San Arroyo

Oil & Gas Property in Grand County, UT

Property Summary

Key data points for San Arroyo

CountyGrand County, UT
Production DatesMay 1962 - Feb 2021
Total Oil Production167,392 BBLs
Total Gas Production113,647,116 MCF
Recent Oil Production0 BBLs in Jan 2021
Recent Gas Production30,327 MCF in Jan 2021
Wells on Property61

Our Valuation Estimates for San Arroyo


$57,356 *


$69,339 **

* Assessment based on future expected revenue
** Based on a 36 month multiple of average monthly estimated revenue

Based on a decimal interest

San Arroyo Production Graph

Aggregated production of all wells and leases associated with this property
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to oil and gas production for San Arroyo
from May 1962 to Feb 2021

Wells on San Arroyo

API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
API #Well NameOperatorStatusCountyEst. Daily Oil Prod.Est. Daily Gas Prod.Est. Daily Water Prod.LatitudeLongitude
43-019-11090San Arroyo U 35Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.396543-109.109951
43-019-11091San Arroyo U 34-AEnogex Exploration CorpPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.398666-109.166006
43-019-11092San Arroyo Unit 23Sinclair Oil CorporationPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.392306-109.093252
43-019-15885San Arroyo 2Utah Gas Op LtdTemporarily-AbandonedGrand County, UT39.401964-109.144459
43-019-15886San Arroyo 3Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.404791-109.129146
43-019-15887San Arroyo 4Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.382617-109.090787
43-019-15888San Arroyo 5Utah Gas Op LtdPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.385177-109.105196
43-019-15889San Arroyo 6Utah Gas Op LtdPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.403187-109.159036
43-019-15890San Arroyo 8Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.411696-109.167268
43-019-15891San Arroyo 9Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.391323-109.139899
43-019-15892San Arroyo 11Utah Gas Op LtdPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.413469-109.146116
43-019-15893San Arroyo 12Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.397320-109.130159
43-019-15894San Arroyo 13Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.397803-109.148505
43-019-15895San Arroyo 14Birch CorporationPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.417574-109.160075
43-019-15896San Arroyo 16Utah Gas Op LtdShut-InGrand County, UT39.382737-109.128133
43-019-15897San Arroyo 17Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.406737-109.100234
43-019-15898San Arroyo 18Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.392390-109.093389
43-019-15899San Arroyo 19Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.410832-109.121563
43-019-15900San Arroyo 20Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.390230-109.116206
43-019-15901San Arroyo 21Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.385279-109.105367
43-019-15902San Arroyo 22Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.419652-109.137786
43-019-15903San Arroyo 24Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.401913-109.091736
43-019-15904San Arroyo 25Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.404346-109.159389
43-019-15905San Arroyo 26Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.396006-109.076104
43-019-15906San Arroyo 27Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.385082-109.070936
43-019-15907San Arroyo 28Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.392227-109.066582
43-019-15908San Arroyo 29Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.404894-109.134962
43-019-15909San Arroyo 30Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.401222-109.056544
43-019-16532San Arroyo 1Utah Gas Op LtdTemporarily-AbandonedGrand County, UT39.389411-109.125203
43-019-30068San Arroyo 1-CBirch CorporationPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.390269-109.125308
43-019-30069San Arroyo 3-CBirch CorporationPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.404605-109.127618
43-019-30527San Arroyo 31Utah Gas Op LtdPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.405643-109.149738
43-019-30528San Arroyo 32Utah Gas Op LtdPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.410632-109.133218
43-019-30608San Arroyo 33Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.381479-109.113272
43-019-31249San Arroyo U 39Birch CorporationLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.413608-109.146345
43-019-31250San Arroyo U 40Augustus Energy Partners LLCPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.391998-109.139323
43-019-31251San Arroyo U 36-AUtah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.397591-109.081484
43-019-31252San Arroyo U 37Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.403055-109.065412
43-019-31253San Arroyo U 38Utah Gas Op LtdShut-InGrand County, UT39.417845-109.159521
43-019-31254San Arroyo U 41Birch CorporationLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.397197-109.125877
43-019-31289San Arroyo U 41Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.378695-109.100541
43-019-31290San Arroyo U 42Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.385048-109.080330
43-019-31291San Arroyo U 43Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.383327-109.063983
43-019-31299San Arroyo 45Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.398107-109.066420
43-019-31300San Arroyo 46Lone Mtn Production CoPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.393290-109.058483
43-019-31301San Arroyo 44Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.390310-109.080847
43-019-31316San Arroyo 49Utah Gas Op LtdProducingGrand County, UT39.390565-109.072318
43-019-31414San Arroyo U 50Slate River Resources LLCReturned Apd (Unapproved)Grand County, UT39.412879-109.156597
43-019-31425San Arroyo U 51Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.413659-109.146135
43-019-31426San Arroyo U 53Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.400434-109.141724
43-019-31427San Arroyo U 59Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.396400-109.119477
43-019-31428San Arroyo U 56Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.398563-109.098423
43-019-31429San Arroyo U 58Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.382677-109.099412
43-019-31430San Arroyo U 55Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.388145-109.108750
43-019-31431San Arroyo U 52Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.388166-109.127884
43-019-31433San Arroyo U 54Slate River Resources LLCLocation AbandonedGrand County, UT39.395920-109.092190
43-019-31580San Arroyo 1625-22OUtah Gas Op LtdShut-InGrand County, UT39.396722-109.139476
43-019-50081San Arroyo 60Utah Gas Op LtdPlugged & AbandonedGrand County, UT39.396750-109.139545
43-019-50082San Arroyo 67Utah Gas Op LtdApproved PermitGrand County, UT39.396407-109.109873
43-019-50083San Arroyo 63Utah Gas Op LtdApproved PermitGrand County, UT39.403382-109.158845
43-019-50084San Arroyo 62Utah Gas Op LtdApproved PermitGrand County, UT39.396684-109.139338

Nearby Properties

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BMG FedGrand County, UT0 BBLs5,675 MCFFeb 2021
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StateGrand County, UT0 BBLs1,020 MCFFeb 2021
StateGrand County, UT0 BBLs1,365 MCFFeb 2021
Valentine FedGrand County, UT0 BBLs2,648 MCFFeb 2021

Frac'ing activity on San Arroyo

API #Well NameStart DateEnd DateVertical DepthTotal Water Volume
43-019-11090San Arroyo #35