Oil & Gas Property in Grand County, UT

Property Summary

Key data points for Federal

CountiesGrand County, UT
Uintah County, UT
Production DatesNov 1960 - Jul 2021
Total Oil Production22,828 BBLs
Total Gas Production25,409,072 MCF
Recent Oil Production12 BBLs in Jun 2021
Recent Gas Production31,176 MCF in Jun 2021
Wells on Property80

Our Valuation Estimates for Federal


$164,245 *


$127,696 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

Federal Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for Federal
from Nov 1960 to Jul 2021

Wells on Federal

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
43-019-10109Federal A 1Big Horn Powder River CorpPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.228486-109.262937
43-019-10780Federal 18 C-1Oil IncPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.331586-109.312387
43-019-11280Federal B-1Texota Oil CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.211775-109.181117
43-019-11316Federal 1Uinta Oil Refining CoPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.268696-109.215718
43-019-11319Federal-Gibbs 1-29Underwood, Rip CPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.393085-109.293604
43-019-11433Federal 1Miller, Helene HPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.261918-109.249432
43-019-11434Federal 10-1Western States RefiningPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.261910-109.254880
43-019-15648Federal 1Thompson, J CPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.333805-109.313784
43-019-30172Federal 051-1Anschutz Corporation, ThePlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.396572-109.368351
43-019-30178Federal 32-11Pacific Trans SupplyLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.432229-109.232989
43-019-30179Federal 33-11Beartooth Oil & Gas CoShut-InGrand County, UT39.428756-109.233356
43-019-30288Federal M-11Pease Oil & Gas CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.318926-109.308597
43-019-30321Federal M-12Pease Oil & Gas CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.338936-109.346126
43-019-30343Federal 258-1Anschutz Corporation, ThePlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.268181-109.281558
43-019-30362Federal 258-3Anschutz Corporation, ThePlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.272243-109.278364
43-019-30363Federal 258-4Texoma Production CoLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.276066-109.282815
43-019-30364Federal 258-5Anschutz Corporation, ThePlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.261284-109.282457
43-019-30365Federal 350-1Texoma Production CoLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.268885-109.273079
43-019-30454Federal 7674-1Anschutz Corporation, TheLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.297683-109.193078
43-019-30460Federal 1-20Natural Gas Corp of CAPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.400225-109.178612
43-019-30462Federal 6-14Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.352566-109.193858
43-019-30463Federal 3-15Northstar Gas Company of TexasShut-InGrand County, UT39.351685-109.244641
43-019-30469Federal 258-1-AWilliam G BushPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.267760-109.281719
43-019-30470Federal 350-2Texoma Production CoLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.261837-109.272916
43-019-30472Federal 17-9Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.414966-109.175789
43-019-30478Federal 11Lansdale, APlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.207018-109.189822
43-019-30481Federal 258-7Texoma Production CoLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.272743-109.286640
43-019-30482Federal 350-3Texoma Production CoLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.265027-109.268120
43-019-30493Federal 258-6Buckhorn PetroleumPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.265043-109.277114
43-019-30495Federal 29-1Tenneco Oil CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.305084-109.165645
43-019-30496Federal 258-8Texoma Production CoLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.265830-109.287712
43-019-30516Federal 6-7Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.359122-109.188443
43-019-30517Federal 7-4Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.346412-109.197892
43-019-30518Federal 2-20Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.404159-109.188207
43-019-30519Federal 29-15Tenneco Oil CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.381466-109.290811
43-019-30521Federal 3-8Northstar Gas Company of TexasShut-InGrand County, UT39.360982-109.242168
43-019-30522Federal 4-12Northstar Gas Company of TexasShut-InGrand County, UT39.354934-109.270846
43-019-30538Federal 35-10Northstar Gas Company of TexasShut-InGrand County, UT39.371485-109.235404
43-019-30544Federal 5-13Northstar Gas Company of TexasShut-InGrand County, UT39.352641-109.290666
43-019-30545Federal 28-15Northstar Gas Company of TexasShut-InGrand County, UT39.380512-109.275602
43-019-30549Federal 10-1Pease Oil & Gas CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.258877-109.244942
43-019-30550Federal 13-2Pease Oil & Gas CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.238192-109.214256
43-019-30551Federal 24-3Pease Oil & Gas CompanyPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.230239-109.213252
43-019-30554Federal 12-1Adams, Frank BPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.173132-109.209085
43-019-30650Federal 6-1Adams, Frank BPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.188247-109.195977
43-019-30720Federal 31-1Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.449041-109.214714
43-019-30721Federal 23-1Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingGrand County, UT39.442580-109.221142
43-019-30736Federal 42-8Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.432676-109.173317
43-019-30749Federal 43-7Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.428237-109.192521
43-019-30750Federal 21-11Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingGrand County, UT39.435305-109.239209
43-019-30753Federal 1-8Pease Oil & Gas CompanyLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.250602-109.170937
43-019-30754Federal 12-20Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.404159-109.188207
43-019-30755Federal 21-7Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingGrand County, UT39.435653-109.201299
43-019-30757Federal 41-14Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.419755-109.244630
43-019-30769Federal 34-31Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.453755-109.199636
43-019-30891Federal D-1J C Thompson Operator LLCPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.337104-109.334520
43-019-30895Federal C-1ProducingGrand County, UT39.348158-109.325009
43-019-30925Federal 11-30-16-24ProducingGrand County, UT39.389791-109.313645
43-019-30952Federal 23-1Natural Gas Corp of CALocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.442580-109.221142
43-019-30963Federal 33-8Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingGrand County, UT39.374178-109.155201
43-019-30991Federal 43-7Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingGrand County, UT39.428060-109.197951
43-019-31029Federal 77-31Fortune Oil LTDLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.452867-109.193476
43-019-31030Federal 31-1Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingGrand County, UT39.439295-109.211942
43-019-31035Federal 42-8Fortune Oil LTDPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.424505-109.177387
43-019-31046Federal 34-31Beartooth Oil & Gas CoShut-InGrand County, UT39.453870-109.207641
43-019-31099Federal 17-8Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingGrand County, UT39.432599-109.173552
43-019-31196Federal Quinoco 18-4Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.333192-109.199508
43-019-31225Federal 14-2Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.332437-109.225446
43-019-31226Federal 6-16Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.351785-109.184234
43-019-31240Federal 11-3Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.347564-109.230726
43-019-31241Federal 11-10Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.339022-109.226544
43-019-31242Federal 7-8Lone Mtn Production CoPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.343076-109.183856
43-019-31264Federal 11-1Lone Mtn Production CoPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.348280-109.223293
43-019-31358Federal 13-1William G BushPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.243381-109.217113
43-019-31378Federal 42-24ProducingGrand County, UT39.403909-109.322944
43-019-31382Federal 17-12Arb Energy Utah, LLCProducingGrand County, UT39.326869-109.176491
43-019-31410Federal 6-1Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.445270-109.205014
43-019-31498Federal 12-11Lone Mtn Production CoPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.337872-109.209714
43-047-30097Federal 31-13Webb Resources IncPlugged & AbandonedUintah County, UT39.464138-109.280200
43-047-31247Federal 7-30-15-23Beartooth Oil & Gas CoProducingUintah County, UT39.482626-109.383852

Nearby Properties

These are the closest 11 properties to the Federal property.

Property NameLocationOil Prod.Gas Prod.Prod. Period
Arco FedGrand County, UT0 BBLs2,394 MCFJul 2021
Bryson CGrand County, UT0 BBLs7,179 MCFJul 2021
Bryson CGrand County, UT0 BBLs1,087 MCFJul 2021
CapanskyGrand County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFOct 1985
CastlegateGrand County, UT0 BBLs11 MCFJul 2021
East CanyonGrand County, UT0 BBLs1,121 MCFJul 2021
HancockGrand County, UT0 BBLs9,257 MCFJul 2021
Horse PointGrand County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFJul 2016
MagnumGrand County, UT0 BBLs0 MCFMar 2021
StateGrand County, UT0 BBLs1,063 MCFJul 2021
WestwaterGrand County, UT25 BBLs10,028 MCFJul 2021