Oil & Gas Companies in Kentucky

Company NameCompany LocationCompany TypeMost Recent Production
13P Operations LLCHartford, KY 42347Oil OperatorDec 2014
24M Oil & Gas CompanyOil OperatorDec 2014
3A.D.I.D. CorporationEmlyn, KY 40730Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2013
4Abarta Oil & Gas Co., Inc.Pittsburgh, PA 15238Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
5Able Energy Co, IncOil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
6Ace Exploration, LLCEdmonton, KY 42129Oil OperatorDec 2014
7Adam Enterprises, IncLouisa, KY 41230Oil OperatorDec 2014
8Adkins, Howard MLouisa, KY 41230Oil OperatorDec 2014
9Adkins, Russell M & MaryLouisa, KY 41230Oil OperatorDec 2014
10Advanced Petroleum Enhancement, IncMadisonville, KY 42431Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2013
11Aei-Kaars DRLG VenturesNew Orleans, LA 70124Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
12Allen, John Et AlGas OperatorDec 2014
13American Energy Resources, LLCPhoenix, AZ 85013Oil OperatorNov 2017
14American Natural Gas IncSaint Clairsville, OH 43950Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
15Amwes Exploration, LLCBarbourville, KY 40906Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
16An-Car Oil Co IncOwensboro, KY 42302-1329Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
17Anderson Oil LTD.Corpus Chrsti, TX 78401Oil & Gas OperatorMay 2018
18Angel Rose Energy, LLCOil OperatorDec 2011
19Antares Oil CorpDenver, CO 80202Oil & Gas OperatorOct 2015
20Antle Operating, Inc.Graham, TX 76450Oil & Gas OperatorMay 2018
21App Energy, LLCOil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
22Appalachian Resources Of Florida, LLCFort Myers, FL 33902Oil OperatorDec 2014
23Appalachian Timber Of Florida, LLCOil OperatorDec 2014
24Arnold Ridge LLCOil OperatorDec 2014
25Arrowhead IndustriesHorse Cave, KY 42749Oil OperatorDec 2011
26Ashland Oil, IncOil & Gas OperatorDec 2004
27Atlas Oil Co, IncOil OperatorDec 2014
28Atlas Oil Company, LLCVersailles, KY 40308Oil OperatorDec 2014
29B & A Oil Services LLCHenderson, KY 42420Oil OperatorDec 2014
30B & B Resources, IncSomerset, KY 42501Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
31B & J Oil CompanyCorsicana, TX 75109Oil & Gas OperatorMay 2018
32Baiden Gas CoGas OperatorDec 2014
33Bailey, Harold BOwensboro, KY 42303Oil OperatorDec 2014
34Baker Oil CoLeitchfield, KY 42754Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
35Ballance, Joe NealBowling Green, KY 42104Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
36Banks, Francis CFordsville, KY 42343Oil OperatorDec 2013
37Barnetts Creek DRLG & Service Co, IncOil OperatorDec 2014
38Barrett Oil Co.Albany, KY 42602Oil & Gas OperatorJun 2017
39Bartram, I DavidLavalette, WV 25535Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2015
40Basin Energy, IncOil OperatorDec 2007
41Basin Petroleum, LLCOil OperatorDec 2014
42Bay, WilliamBee Springs, KY 42207Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
43Bear Trading LLCOil OperatorDec 2014
44Beatty, DennisFordsville, KY 42343Oil OperatorDec 2011
45Beckner Energy Resources LLCHamilton, OH 45013Oil OperatorDec 2013
46Beeson, Richard WOil OperatorDec 2011
47Belcher, KennethUtica, KY 42376Oil OperatorDec 2014
48Bell, RobertEdmonton, KY 42129Oil OperatorDec 2014
49Bellco, LLCEdmonton, KY 42129Oil OperatorDec 2014
50Berry, Richard AHenderson, KY 42420Oil OperatorDec 2014
51Big Man Oil Co, IncOwensboro, KY 42302Oil OperatorDec 2014
52Big Top Oil & Gas LLCLambertville, MI 48144Oil OperatorDec 2014
53Black Gold Oil Co Dba C & L Expl CoOil OperatorDec 2014
54Blackhawk Energy LLCGreenville, KY 42345Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2017
55Blair, W LynnLewisburg, KY 42256Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2007
56Blazer Energy CorpAlexandria, VA 22314Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
57Blue Dot LTDGas OperatorDec 2014
58Blue Energy LLCOil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
59Blue Flame Energy CorpPikeville, KY 41501Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
60Blue Ridge Group, Inc.Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
61Boots, RodBowling Green, KY 42101Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2012
62Border State Energy, LLCEdmonton, KY 42129Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
63Bowlds, R Gene T/A Rebco Oil CoOil OperatorDec 2014
64Bowling, Sim P & Louise MLouisville, KY 40208Oil OperatorDec 2014
65Bradley, Charles R Dba Basin Energy CoPrestonsburg, KY 41653Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
66Brangasco LLCOil OperatorDec 2014
67Breitburn Operating, LPHouston, TX 77002Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2018
68Bretagne, G PVersailles, KY 40383Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
69Bretagne, LLCVersailles, KY 40383Oil OperatorDec 2014
70Bronco Oil CompanySan Angelo, TX 76904Oil & Gas OperatorMay 2018
71Brown, Richard EHawesville, KY 42348Oil OperatorDec 2014
72Brunton Expl Co, IncLittleton, CO 80127Oil OperatorDec 2014
73Buehrer Oil & Gas, IncOil OperatorDec 2014
74Burcham, Regina & Thurman, BillyAlbany, KY 42602Oil OperatorDec 2014
75Burchett Natural Gas, Inc.Williamson, WV 25661Gas OperatorDec 2014
76Burgess, DorisJamestown, KY 42629Oil OperatorDec 2014
77Butler County Flood, IncSanta Monica, CA 90409Oil OperatorDec 2014
78Buttes Gas & Oil CoOil & Gas OperatorDec 2009
79C & R Oil Co.Russell Springs, KY 42642Oil & Gas OperatorMay 2018
80Cain, Nicholas A & Darry ROil OperatorDec 2003
81Callahan, Stephen Et AlCrawford, NE 69339Oil OperatorDec 2011
82Camco, IncOil OperatorDec 2014
83Camplin, RaymondGreenville, KY 42345Oil OperatorDec 2014
84Capp Petroleum, LLCAshland, KY 41105Oil OperatorDec 2014
85Carson Assoc, IncAshland, KY 41102Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2013
86Carter Oil CoOil & Gas OperatorDec 2013
87Case Drilling CompanyOil OperatorDec 2014
88Central Energy Group, LLCAnderson, SC 29621Oil OperatorDec 2014
89Central Hydrocarbons, LLCOil OperatorDec 2013
90Champ Oil Co, IncOil & Gas OperatorDec 2013
91Charlevel Oil & GasOil OperatorDec 2014
92Charmane Oil & Gas CompanyOil OperatorDec 2014
93Charmane Oil CorpOil OperatorDec 2014
94Cherry Oil & Gas, IncBurkesville, KY 42768Oil OperatorDec 2013
95Chesapeake Appalachia LLCLouisville, OH 44641Oil & Gas OperatorFeb 2018
96Classic Oil & Gas Resources IncGas OperatorDec 2013
97Clean Gas, IncHindman, KY 41822Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2014
98Clendening, John AOil OperatorDec 2014
99CNG Technology IncOil OperatorDec 2014
100CNX Gas Company LLCCanonsburg, PA 15317Oil & Gas OperatorDec 2020

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