Rick'S Well Service

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Company Summary

Here are a few key data points for Rick'S Well Service. This page represents an aggregation of wells ( and leases where applicable ) to provide a more complete view when looking at oil and gas properties in the U.S.

Operating StateKS
Production DatesJan 1980 - Apr 2023
Total Oil Production214,707 BBLs
Total Gas Production7,267 MCF
Recent Oil Prod.No Recent Prod.
Recent Gas Prod.No Recent Prod.
Producing Wells0

Rick'S Well Service Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this operator
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to oil and gas production for Rick'S Well Service
from Jan 1980 to Apr 2023

Wells Operated by Rick'S Well Service

API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
15-205-24151 A. BERRIGAN 1 Plugged with Federal FundsWilson County, KS37.395877-95.615351
15-205-24158 BERRIGAN 2-A Plugged with Federal FundsWilson County, KS37.396887-95.613358
15-205-24166 BERRIGAN 3-A Plugged with Federal FundsWilson County, KS37.396938-95.614497
15-125-28743 BESSIE SMITH 6 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.296724-95.539226
15-125-26344 CARPENTER 1 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.212299-95.824543
15-125-29179 CARPENTER 30 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.212717-95.827889
15-125-29180 CARPENTER 32 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.214529-95.827885
15-125-22377 CLUBINE 1 (CLB20) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.307817-95.621731
15-125-24418 CLUBINE 101 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.310392-95.624642
15-125-25057 CLUBINE 102 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.307004-95.624680
15-125-25058 CLUBINE 103 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.308560-95.625581
15-125-26427 CLUBINE 104 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.309484-95.624742
15-125-26453 CLUBINE 106 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.306923-95.625739
15-125-26462 CLUBINE 107 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.305415-95.624745
15-125-26612 CLUBINE 109 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.305499-95.625910
15-125-23519 CLUBINE 11 Converted to Producing WellMontgomery County, KS37.310210-95.623574
15-125-23519 CLUBINE 11 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.310210-95.623574
15-125-26765 CLUBINE 110 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.305385-95.627399
15-125-23520 CLUBINE 12 (CLB10) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.309437-95.623333
15-125-23579 CLUBINE 13 (CLB12) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.308602-95.622728
15-125-23580 CLUBINE 14 (CLB15) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.307793-95.623137
15-125-23581 CLUBINE 15 (CLB11) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.308586-95.624089
15-125-23598 CLUBINE 16 (CLB22) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.305822-95.622237
15-125-23980 CLUBINE 17 (CLB05) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.311150-95.623996
15-125-23981 CLUBINE 19 (CLB14) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.308601-95.621549
15-125-22378 CLUBINE 2 (CLB19) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.306733-95.622123
15-125-02106 CLUBINE 20 (CLB21) ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.307820-95.620511
15-125-02102 CLUBINE 21 (CLB06) Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.310392-95.624642
15-125-02103 CLUBINE 22 (CLB07) Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.309484-95.624742
15-125-02107 CLUBINE 23 (CLB23) Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.305415-95.624745
15-125-24015 CLUBINE 24 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.307913-95.624711
15-125-02105 CLUBINE 25 (CLB17) Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.307004-95.624680
15-125-20394 CLUBINE 3 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.306984-95.623580
15-125-20399 CLUBINE 6 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.309482-95.622161
15-125-02104 CLUBINE CLB08 Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.308560-95.625581
15-125-02108 CLUBINE CLB24 Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.305499-95.625910
15-125-02109 CLUBINE CLB25 Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.305385-95.627399
15-125-02110 CLUBINE CLB26 Cancelled API NumberMontgomery County, KS37.306923-95.625739
15-125-25707 CORLE 1 Plugged and AbandonedMontgomery County, KS37.229593-95.747491
15-125-01619 CRAIN 1 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.325637-95.576128
15-125-23616 CRAIN 3 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.326543-95.576126
15-125-24117 CRAIN 4 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.325674-95.577263
15-125-24570 CRAIN 5 ON LISTMontgomery County, KS37.326580-95.577261
15-205-01092 CRITERIA BER 0W1 Plugged and AbandonedWilson County, KS37.394848-95.613048
15-205-01091 CRITERIA BER 2 Plugged and AbandonedWilson County, KS37.394139-95.614796
15-205-01095 CRITERIA BER 3 Plugged with Federal FundsWilson County, KS37.394378-95.616080
15-205-01090 CRITERIA BER 4 Plugged and AbandonedWilson County, KS37.398237-95.613169
15-205-01093 CRITERIA BER OW2 Plugged and AbandonedWilson County, KS37.393738-95.612907
15-205-01094 CRITERIA BER OW3 Plugged and AbandonedWilson County, KS37.396307-95.613778
15-205-28405 CURRAGH NW#1 Plugged with Federal FundsWilson County, KS37.394947-95.616659

Leases Operated by Rick'S Well Service

Lease #Lease NameCounty
Lease #Lease NameCounty
1001106808 BALES J M Montgomery County, KS
1001133577 CARPENTER Montgomery County, KS
1044184650 CORLE Montgomery County, KS
1001130682 CRAIN Montgomery County, KS
1001175767 CRITERIA Wilson County, KS
1001106793 HANSFORD Montgomery County, KS
1001131539 JOHNSON WAYNE Montgomery County, KS
1001107379 KEELEY Montgomery County, KS
1001130350 POUNDS BILL I Montgomery County, KS
1001106796 SAXON Montgomery County, KS
1001139272 SMITH BESSIE Montgomery County, KS
1031291372 SPRINGER/LAWRE Montgomery County, KS
1001137258 SULLIVAN Montgomery County, KS
1001127206 SWAGER Montgomery County, KS
1001106803 TRUMPOWER Montgomery County, KS

Properties Operated by Rick'S Well Service

Property NameCountyPeriodMonthly Gas Prod.Production RangeActive Wells
CLUBINEMontgomery County, KS0 MCFJan 1980 - Jun 20151
CRAINMontgomery County, KSNov 2023753 MCFJul 1980 - Dec 20231
KINGLabette County, KSNov 2023848 MCFAug 1980 - Dec 20234
SMITHMontgomery County, KSNov 2023796 MCFFeb 2005 - Dec 20233
SULLIVANMontgomery County, KSNov 2023143 MCFSep 1985 - Dec 20235
WILSONMontgomery County, KS0 MCFJul 1992 - Mar 20231

Recent Permits Filed by Rick'S Well Service

Well NameCountyAPI #SubmittedApprovedTypeDrillWellStatusProposed Depth
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