-083-56869D08-U 181H
37-083-56873D08-U 184H
37-083-56874D08-U 185H
37-083-56875D08-U 186H
37-083-56876D08-U 187H
37-083-56878D08-U 188H
37-083-56880D08-U 189H
37-083-56886CRV D08-U 205HU
37-083-56887CRV D08-U 207HU
37-083-56888CRV D08-U 206HU
37-083-57193COP WT 2314 315HU
37-083-57194COP WT 2314 355HU
37-083-57195COP WT 2314 314HU
37-083-57196COP WT 2314 316HU